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Wish he did this in 2020.  But better late than never.
Off Topic / Re: Police
« on: Today at 09:55:20 AM »
It is not so much the training as it is the leadership.
Cops are just employees, PERIOD.
They do what they are told just like you and I did when we were employees.
They do not protect and serve, anybody, but the Bosses ass.
The problem is the BOSS!
Once you figure that out, then act accordingly.

We have seen this with the protest about the mandates. The first hour or so HPD was telling people they cannot protest, leave  or be arrested. Then they changed their tune and told people to wear a mask or be arrested, which was in front the capitol. Kevin McDonald was 1 arrested for this. He ran against Karl Rhodes and lost.  I mean no one along the way realized 1st amendment.  Another was at Kapiolani park and there were more at other locations, but I don't remember specifically where they were at. But the MO was the same, tell people to leave or be arrested (stop 1a right). Then later realize they cannot do that, so arrest for not putting mask on.

Same happened with the protest outside Josh Green's condo in downtown. HPD blocked the road in front so no one or cars could pass. This was for about 15 mins. Then HPD got the memo and dispersed and let cars and people thru.

So again, not isolated incidents of mistakes by HPD and the 1st amendment.  But it's all G because they have good training credentials.
Maui County got their permit to sell issued. IMO, the lawsuit helped the process regardless of what the anti 2a city consul board stated.  Also some abnormal selling requirements have been removed due to the lawsuit., but not all. Owner still had to fly to Oahu to be trained by a Axom like trainer, who he (MAGS owner)  holds the same credentials as. So this means all Maui County sellers have to fly to Oahu to be trained, even though they hold the same credentials.

Thank you HIFICO.
Off Topic / Re: Police
« on: Today at 09:05:33 AM »
Certifications differ from actual in field practice. Example: The citations issued due to Ige's mandate. Thousands were issued, and about 96% were dismissed in court.  So either HPD officers issuing them did not practice what they learned when it comes to what is law and the constitution, or they were not taught it at the academy by the "good training certified" cadre.  And due to the volume of citations issued, this wasn't just 1 or a handful of officers who didn't know better.

I was at a BBQ and had a cop respond to a complaint about gathering. He showed up and said the mandate is unconstitutional and he will not enforce it.  But since he was called, he had to show up because the caller is watching.  He said he didn't care if his bodycam captured his statement.  He then left without telling us to disburse or any citation issued.  He then came back a few hours later because the same person called again.  And he repeated what he told us and left.  This is an example of a cop who knows what his job is and knows what the constitution/rights are and choose not to "follow orders".
General Discussion / Re: Buffalo shooting
« on: Today at 08:56:58 AM »
Fake news saying Tucker Carlson is to blame, although there is zero mention in the manifesto. 

The rifle was legally purchased in NY with all their gun laws. The Shotgun which wasn't used was purchased in PA, but yet the NY Governor is blaming cross state lines, and the bolt action rifle was bought by his father, which he didn't use either.  This is all detailed in his manifesto. It's like the fake news or anti 2a politicians didn't read it.

This 18 year old active shooting comes with in days of the 9th circuit ruling of 21+ year olds to own guns is wrong. #noteverythingisaconspiracy

I would try what your interested in as well. For me, the P365 feels funny due to the downward angle.  And so does the P320 (same downward angle). 

Currently we have a M&P 9C which isn't the greatest, but we don't carry it anyways.  I don't like the 9C due to the soft grips. 
Political Discussion / Twitter is "Commie as F*ck"
« on: Today at 08:42:31 AM »
Quote from 1 of their high level engineers on hidden camera from Project Veritas.  Another is "After I came here, I became way more left". And more admission of censoring the right and not the left.

Internal memo went out telling employees to be careful of dating, job interviews, etc...when talking about what they do.
Political Discussion / BLM donations when where?
« on: Today at 08:40:44 AM »
Leaders baby daddy got paid $900K for a "creative" position. Her brother got paid $700K for a "security" position. I'm sure both are very qualified to do their positions.

So what have they done with the millions? Have they started any programs to train the police on how to deal with unruly black people?  Have they built or gave money to run down black communities for their schools, rec centers, low income housing, etc...?
Political Discussion / Re: Ukraine vs. Russia
« on: May 16, 2022, 09:00:12 PM »
Inb4 asking hard questions are racist or homophobe.

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Firearms and Accessories / Re: First 1911 in 45
« on: May 16, 2022, 07:53:48 PM »
Cleaned her for the 1st time. It does take longer than striker fire, but not much. Just gotta get used to disasembly/assembly. Had to pause and visit YT.

Gonna do a little more mag dumps at the next HDF open shoot .

Next test might be how long can shoot b4 cleaning. Just oil and see if and how often jams occur.

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General Discussion / Re: Buffalo shooting
« on: May 16, 2022, 05:00:18 PM »
Mag dump.

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Firearms and Accessories / Re: First 1911 in 45
« on: May 16, 2022, 01:55:49 PM »
My anti-flinch drill. Load 5 magazines with 4 rounds ball and 1 dummy in various sequence. Shuffle and place under towel on bench. Load without looking to see where the dummy is in the magazine. Fire until dummies is discovered in the sequence. Observe what happens and try to correct on the next magazine. Repeat for 25 years to get desired 10 ring count.

Today will be day 0 of 9,125.
General Discussion / Re: Sig Sauer get Army next gen Squad weapon
« on: May 16, 2022, 01:53:13 PM »
It's the Military. It doesn't have to make sense.

General Discussion / Re: Buffalo shooting
« on: May 16, 2022, 01:08:07 PM »
Hawaii will claim that the mental health or age 21 checks would have worked here. NY state laws are weak compared to us.

