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Re: Announcement 9mm & 5.56 in stock
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When I go back to around 2013 posts here, X-Ring is in most people's lists of best LGS to spend your money with.

They had Speedy then.
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Re: Announcement 9mm & 5.56 in stock
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They had Speedy then.

Yeah, he was cool. Anybody know what happened to him?


Re: Announcement 9mm & 5.56 in stock
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Also, you get cash-back rebates the more you shop at the warehouses.

Anyway, the point is, there is a financial benefit to being a Sam's or Costco member.  With X-Ring, I just don't see any added value for the customer to pay for a membership.

Having said that, I do know there are laws that allow certain businesses to operate as a member's only club.  Not sure what the advantages are, but I remember needing to join Pets Discount Warehouse to shop there.  I just checked Dog Trainer on the application, and got my membership card.  No membership fee!!

Agreed. The cash back is awesome at sams. The amount i spend, i save on avg, 40-60  bucks a week at sams rather than walmart. Since walmart doesnt charge memebership each item i get is 1 to 2 dollars more. And tbh the amount i spend yearly, the cash back i get pays my membership and more. So it pretty good.

Anyways, i also went there once and couldnt buy anything so i sat outside when my friends shopped. And tbh i think they were just there for the girl. Lol. Dont recall if they bought anything or not.