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This is 1 thing I don't agree with Dinesh on.  I think it's because Asians, especially the older ones are easy targets. Then add in that many older ones do not fully embrace the 2a.  So no worry about Asian being strapped.  I have seen Asians also attacked in free states and I wonder why they weren't strapped.  Could be immigration status, but I'm also saying not in their culture.

But now Asians (kids) are getting strapped. They are learning quickly what voting blue or not voting does.  Many blue cities in CA/NY denying CCW/OC permits. 

I got a friend in CA who was denied a CCW permit, so bought a shotgun instead.  His house was burglarized once while he was sleeping.  He bought the shotty and they came back.  He drew it, but didn't fire. So far it's been months since they came a 3rd time.

Asians being targeted is really nothing new, this has been happening for years. It's just the media is only now choosing to report on it and call it racism.  They got the black vote, now they want the Asian vote. Problem is that we're too smart to fall for the fake news propoganda. The comments on asian IG pages call out DNC run cities that these happen a lot in.


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As an example... Andy Ngo
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I think blacks have more money. i.e. Sean Combs. JayZ and Beyonce. BET. Hardly any successful Asian rappers. No. BTS dont count.


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Some ethnic groups are just fucking lazy.

Not all of them.  But enough to put them as a group on the lower tiers as far as success goes.

I don't get the envy thing.  If two different ethnic groups started off poor but one group values hard work, perseverance, and discipline while the other group scams the welfare system, buys bling bling, $500 sneakers, and spends their money on hookers and blow....

Well, like I said, I don't get the envy thing.  The Good Book says, "You reap what you sow......"

One shouldn't envy others of good fortune when you do stupid things.
Sometimes you gotta know when to save your bullets.


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Re: he said it out loud
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One theory is that society needs an underclass in order to threaten the workers into participation. Workers who can unite and collectively bargain make it difficult for elitists to screw them over, and fear of falling into the underclass keeps them motivated as well as gives everyone something to fight about (culture war) in order to distract their attention.

Systemic racism is real, but not like they talk about on the left. Policies like Planned Parenthood run by unapologetic eugenicists, welfare to work programs that destroyed families by forcing them to travel long distances, and most recently the replacement of Black American communities with an invasion of illegal immigrants are all part of a covert war to make sure that a significant number of them can never rise above their station.

When Black Americans are allowed to get together and cooperate unmolested they create strong healthy communities like Black Wall Street.

Someone decided we cant have that.