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The other day going west on the H-1, I saw several patriots waving Trump flags over the Aiea overpass.

One day America will be Great again.
Political Discussion / Re: We have a new HPD Chief
« Last post by QUIETShooter on Today at 01:11:34 PM »
If you had a dog that looked like Susan Ballard, would you shave its ass and make him walk backwards?

Lol!  For me I wouldn't bother.  Walking forward.  Walking backward.  It's still an ass.......
Political Discussion / Re: The British are coming...
« Last post by groveler on Today at 12:37:18 PM »
I don't expect Harry to understand the 1a. But Piers Morgan mentioned he knows of it's importance.  England has a law about photoing the royal family within so many feet for non-royal events (like at the beach or walking down the street).  Compared to the paparazzi here who swarm celebrities.
The law didn't work for Kate's Teat photos.
Political Discussion / Re: The COVID Cult
« Last post by Glasser on Today at 12:30:32 PM »
"as science figures things out"

The CDC flat out ignored all studies that didn't fit their personal political desires. Japan had a big study od actual ACTIVE COVID 'clusters' almost a year ago that showed Bat Flu transmission rates outdoors were almost nil but indoor 'locked down' were something like 20x higher.  Completely ignored by Fauci and friends.
Political Discussion / Re: The COVID Cult
« Last post by macsak on Today at 12:18:58 PM »
Nitpicking guidance changes as science figures stuff out.   Though they should see if covid was the pushing over point for the death before ruling what type of death it was.

"as science figures things out"
they've had the data since august 2020...
Optics Guide 417 - FFP vs SFP Scopes

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Nothing From Nothing - Billy Preston

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Political Discussion / Re: The COVID Cult
« Last post by Glasser on Today at 12:02:41 PM »
10 year old kid just wrecking the hoax flu and the teachers unions bullshit. I can't wait til he learns about 2A.

Political Discussion / Re: The COVID Cult
« Last post by changemyoil66 on Today at 11:38:45 AM »
Since the testing positive jig  is up, they need people to get sick by the new strains so they can keep the status going. This way they can push booster shots for as long as they can and make $ on them.  If the numbers go down like how they are in free states, then the need for a booster is reduced.  Combine that with the new testing threshold, cases will still fall.

So the CDC made that statement knowing the OG shot will not work anymore and they want people to gather and go back to normal and get sick. 

If people like Maddow is accepting the new CDC mask and distance guidance, then you gotta question it.

People have better hygiene now (hand washing and not licking fingers), so that's probably why cases have dropped in free states.  I used to catch the flu every year.  All the time, I thought it was from the gym.  But 1 day I started to wash my hands as soon as I get into the office. There is a sink next to the entrance.  I haven't caught the flu in about 5 years now.  Which to me means I was not catching it from the gym like I thought, but form the parking garage, into the lobby and then into the elevator.  So the hand washing as soon as I got thru the office door helped.

Reloading / WTB 9mm Hollow Point heads
« Last post by CM on Today at 11:24:54 AM »
Looking to buy a couple hundred heads of any one has any to spare. It for my Glock.
I would be open to trade too if you want

I have:
124gn flat
115gn round
135gn round
147gr flat

Or boxes of:

PMC Bronze 115gn rn
AE 147gn fp

Thanks in advance
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