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A Federal Court just struck down a law banning 18 - 20 year olds from buying handguns as unconstitutional.

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Political Discussion / Are You Proud to be an American?
« on: July 06, 2021, 08:33:03 PM »
Gutfeld reacts to Zuckerberg's 'bizarre' Fourth of July video

'Gutfeld!' panel reacts to students saying they aren't proud to be American and Facebook's newest policy.



The National Football League (NFL) cuts a new ad touting "Football is Gay"
(and transgender to boot). Bill Whittle explores the political philosophy that
drove the release of this public service announcement.
RNC announces break with Presidential Debate Commission

Looks like this ruling will shoot down most Red Flag Laws in the US.

Police must have a valid warrant in order to seize private property, specifically guns, from an owner.  Without a warrant, the seizure is unconstitutional.

Many current red flag laws that include a "hearing" issue an "order" to confiscate guns pending a mental fitness exam.  A court order is NOT a warrant.  Warrants require that a crime has been committed, or a crime is suspected to have been committed.  Red flag laws are intended to take guns from people BEFORE any crime has been committed.

This was not a ruling that split along ideological lines.  It was UNANIMOUS
Off Topic / Israel's "Iron Dome" Missile Defense System is Working!
« on: May 16, 2021, 11:56:23 AM »
Israel's Iron Dome withstands rockets from Hamas

Previous topic:

Leftists:  "Shutdown that pipeline!  It's going to kill the environment!!"

Also Leftists:  "This is ridiculous!  Every station within 20 miles is out of GAS, and I have to get to my protest meetings!!"

Off Topic / Hawaii State Taxes Due Tomorrow, April 20th!!
« on: April 19, 2021, 05:16:59 PM »
My daughter just showed me a news site "reminder" to file state taxes by tomorrow, which took me by surprise.

The IRS has extended the federal filing deadline a month this year.

Since the State requires a copy of the Federal return when you file the State return, I "assumed" they would follow suit and delay our state filing deadline.


You can get an automatic 6 month extension to file if:

1) The properly estimated tax liability is paid on or before April 20;
2) The tax return is filed on or before October 20;
3) The tax return is accompanied by full payment of any tax not already paid; and
4) You are not bound by a court order to file a tax return on or before April 20.

So, if you are due a refund, don't owe any more taxes than you had withheld/already paid, and/or aren't already in debt to the state for previous taxes owed, you'll be able to file by October 20th.  No extension request forms to file, and no online requests to submit.  Just file your return by the extension deadline.

Based on a classified ad post, I thought it would be good to create a separate thread to address this question.

Some have said you can't take a firearm you recently bought to the range or travel with it, even though the transfer was completed, until it's registered.

Today, this was posted:

You're gonna have to register it before you can sell it
   :    :
The FFL it is being sent to will not do the ATF paperwork for anyone other than the person who purchased it, HPD is sent an email as soon as the firearm is picked up notifying them of transfer from them to the purchaser. You can not do anything with the firearm except register it at that point. If it is sold to another party they are essentially recipient to an unregistered firearm. I've already had a similar situation come up like this and asked what to do. It cannot be transferred to another party until it is registered.

Sounds like you've done this before.  I have not. But I think the state preventing the lawful commercial activities of a citizen (selling something he legally owns) is a real problem -- particularly since the process can take months to  find a registration appointment.

Since it's legal to gift a firearm you bought at a dealer, as in you paid for it and someone else appeared to fill out the 4473, I find it unreasonable to delay a transfer for months to complete a process that has zero to do with the actual transfer process.
Political Discussion / Who's on first?
« on: March 23, 2021, 05:00:30 PM »
The White House is instructing agencies to use the term "Biden-Harris Administration" instead of "Biden Administration."

Never in the history of the US has the VP been given equal billing for a Presidential administration.

Perhaps this is an admission of who's in charge? Beyond that, it might be a way to instill into the public mind that Harris is going to be the next President no matter what.

A biased media is the biggest threat to our democracy ....

Record 117K unaccompanied children expected at the border this year.

Are Petitions & Emails to Politicians a Waste of Time?

The Yankee Marshall

Hawaii Mileage May Very.....

