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General Discussion / Re: Shooting diamond head
« on: February 01, 2020, 01:46:18 PM »
Rumor, heard from someone that one of the initial witnesses described a shotgun. I have been watching the videos and reading articles about the tragic incident but cannot find the interview that was mentioned.

Guessing people in the vicinity don't hit the range.  Otherwise they could tell the difference between small caliber and big bore rifle, shotgun, handgun, at the least.  They did say that the officer went flying back, so maybe it was a shotgun.
General Discussion / Re: Shooting diamond head
« on: January 30, 2020, 08:03:29 PM »
I'm surprised the media isn't talking about this 24/7
If it was a mass shooting they would be screaming assault weapon and we would have a timeline of events. 
I also personally never realized how big the fire was and how quickly it got that large. 

From what I've heard,  the female officer was shot first,  and the guy,  went in to rescue her, leave no officer behind. 
Only heard it once though

residential fires will quickly get out of control if the fire department doesn't show up to fight it. In this case, because the situation was dangerous, they were not allowed to fight it and instead let the homes burn.
General Discussion / Re: Shooting diamond head
« on: January 30, 2020, 05:44:34 AM »
In the news conference I saw, the police chief said the officers were hit above the protective area of their vests.  She wasn't any more specific as to the wound locations.

The first officer fatally wounded was one of two officers ambushed walking down the drive.  The second was when the killer was shooting into a group of officers that responded as backup.  Sounds like both kills were lucky shots while just firing at the groups.

If he were as skilled as some have commented, I think there would have been more fatalities.


Thanks, that's what I read as well, so was wondering what they considered above the protective area.  The first officer being ambushed was perhaps less avoidable, but the backup being killed perhaps could have been prevented with better procedure since there was already 1 officer down and a known armed perp. hindsight 20/20 of course though.
General Discussion / Re: Shooting diamond head
« on: January 28, 2020, 06:44:56 PM »
Where did the officers get shot?  Neck or head?  it was supposed to be above protection of the ballistic vest.
General Discussion / Let no tragedy go to waste - ban on lending firearms
« on: January 22, 2020, 04:17:35 AM »

State lawmakers said Tuesday that they were considering changes to Hawaii gun laws this session even before Sunday’s shooting deaths of two Honolulu police officers at a Diamond Head home presumably at the hands of a man who had no permit to own any guns.

Among the measures being considered in both the House and Senate are ones aimed at what lawmakers in both houses consider a loophole in gun regulations that involves the lending of firearms to another person.

“One of the loopholes that we’re finding is you may not necessarily be able to own one (a gun), but you can borrow one legally without having permitting in some cases,” said Rep. Chris Lee, chairman of the House Judiciary Committee. “So that’s one of the bills this year that we’re looking at to try and sort out who is responsible and what checks are in place in situations like that.”

House Bill 1600 says the current law allows certain firearms to be lent to adults for use within the state for up to 15 days without a permit and for use outside the state for up to 75 days, “thereby allowing the lending of firearms to persons who are not subject to a background check and other firearm permit requirements.”

Senate Judiciary Chairman Karl Rhoads said he is introducing a similar measure in the Senate but that his version would include an exception allowing a hunter to lend firearms to another person with a firearm license for up to 12 hours.

Our friend chodes hard at work  ::)   

SO if you want to legally let your friend shoot your rifle at the range or where ever, you need to go to HPD and get a temporary permit?
they could draft so many other laws based on "Red Flags"
Think your neighbor has illegal fireworks? Just tell the cops and they get a warrant to raid the house.
A person about to drive drunk? Tell the court and they confiscate all their vehicles.

I saw my neighbor yelling at her kid and felt he was at danger.  The courts should have a hearing and take him away from her without due process

my other neighbor drinks a 12 pack beer in his garage every day, i think he's a risk.  lets take away his car, motorcycle, and his bicycle

I walked past a guy on the street that looked at me kinda funny, cops should strip him down and take anything that could be used as a weapon
Hawaii red flag law just signed by ige.

“It’s completely unconstitutional,” Gerwig said. “It completely violates the constitutional rights for due process — they’re just gone — because they can come and confiscate your property without any due process, zero due process.”

The new law allows the court to hold a hearing — without the gun owner present — where the judge can decide to temporarily confiscate the gun owner’s weapons, Gerwig said. The gun owner can then demand a hearing to determine whether the firearm seizure was warranted.

