Ruger American pistol & TruGlo TFX pro sights, FO/tritium (Read 465 times)


Ruger American pistol & TruGlo TFX pro sights, FO/tritium
« on: September 23, 2022, 07:37:00 AM »
I had the pistol for several years now, and its a good pistol, nothing special.  its a relatively cheap gun, but works well.  it's the full size Ruger American Pistol in 45acp
plus side is I never had any problems with it, solid reliability.  would make a great HD or full size defensive pistol
the factory 3 dot sights are sort of ho-hum to me.  good enuff but could be better

recently got these TruGlo TFX Pro sights (fiber optic/tritium night sight.  rear are tritium, front is fiber optic/tritium) and installed on the Ruger American Pistol.  used this no name sight pusher from amazon or ebay, I forget exactly, but works good.  just need to be careful to keep everything really straight so it pushes the sight in straight, especially the front sight.  I've bent ones before or broke the tritium night sight capabilities with it before, but I learned to make extra care to keep everything straight in the sight pusher
I like how it turned out. the orange front fiber optic is easy to see in daylight, and the tritium night sights are bright in the dark. although the pics are hard to see in the dark bc hard to focus on both front and back sights at the same time in the dark
I think Kimber uses these sights on some of their better 1911's, or at least looks the same

now just need to test it