This is the man supposedly over half the voters in 2020 wanted to be president.  That's more votes than Obama got.   ???

Well, now we have him, and the warnings didn't take long to prove true.  He's just not mentally capable of learning, retaining and accurately conveying facts.  How do you think that will affect high level, international negotiations and agreements?  It'll be like a used car salesman taking advantage of an elderly, feeble-minded buyer.

Even CNN posted the first four FALSE CLAIMS in their town hall this week with Biden.  They said, "We're still looking into some of the claims Biden made, so this article is not comprehensive. But we can tell you now that he made at least four false claims -- all of them involving statistics -- about the minimum wage, undocumented immigrants, China's economy and Covid-19 vaccinations."

"We believe in truth, not facts!"  --Candidate Joe Biden

Biden said the $7.25 per hour federal minimum wage is too low, then said soon after: "For
example, if it went -- if we gradually increased it -- when we indexed it at $7.20, if we kept
it indexed by -- to inflation, people would be making 20 bucks an hour right now. That's
what it would be."

Facts First: This is false; the White House told CNN after the event that Biden got mixed up
with another statistic about the minimum wage. Today's federal minimum wage of $7.25 per
hour, which took effect in 2009, would not be even close to $20 per hour if Congress had
decided to link it to inflation. Adjusted for inflation, $7.25 in January 2009 was equal to $8.98
in January 2021.

The White House told CNN that Biden was attempting to refer to a claim, from a progressive
think tank about how the minimum wage would have been $24 per hour in 2020 if the minimum
wage had kept pace with productivity growth (not inflation) since 1968 (not 2009).
Biden said of the US population of undocumented immigrants: "The vast majority of the people,
those 11 million undocumented, they're not Hispanics; they're people who came on a visa -- who
was able to buy a ticket to get in a plane and didn't go home. They didn't come across the Rio Grande

Facts First: Biden was wrong to claim that the majority of undocumented immigrants in the US are
not Hispanic. While it is obviously difficult to compile comprehensive statistics on this population group,
the Migration Policy Institute think tank estimated in 2018 that 73% of undocumented people in the
US speak Spanish at home and 68% are from the Mexico and Central America region, with an additional
7% from South America. The Pew Research Center has found that the Mexican share of the undocumented
population has fallen over time, but that people from Latin America still made up 77% of the 2017
undocumented population.

Biden was more correct with his second claim, about the means by which undocumented people are
arriving in the US. A 2019 study by the Center for Migration Studies of New York, based on 2017 data,
found that, for the seventh straight year, more newly undocumented people overstayed visas than crossed
a border illegally; it was 62% overstays and 38% illegal crossings, according to the study.
Biden talked about how he met with China's now-President, Xi Jinping, while Biden was vice president,
and then returned to the US and mused about China's demographic challenges. He said, "And I came
back and said they're going to end their One China -- their one child policy, because they're so xenophobic
they won't let anybody else in, and more people are retired than working. How can they sustain economic
growth when more people are retired?"

Facts First: It is not even close to true that more people in China are retired than working -- even today,
let alone when Biden was vice president and the Chinese workforce was younger. China reported having
about 775 million employed people at the end of 2019; China had a reported 254 million people aged 60
or above, the normal retirement-benefits age for men. "The working aged population has peaked and is
now declining and retirees are growing rapidly, so the ratio of workers to retirees is becoming less favorable.
But the ratio is still greater than 1," said David Dollar, an expert on the Chinese population who is a Brookings
Institution senior fellow.

Biden is right that China's aging workforce poses a challenge to the country, but he botched the specifics.
Even if you apply the usual dose of skepticism to official Chinese data, China is many decades away from
having more retirees than workers.

"I think he misspoke. Probably meant that the working age population is now slowly shrinking, a trend that will
continue for many years," said Nicholas Lardy, a senior fellow at the Peterson Institute for International
Economics and another expert on the Chinese economy.
Biden made a series of claims about the Covid-19 vaccine situation upon his January inauguration.
He said early at the town hall that when "we came into office, there was only 50 million doses that
were available." Moments later, he said, "We got into office and found out the supply -- there was no
backlog. I mean, there was nothing in the refrigerator, figuratively and literally speaking, and there were
10 million doses a day that were available." Soon after that, he told Cooper, "But when you and I talked
last, we talked about -- it's one thing to have the vaccine, which we didn't have when we came into office,
but a vaccinator -- how do you get the vaccine into someone's arm?"

Facts First: Biden got at least one of these statistics wrong -- in a way that made Trump look better, not
worse, so Biden's inaccuracy appeared accidental, but we're noting it anyway. A White House official said
that Biden's claim about "10 million doses a day" being available when he took office was meant to be a
reference to the 10 million doses a week that were being sent to states as of the second week of Biden's
term, up from 8.6 million a week when they took over.

The official said Biden's claim about "50 million doses" being available when he took office was a reference
to the number of doses that had been distributed to states as of the end of January. That was less than two
weeks into his term, but he could have been clearer on the time frame.

Biden's more dramatic claim here, that there was "nothing in the refrigerator" when he took office, has a solid
factual basis, though Biden could again have been clearer about what he meant. The official said this was a
reference to the fact that, as reported by the Washington Post in the week before Biden's inauguration, there
was no federal reserve of second doses available at the time. The Trump administration confirmed to the Post
for a January 15 article that the contents of the stockpile had been released to states; then-Health and Human
Services Secretary Alex Azar said the doses in the reserve could be shipped out "because we now have a
consistent pace of production." (It's worth noting that Biden's own transition team itself called for the release of
second doses from the reserve.)

It's also generally true that there were serious problems with vaccine supply just before Biden's inauguration.
Some states said that they had not been sent enough doses or that they faced major logistical issues in getting
doses to residents.

Some of Biden's Republican critics have focused on his claim that "we didn't have" the vaccine when we came
into office -- suggesting that Biden was denying that a Covid-19 vaccine existed at all under President Donald Trump.
Given the other comments Biden had just made, we think it's clear in context that this was not his actual meaning.
Biden called for community college to be made free for all. He said this would cost $9 billion. Then he added:
"We spend almost that money as a break for people who own racehorses."

Facts First: There is no available evidence for the claim that the tax break for racehorse owners costs the
government almost $9 billion. The White House declined to provide a source for the figure.
We can't call the claim flat false because we don't have definitive information ourselves. But it's worth noting
that it's very much unclear that Biden has any source. And Gleckman is skeptical that is true, though he noted
that Biden didn't say what time period he was claiming the $9 billion tax break covered.

Biden's $9 billion figure was, as of 2016-2017, roughly the national total for annual tuition and fees to two-year
institutions, according to federal data.

It's scary to think this is the man responsible for shutting down pipelines, killing jobs, pushing gun control and negotiating with Iran, Russia, Mexico, the EU, etc., which you know are much more complicated issues. 

i doubt the man remembers what he had for lunch that afternoon.  Hell, he got his wife and sister confused with each other on the campaign trail. 

We're f*cked.

Last week, WH Deputy Press Secretary TJ Dicklo was put on 1 week suspension and would no longer be allowed to interact with Politico journalists.

Today, he submitted his resignation.

This happened EVEN THOUGH Biden promised as a candidate that anyone who treated another person like Ducklo reportedly did would be "fired on the spot." 

Looks like they "focus grouped" Biden's staff's decision not to fire him, and it wasn't good for Joe.

This is the kind of crap we can expect for the next 4 years -- just like the 8 Biden was VP.  No matter what the administration says, they will do the opposite should something bad happen. 

When we go high, they "Duck Low."   :rofl:

Legal and Activism / Calling All Internet Lawyers...
« on: February 12, 2021, 05:21:08 PM »
The Constitution provides 4th Amendment protection against illegal searches and seizures.  There must be probable cause and suspicion that a crime is being or has been committed.

Where is that protection not provided by the government within the US?

Answer:  100 miles from any border -- 100 miles inside the US from the Pacific Coast, from the Atlantic Coast, from the Mexican and Canadian borders, 100 miles within the borders of Alaska, and the ENTIRE STATE OF HAWAII.

Within those buffer zones, the Customs and Border Protection agencies are permitted to force you to let them inspect your phone, your computers, etc.

