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Off Topic / Re: Tiddy Bars are way different now
« on: August 01, 2022, 11:19:33 AM »
Let's see...

Wife suggests strip club for "friend's" birthday outing.

You spend your time analyzing the mechanics of how the strippers and club do things.

You didn't even take the opportunity to get a private dance while the other two watched?

Did the subject of a three-way ever come up?

I'm not sure you have your priorities straight!   :rofl: :geekdanc:
Off Topic / Re: Pot Luck Chicken etc...
« on: August 01, 2022, 11:11:50 AM »
I have Sam's primarily because convenience of location.  I pick up a chicken here and there.  I notice timing makes a difference.  I've seen folks line up when the next batch is still in the oven.  I refuse to wait. 

If I lived say in Hawaii Kai, I would def get Costco.  That location is way better than Iwilei.

True.  Costco in Waipio is much closer to me in Mililani than the nearest Sam's at Pearl Highlands in Pearl City.  That was a factor for me after the Costco there opened.  Before that, I went to the Costco near Pearl Harbor where Target is now.

I remember the lines at Sam's.  I did wait in line once, but when I got the chicken, it was overdone, almost burnt.  I left it there. 

I also remember they started shuttling some of the fresh ones to a rack nearer the entrance, I guess it was for convenience since the kitchen was way in the back.  Once or twice I picked up one from the back, then walked by the other rack and noticed the chickens looked way better.  I'd swap the one/s I had with the better ones.  I hope the employees and managers noticed the birds they threw out from that rack were worse than the ones they put out there.

I find that Costco normally has the best quality fresh produce and cold/frozen foods.  Sam's had better deals sometimes on big purchase items, like vacuums and computers.  It was such a toss-up price-wise, I couldn't justify continuing to pay for two memberships.  The rebates at Costco seemed larger if you used their Amex/VISA, if it's the same now as when I dropped Sam's.
General Discussion / Re: US Congress House H.R. 1808 Assault Rifle Ban
« on: August 01, 2022, 10:59:42 AM »
Reply from Ed "I support the 2nd Amendment, BUT" Case

I assume you included how the bill is unconstitutional based on the Heller decision and Nadler's own overt admission that the bill bans firearms that are in common use?  If so, it looks like he ignored that part while claiming to "support the Second Amendment to the US Constitution..."

He/they can't violate the Heller decision and support the 2A at the same time.  That would be oxymoronic.

His reply demonstrates why contacting our state reps in Congress is an exercise in futility.  It wastes our time and only creates more anger and disappointment at how little our opinions mean to these elitists in office.
Off Topic / Re: Pot Luck Chicken etc...
« on: August 01, 2022, 10:50:44 AM »
That sucks.  Sorry you got sick.  I occasionally eat the Sam's rotisserie chicken, but never the "repackaged/repurposed".  Growing up, I used to have chick/steak/etc salad sandwiches with leftovers.  Same with fried rice.

I know many folks who refuse to eat fried rice or stuff like cake noodles since they know/heard many places "repurpose/recycle" ingredients for those dishes.
I kept my Sam's membership longer than I should have just because their rotisserie chicken tasted better than Costco's.  Then it became impossible to get them.  Either sold out every time I went -- sometimes making a trip mainly for that one thing -- or what was available was overcooked.

I finally canceled my membership there and only kept my Costco membership.  Lots of reasons I like Costco better, but I do miss the Sam's roasted chicken now and then.
Off Topic / Re: Pot Luck Chicken etc...
« on: August 01, 2022, 10:37:29 AM »
Def don't eat at Korean or Chinese restaurants.  Or at least don't look in the prep area.   :o

People like that probably think chicken magically appears in sealed packages in the grocery stores.
I buy the Costco "Space Chickens" (the whole roasted chickens that come in a capsule) quite regularly and really like them.

I guess they finally realized that throwing the unsold, roasted birds away at night was wasting money.  So, they started offering the meat from the rotisserie chickens de-boned and vacuum-packed.

I tried that pulled chicken once, and it made me sick.  All the signs of mild-to-moderate food poisoning.

Haven't bought that recycled chicken since.
Off Topic / Re: R.I.P. Lt. Uhura
« on: August 01, 2022, 10:31:05 AM »
And a captain that does not accept homosexuals it appears.

Have you not seen the new Star Trek movies, with Sulu and his "partner" openly together?

Not sure that I remember Shatner being against homosexuals, at least not openly.

Attitudes, and scripts, change with the times.
General Discussion / Re: US Congress House H.R. 1808 Assault Rifle Ban
« on: August 01, 2022, 10:26:18 AM »
I sent an email to Hirono and Case asking them to vote NO on the AWB HR 1808.

Haven't heard a peep from Case (who is a co-sponsor .... big surprise!).

