Awesome transaction! (Read 3271 times)


Awesome transaction!
« on: August 17, 2015, 08:45:44 PM »
Dwayne's customer service is second to none.  There was a slight mistake on my receipt for an Arsenal AK and Dwayne cleared it up with no fuss.  Even threw in an extra magazine, which was very unexpected.  He's always been great to deal with and friendly, and tonight was no different.  Even remembered my name while I walked in.  I highly recommend folks shoot him a visit.  Thanks again Dwayne for the AK and mags!


Re: Awesome transaction!
« Reply #1 on: August 28, 2015, 05:19:00 PM »
kaloman, BIG MAHALO for the awesome post. Hope to see you at the Oct gun show. :thumbsup:


Re: Awesome transaction!
« Reply #2 on: October 01, 2016, 04:11:23 PM »
Congrats on all of the glowing reviews on 2a! Do you do FFL? Where is the shop located & do you have a ak inventory or iwi?


Re: Awesome transaction!
« Reply #3 on: November 11, 2016, 03:29:07 AM »
Just wanted to thank Duwayne for the two lowers, best customer service from a shop.  Mahalo again