John Lott on Constitutional Carry (aka permitless carry) (Read 298 times)


John Lott on Constitutional Carry (aka permitless carry)
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John Lott on constitutional carry. Could Hawaii be any further from the Constitution re the Second Amendment? Well, of course they could, but they might be in or near first place depending on how you weight specific unconstitutional provisions... is "no carry" worse than "no mags over 10 rounds for any gun "? etc. smh.

I testified before the Texas House Homeland Security & Public Safety Committee on Constitutional Carry [1] , and the two bills on it passed by 6-to-3 votes. Twenty states have now adopted Constitutional Carry [2]. It is now possible to walk from West Virginia to Idaho and from the Mexican to the Canadian borders and carry a concealed handgun without a permit. Four states have now passed the bills this year, and serious efforts are underway to pass bills in Texas, Louisiana, and Nebraska. One America News interviewed me about the national movement [3].

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His Texas senate judiciary committee testimony on youtube: