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A man is more than capable of going into a women's restroom.  Just tell anyone there, "I identify as a woman."  It's how it's done now.

But seriously, if a male janitor needs to clean a restroom, they open the door, announce they are coming in, and wait for anyone to respond they need a minute.

Not necessary to provide a government salary and benefits to lots of women just to clear a restroom.

I disagree with the view that you don't need to clear the restroom.  Too many directions for a threat to come at you.  Plus too many places for someone to hide (stalls).  One female agent protecting someone in a busy restroom is a huge risk to take. 

I can think of 4 scenarios off the top of my head, each having to do with a busy restroom vs. an empty one.  Empty is so much easier to manage.  And, yes, there can be a female agent to make it less embarrassing for the protectee to pee as opposed to a man listening.  But a male ought to be stationed right outside telling people to use another restroom or wait.


Regardless of the restroom excuse, they still need to provide capable protection agents. 

Consider this:  don't assign protection detail members based on gender.  do it based on what type of threats they might encounter.

Even if the women assigned can physically shield the principle from a gun fired near them, can they take on an assassin via hand-to-hand combat?

21 foot rule should apply to these situations.  You can't rely on a firearm all the time.  Need time to draw, clear line of sight, etc.  In a crowd of people (shaking hands, asking for autographs...) the principle needs someone capable of protecting them from immediate threats within a few feet.  Might need to strong arm a person trying to shove a knife in the protectee's ribs.

Seems like common sense to me.

The restroom example is one of an "unplanned stop" for the principal. So there's less time to secure it compared to a planned stop where they have the time before hand to secure or at least make a threat assessment.  It's much easier for a female SS to go in and take 20 seconds to make sure there's no wacko in there and then wait in there with her.  All while not bothering the other women who are already there.
 There was minimal way of knowing the principal would stop to use that specific restroom, so threat is low, but still need to secure.

Now a male agent would have to do like you stated, announce they're coming in and wait for all the women to leave.  This takes much more time, which means the principal is outside waiting in the open longer than they need to be.

This doesn't mean that majority of the detail is female, but when the principal needs to pee, they call the female agent who's near. Like how cops do when needing to frisk a female suspect. Sometimes they wait for another female officer to arrive.

In the video, the way the woman was speaking, she sounded much more XP'd and capable than the holster lady.  The vid was years old, so before all this DEI BS.  She got in probably cause she's a badass.
Political Discussion / Re: Kamala Harris for President?
« on: Today at 12:18:21 PM »
Observing the fear on this board and those that feel threatened by a strong intelligent woman.

lul, bruh, range too far.
Political Discussion / Re: Kamala Harris for President?
« on: Today at 10:43:27 AM »
Since Harris does not stand a chance against Trump in November, no one should not rule out a second assassination attempt by the Power Okole / Deep State.

Don't count her out due to:

Minority DNC voters are dumb who vote for her based on her being a minority
Female DNC voters are dumb who vote for her based on her sex
She's not Trump

DNC cheating again.
Political Discussion / Re: Kamala Harris for President?
« on: Today at 10:38:37 AM »
I'm still waiting to see what their true plan is and who that person will be.
Females have their role, like when protecting other females.  They can go into say the womens restroom and it's not as obvious that they're SS or there's no need to clear the entire restroom because male SS will be entering.

I forgot the YT channel, but there was a female SS agent talking about it.  Business Insider or GQ something like that.
On the note of the theory that Trump planned the whole thing and the shot through the ear from a world class bench rested sniper. 

I think that’s pretty bad ass. Risking death to attempt to save this country? Mean da scoop.

The world class bench rested shooters range must be very close to drive to, so he can practice all the time.  :rofl:
Vegas airport was a mess. 1 Canadian was trying to get home and chose to drive instead, it would be faster than rebooking.
I agree.

One thing that keeps playing in my head, though.  When the bullet missed and Trump ducked down behind the podium, the cosplay secret service did their usual "human shield" maneuver.

But one of the cute, soft, and chubby lady agents voice was caught on audio saying:

"What are we doing?"  "Where are we going?"

Strange to me.  These things are part of the "what if's" safety protocol actions that are taken on every event that secret service is on.  They should all know what to do.  And where to go.

It's almost as if they were caught off guard.  Caught off guard?  Nonsense.  Not Secret Service.

Right?........Right? :shake:
It took way too long for the human shields to deploy.

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I never said I disagreed with your premise that Trump may have been lucky and good for him; however, I can't discount the alternative view I offered since the Power Okole usually never fails in its assassination missions like in the case of Osama Bin Laden or Qasem Soleimani.  The US empire has access to the best assassins in the World and it's hard to believe they would fail unless it was meant to be a warning/failure or perhaps even a stand down order given at the last minute.

Hopefully more info comes out.

The problem is that the "best assassins" don't get caught.  A high profile like Trump, they cannot just say "well, we can't find the shooter. Lets call it a day".  So we circle back to all my statements I made about it not being a warning shot due to the proximity.  A best assassin wouldn't get an ear shot. And if it was a mistake, then they're not very good.

I'm just pointing the flaw in the theory of a warning shot or intentional graze.  Other media outlets are also saying the ear shot was intentional.
Political Discussion / Re: Game Over for Biden
« on: July 19, 2024, 02:00:21 PM »
So convenient for Biden to get COVID at this specific moment.

Keeps him from having to talk to the press regarding the Secret Service debacle.  He tried to get out in front of it, but the facts trickling in regarding Secret Service and other LEO failures are making it unlikely Biden can handle the criticism.