I'll be willing to say Rhodes or Lee will be using this next session
Strategies and Tactics / Re: Firearms Training - Sharing Experience
« on: May 16, 2022, 10:14:11 AM »
Took an HRA rifle skill builder this weekend.

Wore the new light plates and they're a rock star. Def can feel the difference in reduction of weight (22lbs down to 7lbs).  The biggest ease is the donning and doffing, and taking the plates from the car to point X. And they're thinner than my ceramics.

Something I've never done before is walking backward while shooting for a longer distance.  I like the dragging the front of your feet while walking back, instead of just stepping from rolling toe to heal.  I was in marching band, so toe to heal when walking backward is more ingrained (muscle memory).

Another thing learned from watching others is when doing stuff, even though we all want to be as fast as possible, it's important to still be in control. Don't push it too fast that accidents have a higher % of happening. This is why  I go at a comfortable quick speed. Not as fast as I can possible go.  Like when you gotta take a mean dump and u rush to take the belt and pants off, you often fumble.

We also did a drill where you have to pull a tire tied to a rope (row) and muzzle discipline is important. Some guys left their rifle slung in the front, others moved it to the side. I slung my rifle on my back (swim in and swim out). It wasn't the fastest to do because this placement takes the most time, but I wanted to try it out.  Now is the time to practice skills.

Overall had lots of fun. 
Firearms and Accessories / Re: First 1911 in 45
« on: May 16, 2022, 08:56:21 AM »

the POI being low is probably due to a flinch, or rather you are wired to shoot 9mm out of your VP9
this a guess on my part.  but I believe you have muscle memory tuned to your VP9 and 9mm after shooting tens of thousands of rounds with this combo.  the grip angle is different, the 45acp is different, the weight of the gun is different
my first 1911 I was shooting way low at 25 yards.  maybe 6-8 inches consistently.  I was certain that the front sight was too tall making me shoot low.  threw on a laser bore sighter and just pointed it at the wall, in a safe direction of course, as I pulled the trigger I could see the laser move low.  then I knew it wasn't the front sight that was causing the low POI, it was me and my flinch
I'm not saying this is what you are doing, but maybe.  different gun, different ammo, different grip angle
that's my guess   :shaka:

My problem is my dry fire is on point. I line up my signts with the lines on the wall and they don't move. But when out at the range, all jam up.
Firearms and Accessories / Re: First 1911 in 45
« on: May 16, 2022, 08:55:19 AM »

Why do you have your gun cocked (assume chamber empty) with safety on?   ???  It will be just fine with chamber empty and hammer down. 

One thing to also notice is the different trigger mechanisms.  Lever/pivot vs straight back.  The low POI is a headscratcher though. 

Good that you're shooting it, and shooting it quite a lot and not babying it.  Good that it fed the JHP well, and the variety of FMJ you shot.

When cocked and locked while holstered and no mag in, the hood works better. With hammer down, its more difficult to disengage the hood. The foreskin gets stuck on the back of the hammer.

I think I will have my friend at the next HDF open shoot shoot it because he is a way better shooter than I am and see if he has the low issue.  This would def help confirm that it's me. 
Firearms and Accessories / Re: First 1911 in 45
« on: May 15, 2022, 08:38:03 PM »
Shot the long awaited unicorn. About 320rds in 1 1/4 hours. She chewed everything, zero jams.

230gr for all, Federal, Fiocchi, Blazer, PMC Bronze and 20rds Federal HST. From wilson 10rders. Also ran a few 7rd Colt mags and no issues.

I did notice more carbon than the vp9 (9mm). Idk if cause its a tan gun or thats how 45acp is. Had carbon soot on my fingers also. Never had that with the vp9. The most i shot 9mm in 1 sitting was about 250ish. See below pics.

Also POA/POI seemed low, compared to the vp9 that ive only been shooting for 6 years now. At 15 yards, was like 5 inches low. Its prob the indian cause on a few that i 4got to take the safety off, the flinch was huge. Aiming with the front post higher (see pic below and far right example) seemed to help. I need to figure this out, mental block problem. For a 10r mag, like 3 were dead center and almost same hole and the other 7 were 5 inches low. Which leads me to believe its the indian.

The biggest getting used to is the safety. No problems engaging it when not shooting, its the forgetting to take it off when ready to shoot or taking it off when cocked and locked with no mag inserted. So i damn near bust my wrist trying to rack the slide after inserting a mag (u must disengage safety to rack).

Finger placement on the trigger seems more forgiving. With the vp9, too much finger and i yank the shot noticably.

Overall a fun gun that i will be shooting much more. Got choke ammo still. Next handgun skill builder, i will be using her instead of the vp9.

Thanks to all who followed this and helped along the way.

Mrs.cmo tried it and wasnt a fan. She does like our friends shadow 2 she shot today.
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General Discussion / Re: Buffalo shooting
« on: May 15, 2022, 06:56:50 PM »
A year ago, he threatened to shoot up his school.

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General Discussion / Re: Buffalo shooting
« on: May 15, 2022, 04:47:50 PM »
Here is what the anti 2a and fake news will leave out.

Manifesto 180 pages

He gave his step by step how to remove NY AR law features, includes removing fixed mag with what tools he used.

Claims European white pride, not American white pride.

Adament of minorities OK to be in their own country, just not in the US or Europe.

Isnt a member of any white supremecist group, but he supports them.

Hates capitalism .

States he isnt a GOP or DNC, but could be seen as either, it all depends.

Admires the NZ shooter.

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