“In the meantime they have confiscated your property, stripped you of your rights, with no due process whatsoever,” he said.
General Discussion / Re: Parkland School Deputy Arrested
« on: June 27, 2019, 11:46:29 AM »
shouldnt matter.  no duty to protect.  only exception to that is if he had a specific charge as someone's guardian.  Such as if his job was to babysit X student for 1 hour per day, and he fell asleep on the job, and the child got injured.   Then he'd face civil lawsuit.
General Discussion / Re: CA Background Check to Buy Ammo
« on: June 27, 2019, 09:46:09 AM »
Lots of us have jobs that require a security clearance, to be bonded or to maintain a higher standard of personal integrity -- such as teacher or medical care staff.

The risk of losing one's livelihood is real should one be caught ignoring firearm laws and charged with a felony.

Your diatribe against people following the law is getting old.   :wacko:

agreed.  and some of us have positions with relatively high or high profiles, and have a lot to lose, not to mention making the news.
General Discussion / Re: Parkland School Deputy Arrested
« on: June 27, 2019, 09:43:29 AM »
if his employment is at will, he can be fired for any reason outside of discrimination. that includes not rushing into a hail of bullets.

however, he is not guilty of any criminal charges.
General Discussion / Re: CA Background Check to Buy Ammo
« on: June 26, 2019, 02:21:03 PM »
illegals can vote, drive, etc..... but it will require a background check to exercise a Constitutionally guaranteed right.  insane

General Discussion / Re: HNL on Lockdown
« on: June 22, 2019, 10:25:01 PM »
the real sad thing is these lib anti gunners couldnt distinguish a pole falling on the ground from a gun firing.  TSA agents taking off running, etc etc.  Yes depend on the government to protect you. lol
ban assault lighters
General Discussion / Re: Parkland School Deputy Arrested
« on: June 04, 2019, 12:48:10 PM »
Teachers have the responsibility.
If they aren't up to it, then they should not be
entrusted with ours kids,  lives and minds.
We are repeated reminded cops aren't here to protect you
they just enforce the law.  Hawaii is pretty warped in that area
as the laws don't allow you to protect yourself  in public, which
is a problem when the cops are 20 to 60 minutes away.
BTW; Never talk to cops, ever!
I never have and never will call a cop for help mainly because they
are the most dangerous people I know of.  They can kill indiscriminately
and get away it.  Even soldiers have a UCMJ and their personal honor
to direct their actions.  Local cops are a Political, union member,  loose cannon
with a Glock 17 or M4 carbine.

local cops protect their own. period.  And by "their own", I do not mean the citizens of hawaii.  Look at the recent news story with the cop that beat up his wife.  After the news broke and the video surfaced, he got promoted!  He got put on leave for 2 years and got paid for that.  And now he's shuffling paperwork at a desk in a police station, and still getting paid!  Beating up your significant other really pays off when you're law enforecement.
General Discussion / Re: Parkland School Deputy Arrested
« on: June 04, 2019, 12:30:32 PM »
 This makes me wonder.
If an LEO has no duty or obligation to protect, then who is responsible for the safety of children in a school, hmmm?

The teacher? the janitor? cafeteria worker?

In the case of a minor, whatever adults  are currently responsible for their care has a duty to protect.  From a technical standpoint, whatever charges they brought up against the deputy could be brought up against all adults in charge.  They wont obviously because of blowback, and successful lawsuits/prosecution would open a HUGE can of worms so would never happen.  That is part of the reason why some districts talk of arming school personnel if they are willing, as it is they are the guardians for the children while they're in school.    But ONLY law enforcement have no obligation to protect, period.

In general, unarmed or armed, 100 years old or 18 years old, MMA expert or wheelchairbound, male or female, etc.  the duty to self protection is EACH INDIVIDUAL's.  That is the reason for the 2nd amendment, to give the average citizen a reasonable means of self protection, if they choose to (and if the state hasn't taken away their right).
General Discussion / Re: Parkland School Deputy Arrested
« on: June 04, 2019, 12:25:44 PM »
The Supreme Court ruled that the police did not have a constitutional duty to protect a person from harm. What he did was deplorable, but it was not illegal.

Self protection is the responsibility of every law abiding citizen. The 2nd amendment (normally) assists you in protecting yourself unless if the right is denied for whatever reason, such as denied carry rights or "gun free zones". In those instances, you have the utmost right to be a victim, but rest assured, the police will attempt to enforce the law afterwards, and find the criminal.

You'd be surprised what the police are and aren't allowed to do. They're generally treated as a protected class of elite citizens. The police can chase down an assailant or thief and shoot them in the back. You cannot. The police can "feel threatened" by a unarmed mentally ill man and shoot him dead. You cannot.

Hell the courts have even ruled that the police can KNOWINGLY allow their police dog to attack an innocent person, and they have no duty to stop the dog from mauling and potentially killing you.

