"Academic" confirmation: "Never let a crisis go to waste". (Read 1049 times)


"Academic" confirmation: "Never let a crisis go to waste".
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An "academic" paper has been published that basically confirms the Rahm Emanuel trope "Never let a crisis go to waste", i.e. immediately following some traumatic event is the best time to attempt to politically capitalize on it, which is part of the published playbook of the leftists re "mass public shootings", or even non-mass "public shootings". The brief article has links to the original article, which is free to download.


The best time to talk about gun control is right after a shooting

Overall, the University of Kansas researchers conclude, anxiety leads to “a marked decline in ideological division.” In other words: post-shooting anxiety seemed to close the gap between liberal and conservative beliefs on gun regulation.

It’s not clear how long this effect would last after the initial shooting, but it suggests that the days immediately following a shooting might be the time people feel most compelled to act on gun legislation. [Which by "gun legislation" they mean "any legislation that will restrict access to firearms", and by "act" they mean "take any action to further restrict access to firearms".] And after that, we’re all the more likely to go back to our polarized corners.

Study: http://journals.sagepub.com/doi/pdf/10.1177/2053168018794060


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No paper needed to conclude this.  Look at the Newtown shooting. Obama, Biden and Diane Feinstein, along with all the other gun control congress-critters, jumped on that event to leverage the emotional response for a new and "improved" Assault Weapons Ban before a single solid fact was reported.

It's basic human nature to have emotional reactions to horrific, unexplainable events.  Liberals never miss a chance to preach from anyone's grave to push their agenda regardless of the issue.
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I need some new conspiracy theories. All my old ones turned out to be true.

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3 words....


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Should have read your post before starting a new one on the same thing.

The bastards are planning something, bet $$ on it.

We will be revisiting this subject soon.