S&W 627 PC snubnose vs Ruger GP100 Wiley Clapp 357 magnum (Read 316 times)


S&W 627 PC snubnose vs Ruger GP100 Wiley Clapp 357 magnum
« on: February 21, 2022, 09:28:20 PM »

each are built to be a carry 357 magnum revolver. either one is a great choice.  juist depends on your intended use which one is better for you
S&W 627 https://www.smith-wesson.com/product/model-627?sku=170133
GP100 WC https://www.ruger.com/products/gp100/specSheets/1753.html
MSRP is S&W $1150.  Ruger MSRP $926. fluctuates with market, moreso with the Ruger seems to be with actual sales price
S&W is stock except for Altamont grip which is slightly larger than the factory grip. but looks way better
GP100 is stock except for rear sight upgrade to adjustable Novak sight and Wolff trigger/hammer springs which are slightly lighter than stock
did some test rounds with 357 and 38sp with each firearm factory ammo and some handloads of WC and LSWC
Accuracy was about the same.  aboutr 3" groups from a rest at 25 yards. although ammo was limited to factory Blazer 38sp 125 grain and American Eagle 158 grain 357 magnum at the time of testing, did not test accuracy with my handloads
trigger in DA is slightly better with the GP100, SA is better with the S&W
shootability is better with the GP100 with heavier 357 loads. the grips on the GP100 are able to take the recoil better. to me, the GP100 grips just feel more comfortable  the S&W gets sore on the web of my right hand bc its just steel and wood against my hand with American Eagle ammo, with my handloads doesn't make a difference

here's the breakdown of the comparison:
overall size:  S&W is a N frame so it's larger.  GP100 is more of a medium frame.  but if you have smaller hands, probably neither with be a good fit for you
weight:  the S&W is only about an ounce heavier so weight is a tie
grips:  I give it to the GP100. more comfortable, slightly smaller, able to tolerate hotter loads with better recoil mitigation. trigger reach is better with the Ruger for me bc i have more of a medium hands, if you have larger hands might not make a difference
sights:  i give it a tie.  with the GP100 upgrade to adjustable rear novak sight, both are about the same.  GP100 front sight is brass bead, S&W front sight is red ramp.  both rear are adjustable, although stock the GP is not adjustable
trigger:  this is where I was pleasantly surprised.  I did an average of 5 pulls each in DA and SA with my Lyman triigger pull gauge.  GP in DA is average of 8lbs 13.6oz; SA 3lbs 5.4oz.  S&W in DA is average of 9lbs 5.9oz; SA 1 lbs 2.2oz.  DA the GP is better, SA the S&W is better.  in defensive combat you won't use SA. with the trigger spring upgrade, i give the the trigger advangtage to the GP100
shootability:  I give the advantage to the GP.  can shoot hotter loads with less felt recoil
reloading ability: advantage goes to the S&W due to the ability to use moonclips
capacity:  edge goes to the S&W with the 8 rounds. Ruger has the standard 6 rounds

winner:  it's a tie. IMO, it mostly depends on your hand size, larger hands the S&W may be your choice.  medium hands GP100 may be your choice. if you have smaller hands neither may be your choice.  If you need higher capacity and the ability to reload faster, then the S&W will get the nod.  if you need a 357 that can handle hotter loads, then the GP100 will get the nod.  maybe for a rural area, the GP may be better.  for a urban scenario that needs higher capacity and reload faster, the 627 may be better. 
but like I said earlier, both are great and badass snubnose/short barrel 357's.  can't go wrong with either one.   :thumbsup: :thumbsup: