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General Discussion / Re: Had it with Brownells
« on: July 03, 2022, 12:37:53 PM »
Did most of what you said.

Email is useless, you get a reply about the volume of email and taking time to respond.  Been emailing for several weeks and not a single reply.

Phone calls :all of our representatives" yadda yadda. Call back usually does come, but the usefulness is variable, like the idiot that said tracking showed it in Alaska.  A upport guy (that yo cannot call directly) called and said it looked like it was lost considering the clusterf*ck of tracking history.   he mentioned something about a refund, but I have yet to get any further communication and they do not provide any contact info other than the aforementioned useless ones.

This "Smartpost" they have started using is Fedex with USPS final delivery.   What i have read, it is sometimes a very messed up service.   Absolutely unlike what most think of Fedex.

Ir will be returned if it shows up.  Of course, getting hold of anyone for the return will be a joke, again.

Sad, Brownells used to be great place to order from.

Here's the thing to keep in mind:  your credit card company will have a DEADLINE from the time of purchase until you are still able to file a dispute.  Once that window closes, you're 100% at the mercy of the seller.

That's why you need to look at the dates and make sure you're inside the dispute timeframe.  That's one of the benefits of using credit cards in the first place:  Purchase protection.

So, look up your CC policy -- I think most have a 60 day time limit, roughly 2 billing cycles.  Yours may vary to as little as 30 days.

Report the disputed charges inside that window to protect your rights.  Delaying means you may lose that leverage/protection.

Brownell's can dispute your charge-back, but they have to show proof of DELIVERY TO THE BUYER, not just a shipping receipt.  Otherwise, the charges are reversed.  At that point, you have the money and quite possibly the product on its way to you, too.  If it arrives, it's up to you if you keep it with/without paying, or contact them to set up return shipping.

That's my advice.  Do some checking, and make sure you at least know when your options start to disappear.

Other secret service agents have confirmed that what she heard has been discussed in the offices for the past year. I believe that is what she was told. If the agents that were in the vehicle want to say he was angry because he wanted to go to the capital and didn't lunge, let them testify under oath.. not a problem.

If they are not willing to testify under oath.. well that's a problem.
Did you miss my post where the DEMOCRATS RUNNING THE J6 HEARING (Adam Schiff in particular) decide who to allow as witnesses?  Nobody is allowed to testify if they aren't called by the committee.

You're clueless.
#1 -- CNN   :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

#2 -- what does "heard claim" even mean?  Is that another new Liberal attempt to redefine the English language?

#3 -- Seems I heard plenty of other stories of Hillary and Biden berating their security details.  Doesn't mean anything when you consider the Secret Service is with them almost 24/7 telling them what to do, how to do it, when to do it, and what not to do.

I missed where the J6 hearings were about "Trump Berating" anyone.  Hell, he got into office by berating the Democrats AND his GOP Primary opponents. 

Tell me something new ..... for once!   :sleeping:
General Discussion / Re: Had it with Brownells
« on: July 03, 2022, 12:15:41 PM »
1-2 months for USPS Parcel Service isn't uncommon, but for FedEx?  I didn't think the commercial carriers bothered with such low-end levels of service.

You need to report an undelivered package to Brownell's and tell them you'd like a replacement shipped out immediately.  If the other package ever arrives, you'll ship it back to them at their cost.

If they tell you to just wait for it to show up, tell them it's already been over 3 weeks, and you are canceling that order.  You're also contacting the credit card company to have the charges taken off your account.

As long as you go along with whatever they tell you, this may never resolve itself.  For all you know, the package is empty.  Even if it arrives, it may not be the end of this saga.

Just a suggestion. 

If your lapping tool is anything like mine, it isn't super-light.  $8 to ship it is pretty reasonable, IMO.  Of course, shipping is one thing -- delivering is another!   :geekdanc:
When i read someone talking about their "partner" I immediately think homosexuals, trying to whitewash things.

"Partner" has become code for "Lover."  Either can apply to same or different gender couples.

"Lover" sounds tawdry and uncouth.  "Partner" implies there's more than sex between them.

Nowadays, "partner" has become more acceptable than spouse, husband or wife for obvious reasons.  Even among heterosexuals, the rate of marriage has declined while they cohabitate and raise families.  "Partner" is more generic, so corporate, government and social America tend to use less specific terms to avoid offending.

That's my read on it, anyway.
General Discussion / Re: Karl Rhoads want SCOTUS to cancel 2A
« on: July 03, 2022, 11:50:52 AM »
Just in time for election season...

"The biggest hope of gun control advocates such as Rhoads is that the U.S. Supreme Court will overturn a 2008 decision called District of Columbia v. Heller, which for the first time established that the Second Amendment protected an individual’s right to own a gun. The amendment previously had been understood to protect the right to arm state militias.

The Heller decision and a similar case, McDonald v. City of Chicago, significantly limited the extent to which governments can impose gun control laws. He predicted the court will eventually overturn Heller and McDonald as it recently overturned Roe v. Wade, which legalized abortion nationally.

“At some point, this is going to be reversed,” he said."

The Heller case affirmed a Constitutional right to keep and bear arms as worded in the Constitution.

The Roe reversal struck down an earlier SCOTUS decision that invented a Constitutional right to abortion that has never existed.
Things started sliding downhill back  in the early 1900's and only accelerated since then.

Even in the 60s, a family of 4 with just one wage earner could support the family, buy a home, and save for the future.

Now, it's almost impossible for a double-income couple with no kids to live a comfortable life while saving anything at all.
She voted for that sewer's politicians and laws. deal with it.

Did she mention who she voted for, Scummer, Fat Jerry, Occasional Cortex. de Blowseo?

Valid point.  Most of these Liberals fail to connect the dots between who they elect and the erosion of their civil rights.  it's always "the other party" according to the Democrats, and most of their followers believe it.
"You have to be dumber than a box of rocks to believe Hutchinson's testimony."

If your response to reports that Secret Service agents (who were actually in the vehicle) are willing to testify about how Hutchinson LIED is,

"Then why did these agents not bother to testify?", you aren't paying attention.

The committee holding the hearings is run by the Democrats, specifically Adam Schiff.  Only witnesses he decides on will appear at the hearings. 

That's why there has been no cross-examinations by GOP members and no subpoenas issued for anyone with contradictory testimony.

This is the same thing the House did when impeaching Trump.  They only allowed testimony they thought bolstered their pre-determined conclusion that Trump committed an impeachable offense.

Strategies and Tactics / Re: Ballistic helmets?
« on: July 02, 2022, 04:08:20 PM »
I'm thinking of using one of those Martha Stewart Crockpots, the 8 quart would fit my head.

On second thought might as well buy the real deal.  Her crockpots are expensive.

I figure you're safe with all the layers upon layers of tin foil you have.

 :thumbsup: :geekdanc:
And so it's begun.

New York Governor signs new law restricting where gun owners can legally carry.

General Discussion / I’m a New York City Liberal, and I Want a Gun
« on: July 02, 2022, 04:01:32 PM »
I’m a New York City Liberal, and I Want a Gun
I lived in New York for a decade without fearing for my personal safety. But in recent months, I have
been terrified. In May, I filed for and received a temporary order of protection against a former partner.

More than five million American women alive today have reported being threatened with a gun, shot or
shot at by an intimate partner, and more than half of the perpetrators of mass shootings in the past
decade shot a family member, intimate partner or former intimate partner as part of their rampage.
Every month, 70 women on average are shot and killed by an intimate partner. But states like mine
make it legally cumbersome to defend yourself with a legally purchased handgun.

If my life is ever in danger, I want to be able to protect myself with a gun. And now, thanks to the Supreme
Court’s decision in New York State Rifle and Pistol Association v. Bruen, I am one step closer to carrying one.
I firmly believe in legislation that will prevent criminals, including those who have been convicted of any
domestic violence offense, from owning guns. And I am grateful that President Biden has signed bipartisan
legislation that will narrow the boyfriend loophole that currently allows many abusers legal access to weapons,
as well as enhance background checks for young gun buyers and support for red-flag laws, combat gun
trafficking and fund desperately-needed community and mental health interventions.

