Gout , Diabetes, Cancer and more ! (Read 987 times)


Re: Gout , Diabetes, Cancer and more !
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regardless of types of diets; sugar in all its forms seem to affect a lot of things negatively. that's the main thing i'm cutting out.

Fructose: An important player in the development of gout
While fructose in naturally occurring amounts is relatively benign, research has shown that higher intakes of fructose may mediate many of the abnormalities seen in the metabolic syndrome, including elevated triglycerides, due to increases in uric acid production. (7) A recent study confirmed the uric acid–elevating potential of fructose ingestion, both by producing excess uric acid and reducing its excretion in the urine. (8)

While some uric acid in the blood is normal, providing a level of antioxidant protection, excess uric acid is a pro-oxidant and the major causative factor for gout. Some researchers even suggest that this excess uric acid in the blood is a major factor in the development of insulin resistance and metabolic diseases. (9) So if you’re avoiding excess fructose consumption from high fructose corn syrup and excess sucrose (table sugar), you’ll be at a lower risk for gout that someone who’s washing their burger down with a can of coke.


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Re: Gout , Diabetes, Cancer and more !
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I been helping people with Diabetes, High Blood Pressure and Cancer for years. call me if you need help.
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Re: Gout , Diabetes, Cancer and more !
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my doc's been monitoring my test results for a few years. she was especially concerned about me going on a keto diet and even tested(twice) my carotid arteries for build up since starting my diet and have no issues. lol! she's kinda baffled at my test results from where i was, to where i am now.

if you were on a similar diet, it may not be a ketogenic diet. a lot of people say it's the same as a paleo or atkins but, can tell you it is far from it. i test my pee with ketostix daily to check my ketone levels. you wouldn't get the same results on an atkins or paleo. ketosis is way different.    :shaka:

I've heard about the same concerns from doctors working on faulty data.  I've been on Keto since January and so far I've lost 30 pounds and my high blood pressure is now normal without any meds. 
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Re: Gout , Diabetes, Cancer and more !
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Thanks for sharing those links, I must say that I've learned a lot.