Hirono's office emailed me this today:
Thank you for your email. Senator Hirono’s staff is working remotely as part
of the effort to limit the spread of COVID-19. We aim to respond to constituent
requests within 24 hours. However, we are experiencing a high volume of
correspondence related to COVID-19 and other legislative issues. If you have
an urgent matter, please leave a detailed voice message at the Senator’s DC
Office (202-224-6361) or State Office (808-522-8970) or

Visit Senator Hirono’s website here for updated COVID-19 information from
federal, state, and local partners.

Typical.  Didn't respond to the email with more than a "we'll get around to it."

The Senate goes on recess at the end of this week.  Maybe they'll have time to filter out all the HR 1808 emails and take them under advisement before any vote?  Or, maybe they have resigned themselves (wishful phraseology?) to the fact the bill will not even make it to a full vote?

Regardless, I don't see them changing their gun control attitudes to appease a few (...a few hundred .... a few thousand ...) constituents.  They are smarter than the people dumb enough to elect them.
That does not mean those affected should not seek redress of those grievances
in another, more appropriate thread.

Off Topic / Re: R.I.P. Lt. Uhura
« on: July 31, 2022, 03:19:13 PM »
The original Star Trek series was a "proving ground" for civil rights and other social and government issues.  They could delve into areas on the show that were taboo because they were set in a futuristic fantasy that was divorced of the reality of Earth.

The first interracial kiss on TV was between Capt. Kirk and Lt. Uhura in 1968, one year after interracial marriage was declared legal by the Supreme Court.

Many, many issues that were political and social hot potatoes were incorporated into the show -- not necessarily to take one side over another, but to at least illustrate and discuss them out in the open.

Another icon from my youth is now in another, and hopefully better, dimension. 

R.I.P.  Nichelle Nichols / Lt. Uhura

Neither, just telling the truth.

Pathetic are those who hide the truth.

Then don't complain about Biden or the ASB push by the Democrats.

Why don't you then go with the Democrats, hold their hands, sing Kumbaya, and turn in your guns when the ATF comes knocking on your door.

There's a difference between criticizing CURRENT domestic and foreign policies -- energy,  economics, etc. -- that affect us today versus whining about the sins of our fathers, grandfathers, and their great-grand-fathers.
Hijacking this thread?

See the post below that started this tangent.

Not arguing.  Has nothing to do with the subject of the thread.
General Discussion / Re: Hurry up with those permits Chief
« on: July 31, 2022, 11:19:28 AM »
I have at my disposal a rather large machine that can easily kill some stupid bastard trying to kill me.
why didn't he use it.
Most my vehicles are 4WD and nearly twenty years old, so I don't care if they get a few more dents.
All those lines on the road are just suggestions, and if nobody sees anything then there is no crime.

I was questioning why the truck driver/victim opened his door at all.  That's something you just never do when a confrontation is brewing.

Second, once the assailant parked off the roadway, why did the victim not drive away? 

I think there was more back-and-forth going on, and the victim was giving the bad driver a piece of his mind -- not the way the family relayed it to the press.

Still, once the encounter turned physical, the assailant committed a crime.  Assault, battery, whatever.  Punching him while on the ground then kicking him?  That's not a situation that can be remedied with anger management classes.

Arrests, fines and incarcerations are  meant to be instructive for the rest of us -- do the crime, do the time.

Our Liberal-minded officials are teaching the wrong lessons to future criminals.
Yes, the Hawaiian Kingdom was a multiethnic nation state.

Once it was illegally annexed by the US empire and made a territory, all who were not White were subjugated to the racist discriminatory legislative polices enacted by the American White republican oligarchs, the local Power Okole at that time also known as the infamous "Big Five".

Locals knew what racism was but were the ones on the receiving end of that racism by the White racist minority that was in power during that time.

Are you inferring that local Japanese in Hawaii practice racist policies to non-Japanese residents?

I was just thinking how you've got to have the biggest victim mentality of anyone I've ever met.  In your mind, everything that's bad or wrong in the world is always the fault of some Boogieman, whether it's racism, corporations, or the government.  Everything bad is due to the oppression of your victims by the US.  I'm here to tell you, the US may not have a perfect civil rights record, but that's the GOVERNMENT, not THE NATION.

Trying to vilify the entire US from its creation to now with the same oppressive broad brush is intellectually lazy and dishonest.

Your anti-US agenda is well known, and claiming you love the "old" US Republic versus the US today is again lazy. In those "good ole days," the civil rights for many didn't yet exist, and if they did, they weren't always protected equally.

Every time-slice of history may have some pluses and some minuses, but you fail to highlight anything that doesn't bolster your imperialist rants.

Hijacking this thread is another thing you always do.  it's becoming as uninteresting as it is unproductive.

