A Girl and A Gun Conference in Colorado (Read 1616 times)


A Girl and A Gun Conference in Colorado
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Mrs. CMO went to the event. Had a few hundred women attend from across the nation.  She got to meet some people known in the community like John Correira, Tatiana Whitlock, Gabby Franco, Lauren Boebert.

Overall she had fun.  She took multiple classes such as CCW defense, vehicle close quarter battle, handgun defense, threat determination.  John Coreirra was 1 of her instructors. For these classes, they got to shoot at human paper targets, which was different from circle targets at Koko Head. She also got to shoot thru a windshield for the vehicle CQB.  There were a variety of skill levels there.  Most of the participants seemed on the older side though like 45s and up.

The instructors she had were all very good.  They all knew how to teach and talk to different personalities.  Lunch and energy drinks were provided daily.  She was able to meet women from across the nation and talk story with them.  Ended up meeting some Hawaii people who have since moved to other states as well.  The energy level was very light and fun.  It wasn't a drill instructor type of class.

I would say these were her first advanced classes.  So after taking any class, you then do a gear assessment and see what worked or what didn't.  So now she wants to get a new IWB holster.  Looking at a AIWB with a sidecar for the spare mag.  Also looking at getting a different OWB holster because her current one has a certain logo on it and the instructor recommended she change it.  If she were to go to court for a self defensive shooting, they may use it against her.

Had 1 participant who had a service dog.  The dog had ear pro and ski goggles.


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Vehicle CQB

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