Hunting axis deer (Read 185 times)


Hunting axis deer
« on: May 08, 2022, 06:48:09 PM »
Are axis deer in Hawaii a draw tag only ?
Can I just buy tags and go hunt without a guide ?


Re: Hunting axis deer
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Its a bit complicated. There are lots of axis on maui and molokai, but mostly on private land so you need to have written permission. Hard to get. No tags needed, no season, no limit. Molokai has a big outbreak of Bovine Tuberculosis too.

Lanai has many deer too, and about 30000 acres is leased by the state as a public land hunting area. Those deer hunts are by drawing and you have to buy tags.  Best bet is to hunt the private side of Lanai and pay a day fee, no tags required and you can shoot 3 a day,  and schedule it pretty much whenever you want.  No guide needed. Google Pulama Lanai hunting Lanai. Archery is very inexpensive, muzzleloader or shotgun is not bad. Rifle is a bit more spendy.
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