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Political Discussion / Re: Why was the Holocaust allowed to happen?
« Last post by eyeeatingfish on October 18, 2021, 09:58:44 PM »

So you are saying that is false and the vaccine does actually completely prevent a vaccinated person from spreading the virus?
Political Discussion / Re: Why was the Holocaust allowed to happen?
« Last post by eyeeatingfish on October 18, 2021, 09:57:44 PM »
Or be a boss like Trump and stare at the eclipse without protection, after being told not to.

What if Biden used reverse psychology and made an edict that no one was allowed to wear a mask, then all the Biden haters would do it just to spite Biden and the goal would be accomplished.

But seriously, I have been giving some thought to the (Human? American?) tendency to resist things for no other reason that it was something someone told us not to do or to do.  If you threw a dollar on the ground and said "EEF I demand you keep that dollar" I might leave the dollar just because you told me to do pick it up. (maybe because I don't want to show you have power over me? Is it all just a form of social competition?) I think this is one of the reasons why when you are studying people with sociology or psychology you try to not let them know you are doing so because if they are aware then their behavior may change. 

We don't like being told what to do and sometimes that is a benefit to us and sometimes that is a detriment to us. OSHA says we need a safety harness on the roof, we say "F you OSHA, don't tell me how to walk on a roof!" and at the same time some inventor hears people say it has to be done a certain way but rebels and thinks of a better way.
Off Topic / Re: The Jab
« Last post by hvybarrels on October 18, 2021, 09:56:59 PM »
To some people principles are worth more than money. Though it is also easier for a rich person to do this.

Principles? This is about nasty blood clots and not having to shelter in place every time flu season comes around.

Waaaaaaay back in September 2020:

There will be plenty of work in a few months. Just have to hold out until people figure out what was done to them.

Firearms and Accessories / Re: First 1911 in 45
« Last post by changemyoil66 on October 18, 2021, 09:54:35 PM »
something for the Mrs. :  Ladyhawk 2.0
MSRP only $4799

Def not showing her that 1. Rather cerakote a cheaper model.

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Political Discussion / Re: Why was the Holocaust allowed to happen?
« Last post by changemyoil66 on October 18, 2021, 09:52:59 PM »
A sex offender or a multiple sex offender or someone who sexually asaualted, but got off cause they have a good lawyer who is vaxxed can enter a gym. A person with no criminal record who is unvaxxed cannot. And in some states, a male offender can now enter a womens restroom.

My age and health bracket has a very low risk of complications, yet im forced to vaxx. I got covid and was unvaxxed and was fine. No one at my work caught it from me either.

About spreading it, refer to prior post about ur firearms possibly being stolen and used for harm. Would u give up all firearms because the chance isnt 0% it wont happen? If u own or carry no firearms, then now its 0%. And remember, 1 has to catch covid 1st, in order to spread it.

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Political Discussion / Re: Why was the Holocaust allowed to happen?
« Last post by hvybarrels on October 18, 2021, 09:44:20 PM »
The current evidence does show that our vaccination status affects other around us so it is undeniable that our vaccination choice affects our neighbors

Political Discussion / Re: Chinese Military Operation Leaves US Officials Dumbfounded
« Last post by macsak on October 18, 2021, 09:42:10 PM »
Hope yall be joking and this thread is full of sarcasm.  I would die on the battlefield sooner than learn Chinese for the communists.

sarcasm is hard...
Political Discussion / Re: Why was the Holocaust allowed to happen?
« Last post by eyeeatingfish on October 18, 2021, 09:38:52 PM »
You're missing the concept. Which is many people believed them without question because the government said X and scientist proved Y, etc...  And Germany is a well educated country, not a 3rd world shit hole. Same went with the segregation of blacks here starting in the 30's. Tuskegee airmen were told by PHD scientist that blacks can't see at night at the senate hearing whether they should be able to continue to fly or not. So not the same as the holocaust, but same concepts.

So is it proper to segregate someone just because of a choice that they make?  Is it OK to restrict their freedom without trial because of a choice they made.  Is it OK to close businesses and stop people from earning an income because of vaxx status.  These are rhetorical and again I'm referring the the concepts that the questions ask.  Because I'm sure there are some examples where yes you can is the answer.  But generally speaking is what I'm getting at.

The reason like race, vaxx, religion is only a small part of the machine of evil.

I have noticed that many people always seem to rush to the worst assumption about their opponents (political, sports team, country, etc) and there is no difference here. Instead of looking at people who want vaccine mandates and saying "I can see how they think mandates will solve the problem but I don't agree with forced injections" so many go straight to comparisons with Nazi Germany and the holocaust.  I can see how it serves a certain function in situations like for the military in wartime (easier to kill someone demonized than humanized) but it isn't a tendency I have by nature so I don't understand this tendency, I don't go straight to the worse comparisons.   

As to your question about whether its OK to close businesses and fire people because of their vaccine status, some people certainly seem to think that is acceptable but I don't think they are looking to wipe out a group of people (you don't wipe people out by giving them medicine to save them). They don't wish for anyone to be segregated, they would rather everyone be vaccinated whereas the Nazi's didn't just want Jews to become patriotic Germans. Their intentions are much more reasonable and rational, they believe that if everyone gets vaccinated they can save more lives and we can go back to normal life sooner. They think that people who are refusing vaccinations are holding it up for everyone else and thereby harming everyone else. They then conclude that this is reason enough to strongly incentivize people getting the vaccine. Personally I somewhat agree with their logic but not with their conclusion. The fate of the entire country could hinge on whether a person took a vaccine and I don't think I would ever condone the government forcing that person to take it.

The current evidence does show that our vaccination status affects other around us so it is undeniable that our vaccination choice affects our neighbors, it isn't merely a personal choice with no repercussions. Now the data also shows that a vaccinated person has a greatly reduced chance of becoming seriously ill from covid (10 fold I think) so an unvaccinated person being exposed to a vaccinated person clearly isn't the death sentence some have made it out to be but the danger isn't zero either. Because of that, there is logic that supports the reasoning behind those who want forced vaccinations but I would argue the fear level is disproportionate to the actual risk. Regardless their "segregation" is one out of risk mitigation not a hatred for who individuals are.

One question you posed makes me wonder, when else might we accept segregation. I am not sure of any perfect examples but I can think of some similar ones. Sex offenders usually have to register and a website lists their name, address, and photo. Why? Because we as a society think they pose a risk to the rest of society, so we segregate them in a sense and place restrictions on them. In Hawaii over a hundred years ago patients with Leprosy were segregated to a certain isolated community because of the risk of spreading Leprosy (though people don't choose Leprosy). I remember a news story about a restaurant that had a sign posted saying Biden voters couldn't dine there. I think if I had was sick with symptoms of ebola you might want me segregated if I refused to seek treatment.  I could go on thinking of more examples but I will just say that there are some times where I think we as a society do believe it is acceptable to restrict people's freedom from a choice they have made. The difficult thing is where to draw the line of when it is acceptable vs unacceptable

I think there is something fundamentally different from segregation due to risk mitigation and segregation due to hating a group of people for who they are. I don't think the Nazi's were simply mitigating a risk by trying to wipe out Jews. Flapp, I hope this reply hits some of the points to raise too.

Off Topic / Re: The Fine Print Rant
« Last post by aieahound on October 18, 2021, 09:35:24 PM »
The ant gives mean perspective.
His death was not in vain.
Definitely necessary.
General Discussion / Re: Aloha Freedom Coalition - Sun 10/17 3:30-7:00pm
« Last post by hvybarrels on October 18, 2021, 09:34:30 PM »

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