oppose HB2125 Harassment of an Educational Worker; Misdemeanor; DOE; BOE. (Read 243 times)



HB-2125 is not about safety, we wish it was. No, HB-2125 is about criminalizing parental involvement in their keiki’s education. HB-2125 is a warning to parents, tutus, aunties, uncles, if you have a problem with what the Hawaii education oligarchs are teaching, introducing and exposing our keiki to, tough, keep it to yourself or risk a possible $2,000 in fines or up to one year in jail. HB-2125 is about turning neighbor against neighbor, but that’s the plan. Keep us all divided, so bit by bit, we don’t realize they're chipping away at our parental rights, freedoms, and liberties; while indoctrinating our keiki.
Deeds Not Words


concerned parents being labeled as domestic terrorists ...