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Town Hall Waikiki/Ward
« on: March 17, 2021, 08:47:53 AM »
So had the town hall last night with Adrian Tam (rep), Sharon Moriwaki (sen), and Tommy Waters (city consul).

Asked Sharon how many votes does it take for her to listen to the people and vote no on a bill.  Gave the 1100 vs. 19 for SB301. She deflected for about 2 minutes explaining how the process works.  But in the end she pretty much got at the # of testimony doesn't matter cause they can be spammed.  So she will take with a grain of salt and do what she feels is right. 

Then Tam chimed in and mentioned compromises.

Pretty much what I expected, but I wanted those listening on the zoom to hear that she does what she feels and not what the people.


Re: Town Hall Waikiki/Ward
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So much for "representing" the people.

Vote their "conscience", i.e. wallet
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