That's all.  I think the next installment of "I'm an oppressed victim of the Imperialist nation which I refuse to leave" can unfold without me.  Nothing new under the Sun.
Yes, the Hawaiian Kingdom was a multiethnic nation state.

Once it was illegally annexed by the US empire and made a territory, all who were not White were subjugated to the racist discriminatory legislative polices enacted by the American White republican oligarchs, the local Power Okole at that time also known as the infamous "Big Five".

Locals knew what racism was but were the ones on the receiving end of that racism by the White racist minority that was in power during that time.

Are you inferring that local Japanese in Hawaii practice racist policies to non-Japanese residents?

The US is the largest multi-ethnic nation-state ever conceived.  Hawaii isn't exactly on the beaten path, especially before the days of air travel for the masses.  People flock to the US from all over the world because it's better than any other place on Earth if you want to make a better life.

I don't imply anything about local Japanese in Hawaii.  I'm talking about Japanese nationals.
Off Topic / Hawaii Couple Accused of Espionage
« on: July 31, 2022, 10:10:20 AM »
American couple accused
of Russian espionage arrested

Study the laws enacted by the US imperial territorial government after the illegal annexation of Hawaii and you can learn for yourself how the racist White republican oligarchy maintained their political and economic power via discrimination over all who were not White.

If you don't have time to do the research, talk to non-White locals who lived through that time period and hear it for yourself.

Once you find out the truth for yourself, you can then understand why there was/is something known as "beat-up haole day" in Hawaii spoken and practiced by the local population.

You said it was AMERICA that "brought and taught racism to Hawaii."

Now you're moving the goalposts.  You moved from "America brought and taught racism" to "American laws, politics and economic actions were based on discrimination."

Not the same thing.  But you knew that, huh?

Racism is alive and well in Hawaii, and it wasn't something the locals knew nothing about before the US annexed the islands. 

I guess Japanese residents don't practice racism either.

General Discussion / Re: Kaiser medical
« on: July 30, 2022, 12:12:29 PM »
Before I get yelled at, I did do a search and didn't really find anything. As far as kaiser goes, for the medical forms.
Can I just list Kaiser and my current doctor, I have never been treated for anything mental "only high blood pressure. "

Will I have any issues with kaiser?

When they ask at the window if you have HMSA or Kaiser, tell them Kaiser.  You'll be handed a form to authorize the release of your private health information to HPD.

On the form, it asks for the name of your physician.  Just put your Primary Care Physician (PCP).  If you don't have one assigned, leave it blank.  On your BP medicine bottle label will be the name of the prescribing physician.  You can use that name if you prefer.

Who you put as your doctor isn't that important.  As long as you sign it, the Cops know who to send it to.  The doctor's name just helps Kaiser know who to have review your info if needed before responding.

I've handed the form in with no doctor and no address/phone info.  I've also included my PCP and the address of the clinic I normally go to.  No problems either way.
Please remember, it was the Americans who brought and taught racism to Hawaii and her people.

Americans were the only racist nation to visit Hawaii?  Seems like that Union Jack in the upper field of the Hawaii State Flag would indicate otherwise.
By the mid 18th century, London had the largest Black population in
Britain, made up of free and enslaved people, as well as many runaways.
The total number may have been about 10,000.[8] Many of these people
were forced into beggary due to the lack of jobs and racial discrimination.[9][10]
Owners of African slaves in England would advertise slave-sales and for
re-capture runaways

But, only Americans are historically racists.
Strategies and Tactics / Re: Body Cams for Civilians
« on: July 30, 2022, 11:50:05 AM »
Never forget that those laws produced nothing more than non-compliance, much the same as NY encountered with it's attempt to outlaw everything.

The idiots that did comply were fools.  The state said they would not share that info with local police, but I know for a fact that local dispatchers all had "registered" owners pop up on their computers if that person's name was run for anything.

Yeah, I'm still a little suspicious of that "national firearm registry" that doesn't exist.

In NC, my sister was being a b**ch and called the cops because we were having an argument over her spending our mother's money.   :wacko:

One of the 2 Cops that arrived asked me, "Where do you have your firearm?" 

I asked point blank, "How would you know if I own firearms?"

He stammered a little and said, "Well, maybe your sister said you own guns when she called."

Seemed rather fishy then, and it's not gotten any better over the years.  Somehow he KNEW I owned guns.  They were all in Hawaii, so there's no reason my sister would have told the Cops I have a gun.  Of course, she's bi-polar, so there's no telling what she told the dispatcher.

That incident proved to me that there's information about firearms owners being shared among state policing agencies.  It would not surprise me to learn that Hawaii makes our registration info available to LE nationwide.  Once a government agency gets your info, they act like they own it.
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