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I am resisting yet another caliber to have to keep on hand.  .45 ACP pistols just do not come anywhere near that small.


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Awesome review

I like the idea of a beefier grip module. I felt that the length of pull to the trigger was too close for me when I tried out a p365. Grip feels too small, felt to me it made the gun feel much snappier on recoil, as my firing grip didn’t feel as secure as I like.  Might have to relook at this with an after market grip, when CCW happens (if) …..


I got the Wilson Combat grip module with manual safety for the SIG P365.
It has the beefier grip module that I think you want.
With the WC grip it probably feels close to the Hellcat subcompact pistol.

I got the WC tungsten rods for the WC grip, and it gives it heft like a all-metal compact 45acp.
See link below, Reply #159:

For me, it's for Kokohead with the WC grip and tungsten rods at 25 yards, but for CCW I'm going with the standard SIG grip.

For you, the WC grip may be what you are looking for - little bit more meat but not too much for CCW.
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I plan in the near future on buying a full size standard P320.  I want a range toy.

But the P365 was bought for one reason and 1 reason only:  Self defense. :thumbsup:
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got my grip module from Fdez Werx
its a factory Sig grip module with cerakote woodland camo design.  I would love to get one in Tiger stripe camo, but woodland is good too
install was super easy just one punch pin to remove and the grip module comes right off
I like how it looks.  function is the same as factory
only downside was the lead time.  on their website says 2-3 weeks for multi color cerakote job, but mine took more like 5-6 weeks.  I guess nowadays things take longer
but overall I'm pleased with the new grip module.  gives it a little more character   :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


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Nice!   :thumbsup:

Just don't drop it in leaves/tall grass!   :rofl: :geekdanc:
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