I also understand why some of my fellow liberals would like to ban guns outright. But guns are already prevalent
among those who don’t follow the rules: Despite strong gun laws in my state and city, illegal trafficking abounds.

The reality is that in addition to preventing abusers from owning guns, we must empower vulnerable citizens to
protect themselves.

For law-abiding New Yorkers, there is currently no swift and easy way to protect yourself in your own home with a
handgun. Even if you have no criminal record, no history of mental illness and no desire to carry a gun outside of
your home, you must apply for an expensive handgun license. On June 23, the Supreme Court struck down an
additional requirement to demonstrate a heightened need, or “proper cause,” if you want to carry your gun in public.
But the truth is that the world we live in is awash in illegal guns. Ghost guns, which are assembled from components
bought online and are untraceable, are prevalent in coastal states with strict gun laws, and hundreds have been
seized by the New York City Police Department in recent years. New York’s onerous gun licensing requirements
deter law-abiding citizens from protecting themselves. And while city officials boast that gun arrests are at a 28-year
high and shooting incidents were down last month, murder, rape, robbery and assault were all on the rise when
compared with the same time last year.

The unfortunate reality is that you are more likely to be shot and killed by a relative or someone you know than by a
stranger if you are a woman. While most murders in the United States involve a gun, most gun deaths in the United
States are actually suicides, and preventing gun deaths is as much about investing in mental health and our communities
as it is about enacting purchase restrictions.

To be sure, estimates of defensive gun use, as Jennifer Mascia of The Trace recently put it, “are so squishy that the
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in May removed all figures from its website.” It has previously cited estimates
ranging from “60,000 to 2.5 million defensive gun uses each year,” but this is typically not a category tracked by law
enforcement agencies, and stats presented largely depend on who is asking and the design of the study.

While recently visiting a state with less restrictive gun laws, I found exactly the gun I would like to buy: a small Smith &
Wesson M&P Bodyguard, light enough for me to confidently handle and safely store.

It sells for about what a handgun license application in New York City costs. And as soon as I am able to legally buy
and carry it without too much hassle, I look forward to sleeping soundly.
Wait till fb /ig get request from NY for deleted profiles and all post history. Im sure they will not tell them to piss off as a warrant is needed.

#1 reason I deleted all my social media accounts:  I can't stand the BS being paraded on them as if that's what most people are thinking.  Herd mentality.

#2 reason:  I saw where more and more employers force you to provide them access to your posts before they hire you.  Schools are also using Social Media to reject/expel students and fire teachers. 

#3 reason:  With the increasing number of red flag laws being pushed, Social media will be a prime source of "evidence" against you.

I see zero benefit with individuals remaining on any of the SM sites.  Unless you're a business advertising and/or providing support in SM, just say, "No!"
General Discussion / Re: Reciprocity
« on: July 02, 2022, 02:40:32 PM »
I paid for my marriage license in Nevada, Hawaii and all states recognizes it as valid.
I passed and was awarded my motorcycle license in WA state- Hawaii recognizes it as do all states.
I was tested and earned my first drivers license in CA- all states recognize it.
I now have one of those Yellow star Hawaii drivers License, meaning "they" know who I am,
with a paper trail a mile long,  recognized and valid everywhere.
But a CCW License isn't recognized and valid in  all states.
Why is that?

The "why" is rhetorical, I'm sure. 

Some states' leaders and lawmakers believe in the individual rights and freedoms protected by the Bill of Rights in the Constitution, so they are good with minimal restrictions to be able to carry in public.

Other states think guns are the devil's invention and should be banned 100%.  Short of that, as long as nobody but LE are allowed to carry in public, it makes them "feel" safer.

Reciprocity is a problem because some of the more restrictive states don't trust the CCW permits from states with less restrictive carry rules.  Part of that problem stems from there being no nationally recognized minimal training or testing standards, unlike how drivers' get their licenses.  Marriage licenses are similar.  As long as the state issuing the license follows minimum guidelines (properly signed and witnessed licenses and officiated by someone authorized to perform marriages), every state accepts them.

