March Schedule **March 1st-18th** (Read 1613 times)


March Schedule **March 1st-18th**
« on: February 27, 2018, 01:33:59 PM »
Hey Folks,

Just a quick update on our March schedule:

March 1:Open 9-6
March 2-4 Kawaii Kon @ Hawaii Convention Center
March 5: Open 9-6
March 6-14: Closed
March 15-16 Open 9-6
March 17-18 HHAA Gun Show @ Blaisdell Exhibition Hall
March 19-31 Open Regular schedule

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Re: March Schedule **March 1st-18th**
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"The rifle is a weapon. Let there be no mistake about that. It is a tool of power, and thus dependent completely upon the moral stature of its user. It is equally useful in securing meat for the table, destroying group enemies on the battlefield, and resisting tyranny. In fact, it is the only means of resisting tyranny, since a citizenry armed with rifles simply cannot be tyrannized."
-Jeff Cooper


Re: March Schedule **March 1st-18th**
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MR. NERD to you! 8)
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