HIFICO 2019 Legislature Firearms Bills (Read 31069 times)


Re: HIFICO 2019 Legislature Firearms Bills
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Veto list was released, the 2 gun bills are not on it so it will pass signed or unsigned.  https://governor.hawaii.gov/newsroom/latest-news/office-of-the-governor-news-release-airbnb-among-20-bills-on-governor-iges-intent-to-veto-list/
So he ignored my 21 emails sent in the last two months?  :wtf: I'm so surprised!  :rofl:

Thanks zippz for tracking down this info.  :shaka:


Re: HIFICO 2019 Legislature Firearms Bills
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The last firearms related bill was signed last friday, SB600 "under 21" became Act  257.  It joins SB1466 "Red Flag" Act 150 and HB720 "Lost, Stolen, Destroyed"  Act 23.

This concludes the 2019 Legislative session.  HIFICO will be planning for 2020.
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