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Anyone here ever try bowfishing?  I was up in Kona for a class and one of the guys told me to check out Elite Hunters down in Kailua.  The owner is super cool and down to earth.  Definitely check them out if you're up there.  He sells guns and ammo too, but most of his stuff is geared towards archers.

Anyways he got me all pumped up about bowfishing by showing pictures of monster uhus and palanis the guys up there were picking up.  I rigged up my recurve bow to do some fishing, but I live on Oahu.  Anyone here got any suggestions on where to go on Oahu?  I was thinking Mokuleia, Kaena Point or eastside along the cliffs when its calm?  Maybe chum and see what comes up?  Are there any legal issues I would need to be concerned with here on Oahu?  I'm afraid people would think I'm some kind of crazy running around with a threatening weapon.


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I've tried bowfishing around Oahu, but it is not very productive. There are not many big fish worth shooting at when I have a bow in my hands

You are pretty correct in assuming that people panic at the sight of a bowfisher in highly populated areas. Most times you will get hassled by both the public and the police because they do not know the fishing regs. Stay away from areas that you can be arrested for possessing a "deadly weapon".


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Reviving an old thread as I’m am currently rigging a cheap recurve bow for bowfishing and shits and giggles.
Thinking of trying Waialua.
Any other areas with a rock shelf and not too much wave action ?
China Walls to Portlock might be good but almost guarantee hassles.
Maybe the Makapuu side of Allen Davis.
Might just go for tilapia where Aiea\Halawa stream meets Pearl Harbor. Would be in a public park though.
Never thought about it being a deadly weapon…and how the cops might react.

Anyone doing it ?


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Use to do it alot growing up on Maui. I took choke Uhu's. If you lucky you can nail them when they right below the surface. Most times gotta aim lower cause the light refraction.