Creates a viable excuse for canceling campaign events.

Fewer campaign events becomes an automatic excuse for why he will have lost the election.  "Trump was campaigning, but I was involuntarily isolated."

Prevents further scrutiny of his mental decline leading up to the election.  Just like 2020, he was locked in the basement rather than engaging the public. 

Better to remain silent and be thought incompetent than to open one's mouth and remove all doubt.

What the big question is why doesn't the media have his back anymore? 
I am surprised you are dwelling on my personal belief that the Trump shooting was more of a warning to Trump rather being a botched assassination attempt which is minor compared to the bigger picture. 

What the Trump shooting did show is that although the Power Okole has fired the first shots and missed, they have made clear that they are willing to go to any lengths to achieve their goals and will not make any mistakes if there is a next time.

It's because the power okele tried to assassinate trump.  Not give him a warning.  They've tried and failed in other ways to get him off the ballot.  This was only the next logical evolution to their attempts.  Read my initial posting.  Trump was very lucky. 
Allow me to clarify.
Based on my original post, I said the real shooter's primary mission was to fire warning shots at Trump and not specifically target his ear per se.  The fact a rifle round did in-fact grazed Trump's ear is in my view unintentional since killing Trump at this moment before the November election would only lead to possible civil war that the Power Okole, Deep State, etc. can't control its outcome and, hence, does not want.

One doesn't give warning shots that close. 12 inches in any direction is more than enough to factor in any unpredicted movements and still plausible.  And at that distance, unless you're shooting a 22 where the wind can cause the bullet to move left or right an easy 8 inches, you won't miss what you're aiming at.

Then add in that the intentional miss plan would need a dead body.  Or a manhunt will happen until someone is found.  And if they're found alive, they may talk eventually.  Add in that the SS lapse in security, basically, too many people would have to be in on the plan for warning shots.  So refer to my post about someone will eventually narc and expose everything.


A very cool story.  A cop next to the dog tried to pet it and got scolding's from the handler.  I mean, moron.
Why are you so quick to discredit anything that questions the official narrative regarding the Trump shooting?

Since I know you don't believe in the Deep State, Power Okole, etc., it's very flattering to see how much effort you put in your responses to my posts on this topic especially when you don't think the Trump shooting was an inside job.   :shaka:

I believe with everything but the intentional graze to the ear.
Preparedness and Survival / Re: Practice using preps
« on: July 19, 2024, 08:04:33 AM »
You can reuse wash water for the toilet.  Take a shower  at the gym or beach. Get more tips from the homeless people.

Hard to picture a situation where water is out for more than a few days where you're still alive and still have a home.
In extreme situations you'd take sponge baths twice a week, reuse water, pee in bottles and poop in trash bags.  Eat food straight from the can.  Wash clothes in the streams.  Then collect and purify water from the streams that everyone else bathes and poops in.

If it were out a few days, we'd go to mom n dads place to shower. Or ask my neighbor. But mom n dad would be 1st draft choice. A while ago, they had a leak in their shower, so they couldnt use it for a week. They instead got water and put it in a bucket and used a cup. Japanese furo style.
Preparedness and Survival / Re: Practice using preps
« on: July 19, 2024, 08:03:40 AM »
In a survival situation, cleanliness is vital -- for everyone.

First, if you are injured, an opening in the skin is a good way to die if you don't have access to topical and internal antibiotics (Hydrogen Peroxide, Penicillin, ...).  A simple cut on your leg can take your life over a matter of a week or two if untreated.  All depends on what kind of germs are there, how good your immune system is, and how clean you can keep the wound.

Second, clean clothes are essential.  The fabric most clothes are made of are woven. The spaces between the threads of the weave will collect and retain dirt.  The dirt creates extra friction.  Dirty clothes will wear out and be full of holes quickly compared to clean clothes.  Dirty clothes will also collect germs, meaning you could be more likely to contract a disease or infection if your clothes are very dirty.

So, it's just as important for guys to clean themselves and their clothes as it is for women.  Women just require an extra level of cleanliness where they are more susceptible to certain issues.

I would love to be able to prep antibiotics and stuff too, but that's over my paygrade.  I've seen some advertisements from DC Draino about having them shipped to you, but IDK.
Off Topic / Re: An Odd Incident in Aiea
« on: July 18, 2024, 04:16:35 PM »
I know a guy who's a shitty parker. He got a ticket and didn't pay it at 1 location. He said, F-it since he doesn't go there often. What he didn't realize was that this put him in the log at all Diamond Parking managed locations. He got towed at another location for parking and unpaid ticket.
Preparedness and Survival / Re: Practice using preps
« on: July 18, 2024, 03:32:07 PM »
The thing is, in that situation (just my own house having no water), I'd ask one of my neighbors if I could run a garden hose from their outside faucet.

If it's an extended outage, you'll need to find a laundromat and alternative shower facilities.  If you don't mind a cold shower, the garden hose idea is a viable solution.  You can even find shower heads that are made for outside hose use.

If nothing else, there's the stay-cation option.  Turtle Bay Hilton is a nice getaway spot where you can easily spend a couple of days in comfort and at a discounted Kama'aina rate.

12 hours is an inconvenience particularly if it's not a wide area outage.

The 12 gave me a baseline of how much water we use, so I multiplied that to get a few days-weeks.  Of course factoring in if we go weeks without water then we would def be rationing way more.

I wonder if the beach showers would work.  I mean, men don't have to shower as often as women need to.  In OIF, baby wipe the armpits and balls/ass crack. But women need to wipe their vaj way more often as infection can spread much easier.
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