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Preparedness and Survival / Practice using preps
« on: July 17, 2024, 05:50:22 PM »
I had a water shut off due to a leak.  Went 12 hrs without water.  I filled a giant beef stew size pot and a smaller make ramen pot with water.  Plus we had about 2 gallons in the fridge.

We had to wash some dishes, but in a hurricane or like situation, you prob won't have dishes. So we had to use some water for that. Then brushing teeth and drinking. 

I also have a 5lb tub of protein filled with water for the toilet and a 30lb cat litter container filled with water for the toilet.  This lasted for 2 flushes.  Granted we didn't flush after every usage, but ended up flushing twice.

All the above water was exhausted.  I didn't have to break open my bottles and gallon jugs of prep water.  I have enough of this to shower with if I really wanted to.

But this  was a good practice run.  I need more water. 
Off Topic / Space X moving from CA to TX
« on: July 16, 2024, 12:12:08 PM »
Musk states too many laws and stuff.  He's also donating money to get the new Hollywood started in Vegas.
Off Topic / Rails 1 year Anniversary
« on: July 01, 2024, 08:41:25 AM »
News was live at the station today.  No one entering or exiting. No one waiting for the cars. No one on the cars. Comrade Rick was there too. This was a few segments starting from 7am-8am.
Figure need a new one.

I got an OTF Lightening II knife.

After tinkering around for a few weeks with it, I did notice if you stop the blade from coming out, you will have a "dead blade".  This means that you cannot use it.  The blade will not lock into place, but instead go back and forth inside the handle. 

Why this is important, like a pistol, if you push the pistol against someone, say during a struggle, and the slide moves back slightly, the gun won't fire. My VP9, all it takes is about 1mm of slide movement for the gun to not work.  So, if you were to open the OTF knife in the same manner, the blade won't extend.

How to solve this, you have to pull the blade out with your other hand and lock it in the open position.  This means it takes 2 hands.  Compared to a regular folding knife that doesn't open all the way for X reason, you can just flick your wrist again or use your thumb to finish the opening movement.

The force that is used to open this knife is strong.  I would estimate that against direct skin contact with no clothes, it would penetrate the skin about 1/3 an inch.  This isn't enough to do major damage, unless it's over an artery.
Events / June 22, 2024 Meet Alan Beck
« on: June 17, 2024, 09:19:57 AM »
"On June 22nd, Hawaii Firearms Coalition Attorney Alan Beck will be on Oahu for the day. Come join us at Kapiolani Park (bandstand) for a couple of hours to talk stories and meet like-minded people. We will be at the park at 10 am before taking a stroll down Kalakaua Avenue. If you wanted, you could also even bring your swords, spears, halberds, and other legal-to-carry weapons.
As you may know Alan has worked on almost EVERY second Amendment lawsuit filed in Hawaii, including tasers, butterfly knives, sensitive places, and MANY more.
This is an opportunity to say thank you and meet the man who has diligently defended our constitutional rights for more than a decade and of course exercise your right to bear arms."

Political Discussion / What's causing staffing issues???
« on: June 13, 2024, 11:39:43 AM »
With covid lockdowns being over and unemployment income state and federal done, why are so many places needing workers?  Below are my speculations:

1) People learned how to live within their means.  As in a multi-person household cut back during covid, so they don't need that 2nd job to pay the extra bills.

2) College students are doing more online classes, which means they don't have to move to X state and get a college job for spending money. Instead, they're staying at home.

3) Trumps stricter enforcement from 2016-2020 on illegals, which was part of the menial job market is having an impact.  These are the cooks, dishwashers, retail workers, etc...

4) For non entry level jobs, I've noticed that employers are being very picky.  Example: Certain state departments wait until they get 15 applicant's before they start the selection process.  This means it can be 6 months before they even start calling people back. In the mean time, the applicant's already found a job.  Other departments require the applicant to take a 2 hour in person test.  The pay sucks, the benefits suck, so for someone to go thru this doesn't have many options. Unless they really want to be in the industry and pay/benefits don't matter. So good applicant's won't waste their time doing this 2 hour exam.

5) Or am I wrong and UI is still being collected 4 years after covid began, and there's no enforcement of someone having to find a job?  I remember when covid first hit, a car salesman I knew of was making more not working than when he was working. This is when the state paid and so did the feds pay UI. This went on for about a year. IDK if he ever went back to selling cars.

I've talk to 1 restaurant who has 3 locations. They had to close 2 due to lack of staff. In the news, there's a new hotpot place that is short 50 staffers. Owner was going to have family and friends work.  Companies who I do business with, many are short staff too (white collar jobs).

I've even noticed this when we went to Vegas multiple times last year. Restaurants were very short staffed.  Dealers at a few casino's as well (NYNY had no craps table open due to no staff).

I don't intend to spend hours googling this. So if someone wants to post their thoughts, XP or what they learned, go for it.
Terry was told he needs another medical clearance letter in order to get his ccw.

Despite having, and buying guns and providing said letter over the years. HPD says he needs a more recent letter.

Terry voluntarily sought alcohol treatment in 2015 and no longer drinks.

Terry has a curio and relics FFL.

