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Anytime! Agree, such a sad time it is right now for those of us that shoot, hunt and reload etc. Never thought I'd see the day primers, powder, brass was literally non existent! And when it does become in-stock its gone in less than 5 min!! Yup true story so much is timing lol But yeah I try to help when and where can bcuz I've been in that boat and I believe what goes around comes around.

I'm 99.9% sure you'll be super happy with your setups! I've had a few defiance/bartlein combos and they were all lasers. My daughters 6XC is on a defiance with a 7 twist M24 contour bartlein in a KMW Sentinel stock.. Going to have him do 3 more barrels for it so I can just change it up myself. Same here brother, always learning!

If you need anything just lmk

Awesome!  Appreciate it!  Yup, I very much believe that what goes around comes around.   :shaka:

I'm sure I'll be happy with the setup.  At least I'm 100% sure that the setup is capable of more than my capabilities, so plenty of room for working on the dummy behind the gun, and in the reloading room.   ;D  For my .308 and 6.5 CM, I decided to jump right in.  At least with the .308 and get shooting with what I believe is close to a top notch setup, at least for what my interests are.  I thought about going with a less expensive action, but for the price difference, I just went with the Ruckus.  I was actually interested in another Defiance action, but after some discussion with my gun builder, I went with Ruckus.  I really do think that in that realm of custom actions (Defiance, Curtis, Impact, and more) that really can't go wrong.  That and I am not set on any one way or style that what I jump into first will become normal.  At least that's how things were with my other ventures into firearms with handguns, ARs, etc. 


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Lol for sure, it usually boils down to who's behind the gun. And yes as you said in that realm you can't go wrong. Usually boils down to small details in what the individual wants in their action and barrel.

Looking forward to hear of your new toys  :shaka:

Aloha bro


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The madness behind the machines. The mental game is the hardest part to play!!!!!

Shot straight and keep them small!!!!

One day we show rigs!!!! 
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Finally got it up and running.... a few groups after break in shots...

Picked a random powder load and screwed around with seating depth.

I guess the cartridge is easy to tune...