But I digress.
General Discussion / Re: Update on Hawaii Gun Usage "Self Defense"
« on: May 22, 2019, 11:23:54 AM »
I agree retrying Deedy for any lesser charges under the same crime (murder, manslaughter, aggravated assault) is double jeopardy.  Those charges should have been included as choices for the jury.  Too late to go back again (and again, and again).

The Deedy appeal was filed by Kaneshiro.  I don't think he'll be going to the appeals court on behalf of the state now.  The court may see him at some point on his own behalf once he's convicted of corruption.

Hopefully Kaneshiro's replacement is smarter and just takes the two losses he can blame on his predecessor.

Saw on the news last night, the case of guy who shot through the door was dismissed due to the prosecution taking an unreasonable amount of time to try him (civil rights violation).  Charges were dropped without prejudice, meaning he can be charged again later.

He likely wont be tried again.  They'll quietly drop the case.   If the situation was different, with little justification for a self defense claim, they may have been more willing to prosecute.  Hawaii prosecutors and lawmakers do not want a case that will more clearly define hawai's self defense law.  the way they prefer it is if people are under the impression that you should retreat to the bathroom, lock the door quivering in fear and wait until the police arrive.  Not greet burglars and criminals at the front door or in your yard.
General Discussion / Re: Update on Hawaii Gun Usage "Self Defense"
« on: May 21, 2019, 10:08:30 AM »
Any updates on the following

1) The guy in Mililani who shot someone who was hopping the fence in his back yard.  Last I heard no charges were filed against the homeowner.
2) Guy who shot at the Navy sailor who was trying to open his door and shot  thru his door is not being charged yet.  No charges on having an unregistered handgun either.  Pending.  Shooter is claiming self defense and had a cast on his foot.

Any other situations pending?

I've noticed a similar pattern over the years.  Hawaii prosecutor office does not want to acknowledge or encourage citizens to use lethal means to protect themselves.  So instead of bringing these cases to court, they'll quietly drop the case.  For both #1 and #2, that's exactly what they did, and there was some sort of statute of limitation that ran out.   My belief is the State does not want to deal with the backlash against prosecuting claimed self defense cases, as it may lead to more favorable gun laws in hawaii. They'd rather just maintain the status quo on self defense laws, while continuing to make more restrictive overall gun laws.

Somewhat similar case, note this wasnt' even inside a home or indoors.  Merely on the property, and the thief was shot in the back.

Question: Whatever happened to the case against a Kahuku farmer who was charged with murder after fatally shooting a man who allegedly threatened him while trying to steal his crops in 2004?

Answer: The Honolulu Prosecutor’s Office said it has closed the case against farmer Khamxath Baccam and will not refile criminal charges after a judge dismissed a second-degree murder charge in 2006.

Baccam was accused of fatally shooting Marcelino Pacheco, 38, who was found dead on Malaekahana Road on Sept. 7, 2004, after Baccam walked into the Wahiawa District Police Station to report the incident.

Baccam fired a shotgun in self-defense because he “faced a terrifying encounter and felt the need to protect himself,” his attorney, Todd Eddins, said at a Sept. 14, 2004, court hearing.

Pacheco bled to death from shotgun-pellet wounds in the legs and thigh. City Deputy Medical Examiner Dr. William Goodhue testified at a hearing in 2004 that Pacheco had crystal methamphetamine in his system, which contributed to the bleeding.
General Discussion / Re: TSA /HA new regulation
« on: May 21, 2019, 08:53:00 AM »
My last trip to Lanai in April i flew HAwaiian Airlines. Same as usual from HNL to LNY. They check my Pelican case, throw in the firearms card, hang out for 10-15 min and if nobody comes out then Im golden.

Now When I flewback from Lanai on HA, the HA agent tells me something new Ive never heard of. She asked if I had ammo and I said yes. I told her its in the cooler, seperate from my gun case which is okay. So I asked her about the rules if I can I put my ammo in the same case as my rifle? She said yes, but it has to have the foam cut out to place the ammo box in its own spot.

Im ok with following rules for everyones safety, but I hate how its different every trip. Nobody knows the rules or just make up their own.

Like I said in this thread earlier....

On a side note, I think how they want ammo in "original boxes" is absolutely retarded.
General Discussion / Re: absolute bullshit
« on: May 21, 2019, 08:51:14 AM »
yeah, something wrong with these Hawaii Judges.  "The Hawaii Judge" is now a regular joke nationwide.

i think they're in cahoots with the rest of hawaii politicians. they know there's no room in the prisons, so unless the crime is absolutely crazy like murder and rape, they'll slap these guys on the wrist.  the alternative is to throw criminals into an overcrowded prison, then it riots like maui, resulting in even worse press (for the politicians).  there's zero will power or state $$$$ to address this issue.
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