General predicts ‘QUIET EXIT’ of military members dissatisfied with far-left pol (Read 222 times)



Dont worry all the patriotic testosterone fueled folks retiring will be replaced by blue haired  soy hipsters who will put their lives on the line to prevent Global Warming by engaging in Global Conflicts. Join the Army, Travel the World, Meet Interesting People and Sniff their Children.

U.S. ARMY: "In line with the President and the Secretary of Defense’s direction, the Army is prioritizing climate change considerations in its threat picture..."


I'd rather have a bottle in front of me, than a frontal lobotomy.



In my youth I had determined I wanted a career in the military.
I had Military academy nominations, but life happened, so I went in enlisted.
I was working on getting a degree catch as catch can, and then Carter happened.
Two years of that asshole and that was it.
I was one of the youngest if not the youngest E5 in the USAF.
My re-enlistment bonus would have been $10,000( fair amount of money in 1978).
I got the fuck out.
With the "Woke" military Democrats are pushing, I would not recommend any young
man or woman to go into the military today.
As a civilian I don't trust any of the top "brass".
and I learned what a pain it is to accommodate the special "women" in a unit.
Democrats are playing checkers in a world that is an expert in Chess.
Plan accordingly.  Democrats will destroy the USA,  what will you do to survive?


I saw the vid, he didn't even have a mag inserted.
I noticed that also.
However, way too many people don't know much about guns.
and to be honest my AK clone with a 5 shot magazine looks
like there is no magazine inserted.