"Roughly two-thirds of the United States' population lives within the 100-mile zoneā€”that is, within 100 miles of a U.S. land or coastal border. That's about 200 million people."

"Federal border agents are stopping, interrogating, and searching Americans on an everyday basis with absolutely no suspicion of wrongdoing, and often in ways that our Constitution does not permit."

So, if HPD or the FBI wants to get your phone or laptop and clone them for an investigation, what's stopping them from doing it through Customs and Border Protection?  No warrant, no probable cause.  Just a 1953 law that lets certain agencies operated outside the Constitution.
Political Discussion / Step Aside, COVID! We Need a TDS Vaccine!!
« on: February 01, 2021, 07:10:43 PM »
Only people with TDS would think this way. 

The Washington Post published a "perspective" piece written by their Art and Architecture Critic, Philip Kennicott.  Not sure that qualifies him to offer opinions in matters of government records and blocking the establishment of presidential libraries.

Trump wants a library.
He must never have one.

Now the Dems in Congress are wanting a bill to prevent a Library, School, Office Building, Park Bench, or anything else the gov't has the authority to name from bearing the name of President Trump.

Technical Support / Current rules for classified ads?
« on: February 01, 2021, 06:13:05 PM »
Saw this:
Would u consider xxx for all

edited by macsak
per forum rules, take offers to pm


That's not a rule according to the official link.

It was requested to be added as a rule in 2018, but there was no "PM offers" rule ever added to the list.

If I'm wrong, please post the link to the current rules.
Firearms and Accessories / Safes: Digital vs. Mechanical (reboot)
« on: January 30, 2021, 04:42:21 PM »

That topic is more than 365 days old.  So, instead of resurrecting it, I'll just link it in...& it links to another thread, .... & so one, & so on ....   >:D

I've had my Rhino Big Horn safe from Costco for about 8 years now.  I'm starting to see a bit of degradation in the keypad.  Numbers are starting to show wear (which gives others a clue as to which numbers might be in the combo), and the "beep" is a bit weaker when indicating the last number has unlocked the lock.  I just replaced the battery in December, so I doubt that's a problem.  I metered the battery, and it is still above 9V.

So, instead of waiting for the inevitable failure and dealing with having to break into my safe, plus the immediate need of having to change the combo to avoid people using worn numbers to guess at it, I think it's time to replace it.

I found a video with a link to a dial lock that should work.  The price of that one was a bit higher than I thought it should be, and after searching Amazon, I found the same model for less:

I also added my Debit Card to my Amazon wallet, giving me a $10 credit.  After tax, total price is $73.72 w/Free Prime shipping

I also found a good video on installing a replacement safe lock. 

Not the same safe, but the tips and instructions still apply. 
Main thing is to hold the relocking bar in place so it doesn't
have to be pulled back up when installing the relocking plate.

This guy gives a detailed walkthrough of his converted Big Horn
safe with the dial lock.  His video was where I found the
higher-priced Amazon link:

Both videos go into detail, so they aren't the most entertaining.   :sleeping:  The Big Horn video was shot with the camera positioned or zoomed in too tightly to make it easy to watch, but it's better than being too far out and missing the detail.

Anyone have experience with this lock?

Sargent & Greenleaf S&G Model 6730-100 Mechanical Safe Lock Kit

Any DIY dial lock installers with tips or tricks to share?

I may actually video the installation myself and post it. 

We'll see if I can do two things at once without screwing them both up.  I've read that only Millennials can multi-task!  :geekdanc: :rofl:
Political Discussion / Do You Believe in Science?
« on: January 28, 2021, 01:10:32 AM »
Based on YOUR OWN UNDERSTANDING of what science is,
and your own understanding of what the purpose of science is,
would you say you believe in science when you're provided an
opinion that's endorsed by more scientists than not?

If you wish, post and/or discuss definitions of:

1.  Science

2.  Theory

3.  Hypothesis

4.  Science Believer

5.  Science Denier

6.  Consensus

Not looking for essays or copy/paste text from Wikipedia.  Just a short definition based on YOUR OWN UNDERSTANDING of these terms.
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