Not only is his 2a violated, but his 14th amendment as well (due process). HPD is saying he is guilty without having any evidence and Terry must prove his innocence. One is supposed to be innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

Attys Alan Beck and Kevin O'Grady are representing Terry.

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A few gun stores have posted about this. But, HPD will no longer email the PTA to you.  IMO, violation of the Yukutake settlement as emailed PTA's for firearms.

State law never required the serial number for PTA, but HPD went above and beyond to require them.
Firearms and Accessories / Lightning Elite OTF Knife
« on: May 31, 2024, 09:23:37 AM »

I got this and when it arrived, the blade is pretty dull.  Not a big deal is it's a $35 knife, but other knives I bought for the same price, and some even less, always had sharp blades.

I will have to sharpen this one.
General Discussion / Legit websites that sell knvies
« on: May 20, 2024, 10:21:00 AM »
Since OTF knives are now legal, what are some legit websites for knives in general?  I know little  about knives because I never looked into them.  I googled, but unsure which are legit sites that won't screw you.  I mean, there's Amazon, but like TQ's, I'm cautious for this kind of stuff.

Also  learned a little about OTF, there's double and single action. So this is a whole new culture to learn.

I got my folding knives form the CRKT factory when Mrs. CMO was there.  They gave her 50% off, so we got a few.
HB2342 Effective Immediately
The governor signed into law HB2342 which
Allows the addition of a felony charge if a person carries or uses a firearm while committing a misdemeanor offense (not including HRS 134 or safe storage)
Removes the 4 year hunters education training requirement to obtain a long gun permit to acquire.  Basically hunters education no longer expires to obtain a long gun.
Removes the prohibition of carrying or transporting butterfly/switchblade knives, and other deadly or dangerous weapons (swords, brass knuckles, etc).  Open carry only, concealed carry is prohibited.  Electric guns and batons are excepted, can be carried concealed or open.

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General Discussion / Is Mike Glover screwed?
« on: May 13, 2024, 12:07:43 PM »
He was arrested for domestic violence.  His gf's statement in the police report sounds sketchy.  I mean, who locks the door when giving their child a bath?  But Mike messed up to by having a friend contact her during the no contact order. And did so by telling his friend this over the jail phone (all calls are recorded).

He already had to surrender all his guns and ammo for violating the no contact order.  But if found guilty of DV, then he could lose his 2A right.  I'm sure he will fight this to the end due to him losing his 2A right.  As in no plea deal.

It will be interesting to see how this will play out.  There are 2 sides to every story.  Except his violation of the no contact order.

He has been outspoke on the feds ever since his preppers group was designated a domestic terrorist org.  His vids also mention other sketchy things the feds do and stuff overseas.  I wonder if this was their way to silence him.  Kicking in his door would be very dangerous, so would pulling him over in his car.  So go thru the gf to slowly get him in a bad spot.
General Discussion / Byrna
« on: May 02, 2024, 08:38:42 AM »
HHN had a story about Byrna HI is the #1 sales in the world for the item.  They sold over 5,000 since they opened 2 years ago.

They have a wall of letters/emails/reviews that were sent to them on how it protected someone.  I may go by to read this.

It's shows how sad HI is on crime that we became the #1 seller of the item in the world.  Or maybe since our CCW process is so hard, other state residents choose to carry a real gun instead.  I know of 1 gun store who supports these madda fakkas who set up the CCW policies.
General Discussion / AG 2023 Firearm report
« on: April 30, 2024, 06:59:01 PM »

Most ccw holders are Fililino.

10% open/ccw are female

15 illegal guns consfiscated by HPD. Short barrel rilfes, short barrel shotguns.

1 SBR on maui.

1 unserialized rifle on oahu.

2.2% of permits to acquire are denied.

0 ccw apps denied on oahu.

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General Discussion / Comrade Mayor Rick is the reason for CCW delays
« on: April 16, 2024, 07:30:53 AM »
He said at a Townhall meeting in Wahiawa that he told Logan to be aggressive with approving CCW's.  He also states that "we're following the Bruen ruling".
Legal and Activism / C&C of Honolulu wants to sue gun manufactorers
« on: April 12, 2024, 09:42:05 AM »

Just like how the state pased a law, city trying to pass an ordinance.

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Legal and Activism / WA mag ban upheld in 88 minutes
« on: April 10, 2024, 11:47:24 AM »
A Washington (state) federal judge ruled their mag ban is unconstitutional.  It took 88 mins for the WA Supreme Court to say it is constitutional and void this judges ruling (issued a stay).

The WA judge wrote a 55 page ruling on the why and details and it took 88 mins for WASC to read that and read any supporting documents/case law.

This ruling wasn't made by any of the WASC judges, but instead a chamber clerk.  Theis clerk is allowed to make decisions without the judges.  This is typically used when convicts file frivolous lawsuits that are very poorly written, no lawyer, and cannot even put a comprehensible sentence together.  The reasoning this 1 person has this authority/power is to not clog up the justice system by wasting judges time.  So a HUGE issue like this, I guess was treated as the same.
General Discussion / Kauai Chief lost his gun for a 2nd time.
« on: April 02, 2024, 06:11:56 PM »
Found in the restroom stall again. Another officer found it.

What would happen if a ccw holder did this...

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