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And here many times I'll look for the closeout deals when it's the last one and a shop wants to get rid of it.   ;D

But seriously, there can be a herd mentality where if others are buying, folks can be enticed to buy, often at a premium.  My thoughts is know what is the going rate and go from there.  I know how much I am willing to spend.  If a shop doesn't have it at the price I want, fine. I have paid a premium for a specific gun to be brought it, but it was still at a price I was good with. 

The part about not naming shops.  I'll be open about where I shop.  If folks want to shop elsewhere, up to them.  That said, if I came across a shop that outright ripped folks off or did some shady $hit, I'd have no problem putting them on blast.

To add to that, the "enticement" can take the form of someone who's been mulling over making a purchase and just hasn't pulled the proverbial trigger.  When they see prices rising and/or inventory being depleted, they might get off that fence and make the purchase sooner rather than later. 

These people are often waiting for a sale or a great secondhand deal.  Regardless, they aren't following the crowd as much as trying to beat the crowd before the situation worsens even more.
Leftists:  "Shutdown that pipeline!  It's going to kill the environment!!"

Also Leftists:  "This is ridiculous!  Every station within 20 miles is out of GAS, and I have to get to my protest meetings!!"
Political Discussion / Re: Election Fraud Evidence Thread
« on: Today at 12:57:02 PM »
And now you know why they wiped the machines, deleted the data and won't let anyone see the routers. Digital doesn't match the paper.

Maricopa Auditors Find ‘Significant Discrepancies’ Between Number of Ballots and Batch Reports in Each Box

That's what happens when workers rescan the same "Biden" ballots repeatedly to jack up the tallies.

If there were 2 previous audits, this one PROVES there are people in charge of the elections doing whatever they can to cover up the FRAUD and BALLOT BOX STUFFING (digitally or physically).

Guess we gonna have a Democrat in office again,  if that moron runs again.  If he even lives to 78 with his health. He might be more senile than Biden  :rofl:

That "moron" beat over 20 other GOP candidates, most of them professional politicians who have experience running for public office, to take the Republican nomination.

That "moron" beat the defacto Democrat Presidential candidate who was predicted to win the General Election by double digit margins in almost all states.

That "moron" created the most successful program in Reality TV history.

That "moron" is a household name and global brand.

That "moron" has more money than you'll ever make in your lifetime.

That "moron" had more foreign relations successes in less than 4 years than any other President since Ronald Reagan.

I'd consider anyone to have accomplished what he has in his lifetime something other than a moron -- but then, I'm not basing my opinion on pure illogical emotion resulting from Trump Derangement Syndrome. 

No response required.  You already stated your emotional opinion.
Maybe it's a generation thing 🤔

But many young people value access and accessibility and ease very highly.

And older people with infirmities and/or mobility problems don't "value access and accessibility?"

Do you think about what you post, or just want to argue? 

(Rhetorical questions -- no response needed)
If the miners would just use alternative forms of energy, they could mine without affecting the environment.

Except, solar panels and wind turbines use a ton of fossil fuels to be manufactured, not to mention the resources needed to create the wind turbine grid for transmission.

And power companies still have to maintain a minimum production capability online for night and overcast days where solar is in widespread use.

Bitching about "not green!" is just bitching if you don't have a REAL alternatives available that's affordable, viable, and significantly less of an impact on the environment.

Bill Gates is responsible for the proliferation of PCs in homes, offices and government over many decades which includes components that seep dangerous/toxic materials into landfills.  Now, it's environmentally destructive to use PCs at their maximum capability?  What about all the server farms running Microsoft Enterprise services?  All the clients running Windows and MS apps?  Computers doing high-level CGI rendering for business and entertainment purposes?

Total hypocrite. 
Political Discussion / Re: Election Fraud Evidence Thread
« on: Today at 10:56:55 AM »
This is a massive violation of federal election law. States are required to keep all records for a minimum of 2 yrs.

Maricopa County Elections Officials DELETED ENTIRE DATABASE from Voting Machines – Including “All Election Information” from Main Database

President of the Arizona Senate Karen Fann has written a letter to Chairman Sellers, demanding answers.

 :wtf:  Any other crime, and the state's attorney general (or equivalent) would have already signed a warrant and thrown the people responsible in jail awaiting arraignment and bail hearings.

When there's a crime, you don't demand "answers!"  You charge the crime, then require the defendants .... you know .... defend themselves.

Once people are facing prison time, it's much easier to get "answers," as well as the names of who did the deed AND who ordered it done.

Sounds like another example of a Senate with no power to hold anyone accountable.

They're arguing over penalties for prohibited gun owners who decide to carry?

Those prohibitions already exist in other statutes.  To create more strict punishments for prohibited persons carrying vs. merely owning/possessing the same weapon ignores the fact that they are probably already carrying prior to the Constitutional Carry bill. 

If carrying before did not warrant stiffer penalties, then why now?  Why not increase penalties for the original crimes, and don't make carrying a firearm anything special regarding punishment?  Keep penalties the same whether at home, in a car, or walking around with an illegal firearm. 

A felony is a felony in this context.  They've already lost the right to keep and bear arms.  Why make "keep" less serious than "bear?"  There's no deterrence factor involved.
General Discussion / Re: If Chicago only had better Gun laws!
« on: May 12, 2021, 09:22:00 PM »
One of Biden's gun control proposals is to limit the number of firearms a person can buy per month to one.

The stated rationale is to reduce stockpiling of weapons, not to prevent the flow of straw purchases between states.

Since when is stockpiling (or collecting) guns linked to crimes?  Multiple individuals working together can stockpile a pretty large collection of guns over years, especially if the purchases are on the secondary market, and the state has no Permit to Acquire or registration laws.

1 per month x 12 months = 12 guns/year
12/yr x 10 people = 120/yr
That's more than the 91 guns reported in the story.

Those would just be the guns purchased new from FFLs.
because it's all about you, jc  :shaka:

My opinion:

If you're not ashamed of the asking prices you post, then you shouldn't be defensive when someone complains your prices are too high.  :popcorn:

7-11 prices started out being extraordinarily high, and the hours of operation were much longer than customers usually needed them to be open.  It was all part of a plan to invest in a chain of convenience stores that also sold gas in order to lose money -- a way of writing off the expense from corporate taxes.

Turns out, people will pay 3 times more for a pack of D-Cell batteries when there's nothing else open.  7-11 made massive profits from their first year.  Many other chains followed their business model and have done well, too.

"Too much" is relative as well as a function of a buyer's ability & willingness to pay.
Political Discussion / Re: The COVID Cult
« on: May 12, 2021, 04:35:18 PM »
you can't lockdown poor people in slums that have to work to get by day-to-day...

US tech support and customer service would grind to a sudden halt!   :shake:
Yup.  CTD was noted as upping their pricing on stuff like mags (and other stuff) a couple of times.  Where folks on other forums noted say a given mag listed as $12.99 online and then announcement/event then suddenly 2-3x times that.  Yeah, I get supply and demand, but they are some stuff go up 10x overnight.

An illustration of how "Supply and Demand" works:
Political Discussion / Re: the new Green Economy is here
« on: May 12, 2021, 02:31:22 PM »
That info is awesome, thank you.

The idea that got the wheels spinning of EV's still using fossil fuels was cause of the recent pipeline attack.  So if there was a fossil fuel disruption in HI, EV's and gas would be both screwed.  And our power grid would be too.


Many (not sure how many) EV owners also have solar at home and their businesses.  They can recharge without using expensive HECO electricity.

Doesn't help the ones who require public recharging stations, but I know at least 2 EV owners who have chargers at home.  They normally us the free chargers at work during the week, but then use their solar on the weekends/non-work-days.

My daughter drives a Prius Hybrid.  Recharging is accomplished with kinetic energy from the brakes and from the engine when running on gasoline.  No charging port at all.  In order to run 100% battery, she needs to stay below 25MPH, IIRC.  The newer Prius has a charging port and can operate as a "regular" EV at highway speeds with no gas being burned.

More than one issue, and more than one solution available.
Political Discussion / Re: The COVID Cult
« on: May 12, 2021, 01:44:34 PM »
Did you not read the article, it has nothing to do with male feminist or che guevara shirts. (Sarcasm)

"Other factors" are relevant -- when our doctor-at-heart says they are.  Otherwise, it's always a one-factor-caused-it argument.
I listen to Viva and Barnes podcast often . Viva Frei who is a Canadian civil rights lawyer says it is illegal for cops in their country to be used to enforce public health laws. So I am guessing eventually that Pastor and a lot of others are going to get paid if they can manage to source enough money for legal defense and a follow up civil lawsuit.

And, in the US, it's illegal in most states for an emergency order to exceed 60 days without the legislature passing laws to extend the emergency ordinances.

Yet, here we are more than a year later.
Political Discussion / Re: the new Green Economy is here
« on: May 12, 2021, 01:40:13 PM »
I don't know any info about this, but doesn't our power grid run mainly on fossil fuels as well?  So even guys with EV's still use fossil fuels.

With the exception of that plant that burns stuff for power, but last I read that it was being shut down or something.  And it only supplied like 20% of our power or something.

Hawaii has the most fossil-fuel dependent electricity production of any US state.  Our oil is imported from other countries, so a US pipeline shutdown won't affect us.

Last year, fossil fuels accounted for 75% of electric production in the state [Hawaii]
while renewable energy, which includes solar, wind and biomass, only accounted for
about 20%.

Meanwhile, the average electricity prices in Hawaii are more than twice the national
average, and appear to have nearly doubled since 2001.

This site has a series of links that list the various sources of electric power in each state.  Nuclear and natural gas are pretty high in many of the Eastern and Central regions.

Alabama, for example, uses 38.7% Natural Gas, 31.4% Nuclear Plants (5 of them), 19.2% Coal, 7.8% Hydro, and 2.8% "Other."

It would be educational for anyone curious about electricity production to go to this site and browse through all of the Eastern states.

Notice, the pipeline hack isn't causing electricity blackouts, only shortages of gasoline, diesel, and jet fuel.
Arrest them.  Inciting crime is a crime.

But the church service didn't happen immediately after they tried to encourage attendance.

By your own legal standard, this was a bogus arrest.   No way to say if church goers decided to attend services on their own or due to someone else's persuasion. 
Political Discussion / Re: The COVID Cult
« on: May 12, 2021, 12:58:49 PM »
Refusing the vaccine because they havent been able to find your fear button yet? They will keep trying til they do

Covid could cause erectile dysfunction: Study finds coronavirus in the penises of two men SIX MONTHS after they recovered and doctor says it did 'pretty severe' damage to sexual performance

Is that a fact or were the people being infected already unable to .... perform?  I suspect they lacked the confidence and overall mentality to be sexually effective from the start. 

Just a theory.
Off Topic / Re: LGS PTA
« on: May 12, 2021, 12:52:13 PM »
Ahh, didn’t know that thanks

I got Lennox Gastaut Syndrome when I googled :rofl:

I'm sorry to hear that.  I didn't realize neurological diseases are contracted just by Googling them!   :shake:

I know this doesnt apply to lgs, but cheaper than dirt price gouged like crazy and got sued.

The court ordered them to repay buyers. Lol. I think i may have read it in a thread here but definitely saw it on youtube as well.

Lots of sources for this story that happened in the beginning of the 2020 Pandemic.
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