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Legal and Activism / Re: koko head shooting complex maintenance
« on: January 27, 2012, 12:11:43 PM »
I work on mostly union jobs. I hear it all the time about "others" doing similar working taking their jobs away. That is the common thread amongst union loyalists.

For instance working at my present location the iron workers were offered the opportunity to do some steel cutting and minor welding. This was additional work beyond the scope of their contract. They foreman turned down the work for whatever reason. So the contractor used a carpenter to do the cutting and welding. The employees of the steel company were threatening to strike because the carpenter was taking away work that is traditionally for iron workers. Even though they knew that was work they were not going to do they almost walked off the job. In order to make peace the contractor brought in a competing steel company to finish the work and everyone was happy.

I would think if we tried to make repairs without everyone's knowledge the unions would scream we are taking away their work. Even if the work will never be scheduled for them to do.

One possibility is to get  the carpenter's and plumber's union involved in a "charitable" event to fix the facilities? They can then wave their PR/Publicity flags all they want.

Heres an idea...

If we can get union workers to volunteer their time to fix the range, we gun owners can volunteer our weapons to a "Thank you union workers range day"
Maybe the local gun shops can donate some ammo so the volunteers can have a fun day at the range.

I don't know if it's feasible, just an idea.

Sounds reasonable.
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