BI powder and primer sources? (Read 128 times)


BI powder and primer sources?
« on: May 12, 2024, 03:12:39 PM »
Need pound of Hodgdon CFE BLK and some CCI 450, is there anywhere (ideally somewhere around Kona to Wiamea) that might have some or can order some in?

Have custom Mini 30 chambered in wildcat cartridge I designed and would like to start with some CFE BLK and CCI 450 primers for load development. Need to load 3 cases and fire them 3-4 times, neck sizing only to send off to have dies made to fit chamber.

There are a few other powders & primers could use, at least for fire forming cases but these are most likely the optimum combo for initial load development. Would need to figure out alternatives if just can't get CFE BLK & CCI 450 primers.

Kona Reloads and Kona Guns don't have any and can't get through them, any other possible places to check out?

Cheers, Allen