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I finally got my reloading kit in now my question is what is the best place to get powder and primers for the .50 Beowulf? I’m don’t have a clue what I’m about to get into so any information or suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Aloha


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I don’t reload for this round so my comments are going to be general here.

After a review it appears that Hodgdon Lil Gun, IMR 4227 and Alliant 2400 are the stars for the lighter bullets approximately 250gr/300gr up to about 350gr/375gr. Some mentions of H110 for lighter bullets as well. Above 375gr the go to powder seems to be Alliant Reloader 7. I am a Hodgdon/IMR fan for most of my reloading, the Alliant powders are excellent. I just got into Hodgdon powders during the shortage period due to Hodgdon being the only powder I could get most of the time. Before 2008 I mostly used IMR and Alliant powders. I used a lot of the old standards made by Alliant like 2400.

The data I provided below uses CCI #350 LPP Magnum. This is the only LPP I used in my magnum loads.

Here are the recommended powders and loading data from Alexander Arms:


Generally speaking YG’s have mostly had the best prices except the fishing supply store has good prices as well (I forgot their name). But YG’s has the best selection.