NRA Pistol Instructor Course June 4th/17th (Read 923 times)


NRA Pistol Instructor Course June 4th/17th
« on: May 05, 2023, 09:10:58 PM »
I'm teaching a NRA Pistol Instructor course with BIT in Kapolei. Cost is $250, and discounts available for HIFICO or HRA members, and for those doing a lot of 2A activism and volunteering. This course is rarely offered in Hawaii and the next time I'm offering it is for Hilo in the Fall.

Register at:

Prerequisites: NRA Basic Pistol 8 hour course (provide proof of completion), have a variety of firearms experience (such as training classes, armed professional, competition, engagement and volunteering, etc.), and pass the pre-qualification test

June 4 8am to 2:30pm - NRA Basic Instructor Training, Kapolei
June 17 8am to 6:30pm - NRA Pistol Instructor Class, Kapolei
You may skip the BIT if you have already taken it within the past 2 years and provide me with proof of completion.

If you still need to take the NRA Basic Pistol 8 hour course, I am teaching it on May 20-21st and it will be an extra charge. Or you can take it with another instructor and provide me with the completion certificate.
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