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Cz scorpion evo carbine
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Just had a semi heated conversation with an FFL telling me the gun I sent to him was illegal, and he has to send it back. I ordered a scorpion evo carbine with faux can, he’s telling me the barrel is only 5” and the can is 9” making it a pistol. I keep telling him the barrel doesn’t end where the can starts. I also showed him a pic of the same gun for sale locally, and a screen shot of a guy  on the big island from YouTube with his hand guard removed. You can clearly see where the barrel starts. I told him my co-worker and brother in law have the same gun. He finally agreed that it is a 16.2 barrel after reading online the can is fake. I know he’s doing his job and making sure it’s legal. Just ranting. I’m impatient and can’t wait till I pick it up.


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Another example of why it's so important for the gun buyers and owners to know and understand the laws of this fabulous state, the feds and the ATF's guidance.

I'm guessing this was a local Hawaii FFL?  Maybe he was angry you didn't buy or order the gun from him!   :popcorn:

I bet he's lost your future business to some degree, huh?
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That's a cool PCC :thumbsup:


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Yes local FFL, first time using him super nice guy.  Yes  I will definitely not  use them again. My go to FFL restarted doing transfers now that Covid numbers are down.


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Braddah, there are so few Hawaii gun dealers who will accept shipments from sellers on,, or Gallery of Guns, that you need to be really kind and understanding to them. This means you might have to go into their stores and personally disassemble a weapon to determine barrel size, verify that a compensator is not a suppressor, prove that a shotgun is not a sawed-off variant, etc.
I have also discovered that these dealers do not like it if you show up a few hours after they get a package delivered with your name on the inside. Wait until they phone you, and are prepared to issue a bill of sale. This could take up to three days. It is what it is. I realize that, as a buyer, you might want to take possession of (say) a rifle on the same day it is delivered, but so does every other Tom, Dick or Harry.