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General Discussion / Re: Where to find camo spray paint colors?
« on: March 08, 2014, 05:01:00 PM »
Darmok and Jalad @Tanagra - are you here for 2A or to talk about guns?  I see you post on  much more than 2A or guns.....  oddly, I understand your message... sort of however it seems if you were really interested in not supporting "in-fighting" that you could be less abrasive with your comments as well.  Just saying.

If you don't like the way I posed this topic's title, that's not my fault.   It's not derogatory, insulting, or accusatory.  I'm merely asking a question. 

It's interesting that because it came from me, the "usual suspects" feel a need to attack it, while others actually posted reflective responses, and I appreciate that.

The in-fighting is another issue.  The mods are hopefully taking care of that.  I try to take that BS offline to PM rather than hijack threads.  I pleaded for months for the mods to step in, but all I was told was "ignore him" or "if you two can't say anything nice...".

The members who start these fights are only trolling to entertain themselves and everyone else.  So, please don't blame me if I have to defend myself in the public threads from insults and demeaning comments.  I try to take them offline, but I also don't like appearing unable to defend my position when challenged.

KK, BUD, and a few others are in my ignore list because they refuse to treat me with the same courtesy you are apparently asking of me. 

I started this thread to ask a serious question.  If you need me to explain it, PM me.


Legal and Activism / Re: Failure to ID
« on: February 24, 2014, 05:34:00 PM »
Darmok - recently in "off topic" you wrote a post about we being here for 2A or to talk about guns... im just curious how this post relates to 2A or guns as it is posted in legal and activism for 2A? Please articulate

This is not my topic.  Recommend you redirect your question to the OP (suka).


Legal and Activism / Re: Failure to ID
« on: February 24, 2014, 01:32:52 PM »
Here's a sample of why more and more people are filming their encounters with police.  Had the video not surfaced, this man would have been going to prison for years.
Off Topic / Re: Week 2 Peeps Pics
« on: February 24, 2014, 11:47:42 AM »
One thing I didn't like about Keith's comments:  he conceded the recent shootings involved assault rifles,  without correcting the terminology.

Not assault rifles, but semi-automatic rifles the gov't has dubbed "assault WEAPONS".  Assault rifles are select fire/full auto.
Legal and Activism / Re: Failure to ID
« on: February 24, 2014, 10:43:20 AM »
Many people may not be aware, but Hawaii has some of the strongest fourth amendment protections in the entire country.

Unfortunately, I've had more than one friend or coworker tell stories about Hawaii COPs with egos and attitudes.  When you state what your rights are, the COPs often lie straight to your face and try to tell you the exact opposite.  Then they get very angry because you insist that you have a right that keeps them from forcing you to comply.

Case in point:  COPs were called because my buddy followed the lady that opened her car door on his BMW to her house and asked for her insurance info and driver's license.  After he left, a neighbor of hers told her to call the police and report him for threatening her.  Of course, the threatening report was a lie, otherwise the COPs would have just arrested him when they came to his house.  The COPs talked to him in the front yard outside his house.  At some point, after he denied the allegations, the COPs said they were going to arrest him if he bothers her again.  He told them if they come back, they need to bring a warrant, or he'd have them arrested for trespassing.  One COP got really irate, saying he could come on his property any time he wants and there's nothing my friend could do to stop him, warrant or no warrant.

That's just one story of many.  COPs are being trained to use force to make us comply with their orders, regardless of how benign our noncompliance is.  Plenty of video evidence out there on how people are being forced to comply, even killed, when the situation could have been resolved more peacefully without any bloodshed. 

I'm seeing too much evidence of a police state, where compliance is mandatory regardless of your rights, and the consequences are "shoot first, ask questions later."  I'm sure that isn't the majority of LE, but how do you really know if you've met such a COP until it's too late?  I've invested in a dash cam that can record audio & video of the road ahead and the inside of the car.  If I get pulled over, you can bet that lens will be pointed at my driver side window!
Legal and Activism / Re: Failure to ID
« on: February 24, 2014, 10:07:10 AM »
You said that you have experience in this stuff, I'm really starting to wonder what type of agency or entity you could work for that didn't train you properly on this. 
I get the impression his "experience" is not from Law Enforcement's perspective ... 
General Discussion / Re: How many firearms do you bring to the range?
« on: February 24, 2014, 09:55:04 AM »
I try to make it to the range between 11:00 and 12:00.  Seems the morning crowd is leaving for lunch, so finding a spot is easy.

I normally have from 1-3 people with me.  Sometimes I don't even shoot much.  I stand there reload mags and keep an eye on the others particularly if they aren't seasoned shooters.

We'll spend 1 1/2 hours or so on the pistol range, then switch to rifles.  We leave sometime between 3:00 and closing depending on what else we have to do that afternoon.

Number of pistols range from 2 to 4, depending on what others are interested in trying.  I try to not take too many varieties of caliber, because the ammo can get quite heavy.

Number of rifles is usually 2-4.  I always take at least one .22LR and an AR-15.  If someone wants to try a Mosin or my AK-47, I'll bring a 91/30, an M44, and/or my Arsenal AK..

