As a Prepper, what led to your belief that we will experience a SHTF event? (Read 148 times)


This is a video which contains some signs, when linked together, provide a hint of what will happen soon.

The author addresses the concept of a "tipping point." Back when Lee Childs was still writing novels about (fictional character) Jack Reacher, Lee wrote one book with the title, Tripwire. If event A was followed by event D, the main antagonist would exit from his normal, safe hiding spot. The first tripwire (for me) was 9/11. The collapse of the twin Towers nearly killed a member of my family. It was time to get out of Dodge. Last month, a spooky guy who looked like Bob in Twin Peaks, showed up at my door.

This wiki page covers the story of Bob (do not read if you do not wish to be exposed to spoilers).
Natural disasters are only one component of a SHTF event. Dangerous people are far worse. This is why it is impossible to own too much ammo, or too many weapons. Stay safe, and don't be a victim.