So, the simplest solution would be for the Congress to pass a reciprocity law that specifies the minimum guidelines for issuing a permit, which may include a background check, classroom training to learn the law, and live fire training.  If you are between 25-71, your Hawaii driver's license is good for 8 years.  Minimum expiration periods will also have to be addressed for CCW permits so anti-gun states don't set a horribly short renewal timeframe.

Until there's a national standard to set these minimum criteria, we're stuck with each state doing their own thing.
Legal and Activism / Re: Medical Waiver Lawsuit Filed
« on: July 02, 2022, 02:18:36 PM »
The cities reply is saying due to SCOTUS abortion ruling, there is no medical privacy.

That's a bogus interpretation of the ruling.

Saying there's no Constitutional right to have an abortion is a far cry from saying there's no such thing as patient privacy.

Laws protecting the privacy of patients (HIPAA) already exist.  There doesn't need to be a "Constitutional right" to medical privacy if that privacy is already protected through federal statutes.

HIPAA goes well beyond abortions, so tp tie them together like that is ignorant -- or dishonest.
Strategies and Tactics / Re: Ballistic helmets?
« on: July 02, 2022, 02:05:01 PM »
"The worst part is they all seem to have a 5 year shelf life."

That seems to be an OSHA standard on most equipment. But, funny equipment still works and functions.

Some sellers offer a 5 yr, 10 yr, or lifetime warranty "against (manufacturing) defects".  Others warrant PERFORMANCE for a specific period.

Better to get one with a performance warranty as they do degrade over time.

For example:

"Here at Hard Head Veterans, we use fibers that do have some of the longest data trails and is why we can warranty our shell performance up to 10 years. "

The 3 things to consider are cost, comfort and performance.  Not all ballistic helmets are rated for the same protection levels.  Warranty type & length should be included in cost analysis, since replacing a helmet more often will increase the cost over time.

Of course, as manufacturing and materials change with new technologies, you might want to pay less for a 5 year warranted helmet so you can upgrade to something newer.

Even if a helmet has exceeded its warranted ballistic performance, it's still perfectly fine for impact protection.
Election deniers spread misinformation at hundreds of grassroots events after Jan. 6

It's the MyPillow conspiracy election fraud campaign. They don't have any evidence suitable for court. Lost over 60 cases because they could not show evidence. No problem take it on the road.

 :rofl:   "Election deniers?"  What idiot made that up?

Meanwhile in New York..

"Sorry we don't have any Republican ballots. You will have to vote for a Democrat."

According to that article, it's even worse than that.  One person who reported it, a retired Department of Correction deputy warden, told the Post he was simply handed a ballot with no attempt to ask what his party affiliation might be.  When he opened the ballot, he only saw Democrats listed.  He flipped it over expecting to see the Republicans on the other side, but there were none.  Only when he asked was he told they had no Republican ballots.

How many people were handed Democrat-only ballots with no explanation, and they filled out the ballot anyway believing those were all the candidates?

Also, why is there no report of DEMOCRAT BALLOTS being unavailable?  These problems ALWAYS impact Republican voters.  The equipment and locked building problems were likely in majority Republican areas, too.

Some states authorize extended voting hours when there are delays, broken machines, and inadequate ballots, but that's not helping the people who showed up early to vote and can't make it back there before the precinct closes.

I thought NY and other states clamored for making it easier for everyone to vote?  I guess that's just a talking point to justify illegally harvesting ballots and using illegal drop boxes.
You might want to take a look at this. 

New York eyes social media ‘character and conduct’ checks for gun permits

The problem with ANY such evaluation is it's subjective.  It's also an invasion of privacy by the government.  If you have your accounts locked down for only others you've allowed, that's your right.

Social media is not an official record of anything.  Using it to restrict rights?  Nope.

If this passes, we need to start pushing through similar legislation for voting.  Most DTS sufferers would fail that examination!   :geekdanc: :thumbsup:
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