It might take that night and the next night to clean them all, but I don't really mind.  I work on computers all day, so doing something different is relaxing.

I supply all the ammo, do all the prep, make all the targets, haul everything outside and back inside, and do all the cleaning.  Who said doing something for others is supposed to be easy? 

I especially enjoy taking new/not-very-recent shooters out.  They really get a kick out of the Mosins!   >:D
Legal and Activism / Re: Failure to ID
« on: February 24, 2014, 09:19:30 AM »

§291C-172  Refusal to provide identification.

     (a)  Except as provided in subsection (b), any person detained for a violation of this chapter shall provide the person's name and address, or any proof thereof, or both, upon the lawful order or direction of any police officer in the course and scope of the officer's duties pursuant to this chapter.

     (b)  A pedestrian who is detained for violating part VII of this chapter shall provide the person's name and address upon the lawful order or direction of a police officer in the course and scope of the officer's duties.  If the officer has reasonable grounds to believe that the person is being deceptive or misleading in providing the person's name and address, the person shall provide such proof thereof, upon the lawful order or direction of the police officer. [L 1978, c 111, pt of §2; am L 1984, c 215, §1; am L 1995, c 169, §1]

The key word here is "detained."  As I said earlier, if the conversation is consensual, no ID is required (except when driving or flying).  This section specifies you are being detained.  That requires the officer has probable cause you have or are about to commit a crime, in which case you must identify yourself.  To give fake information is a crime in and of itself if detained.

As for the cooler example, NO!  The officer can not assume you have beer in your cooler.  Saying "How do you know he hasn't received a complaint that someone was drinking in the park. Sometimes it easier to just comply"   is ridiculous.  He must have a reasonable suspicion based on an articulable fact WHY he has that suspicion. 

How do you know WHY the COP is asking for ID?  You open your mouth and ASK HIM, "Sir, are you asking because you think I've broken some law?" 

That's not being an a hole.  That's being a well-informed citizen who knows compliance with whatever a policeman tells you to do is NOT required if you are breaking no laws and if the request is not related to safety (like being asked to move your car so approaching emergency vehicles can take your place).  Either he leaves you alone at that point, or he explains what you are doing wrong.  Searching a cooler or detaining you without probable cause is illegal.  COPS have to follow the laws, too.  They can only exceed their legal authority if we allow it.

YOU do whatever makes you feel cooperative.  I'll do what keeps me out of jail by not handing the police a case against myself.  We have the right to not incriminate ourselves.  The only a hole is the one who advocates everyone follow your lead and comply every time when it's the worst possible thing you could do.

If you haven't ever watched this video, it's worth the time.  It's over 48 minutes, and if you don't have that much time or attention span  ;), at least watch the first speaker.  He's much more entertaining than the COP, anyway!

Legal and Activism / Re: Failure to ID
« on: February 23, 2014, 07:54:52 PM »
Here's that link from earlier in this thread....since you failed to read it I'll post again.

Hawaii has no Stop & Identify law.
Legal and Activism / Re: Failure to ID
« on: February 23, 2014, 07:52:24 PM »
Sorry, but again, you give bad advice because you assume, again, that you have a clue. It is, in hawaii against the law to refuse to provide your ID.

I would give you the HRS but since you know everything you can go read the HRS and find it your damn self.

If an officer is asking for your id there is a reason, likely a complaint or you match a description. They are not there for fun because they have better shit to do then talk to you for no reason.

I call BS.  If you had the statute, you would have posted it..

Legal and Activism / Re: Failure to ID
« on: February 23, 2014, 07:42:12 PM »
Yes you need to present an ID to an officer if so requested. You can be arrested for failure to present ID upon lawful request.

Describe "lawful request".  It doesn't include all circumstances.

Failure to present ID won't get you arrested, because that's not against the law here.  But lying about your identity will.  They can DETAIN you until they verify your identity.

And it's not illegal to be out without an ID unless engaging in driving or flying commercially.
I'll believe it when I see it. Sadly I think there are plenty of americans who are as nit-witted as he is and think exactly alike

That might be true (nit-wits like him), but they obviously aren't watching him, or else his ratings would not be in the toilet!
Looking at Facebook, blogs, and news sites, this announcement is the most press time Morgan has seen in at least a year!

He should quit more often -- it really boosts his ratings!!

 :thumbsup:    :rofl:
Legal and Activism / Re: Failure to ID
« on: February 22, 2014, 11:24:09 PM »
If the encounter with police is Consensual (you are not being detained or arrested), then you are not required to answer questions, give your name, or show ID.

If being detained or arrested, you must identify yourself.  ID cards are not required to be on your person unless operating a vehicle or boarding a commercial aircraft.

If unsure whether you are being detained, you merely ask if you are free to go.  If told yes, don't ask any more questions and calmly walk away.

As far as I can find, Hawaii has no Stop & Identify laws, which would make it a crime to not show identification if asked during detention or arrest.

It's against the law to lie, so the best thing is to not say anything at all..
Off Topic / Re: Jokes? Jokes, anyone...
« on: February 22, 2014, 09:14:58 PM »
Off Topic / Re: Jokes? Jokes, anyone...
« on: February 22, 2014, 08:57:34 PM »
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