2022 Legislative Session: Jan 26th is cut-off for introduction of new bills (Read 326 times)


I guess that's when Karl Rhoads will reveal what kind of malarky he has planned for this years' three-ring circus and sleight-of-hand tricks.


no in-person public testimonies
Deeds Not Words


no in-person public testimonies
Only in person crap!

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no in-person public testimonies

Since the overwhelming ratio of Pro-2A testimonies versus Anti-2A testimonies apparently carries no weight with the decision makers, this news really doesn't have much of an impact.

When fewer than 5 testimonials carries more weight than 20, 40 or more testimonials, in-person or online, it's obvious public input is not the objective, but rather going through the motions as required by law -- before they do whatever they wanted to do from the beginning.

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I need some new conspiracy theories. All my old ones turned out to be true.

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