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General Discussion / FL police chief warns criminals
« Last post by ren on Today at 07:53:22 PM »
that most people are armed.
Unlike Hawaii where the police chief and his handlers disarm citizens and make us easy prey

A Florida police chief issued a warning to criminals in the state after saving a burglar who was shot by a homeowner.

"One should expect that if you are brazen enough to enter into someone’s residence and it is not yours, with intent to commit an unlawful act, there may be repercussions," Haines City Police Chief Gregory Goreck said in a Friday press conference.

"We live in Florida, and more so, we live in Polk County, and most people are armed," he said.
Competition / Re: Marine Corps Marksmanship Competition Pacific 2023
« Last post by Teichi on Today at 07:52:47 PM »
It has been a busy week. Day 2 was more pistol instruction. Day 3 was CQB Rifle and pistol. Day 4 was combat rifle 100-450 meters, moving targets and night shoot with NODs and lasers.
Ham license now is pretty trivial. It is basically study the questions and multiple choice answers. You arent required to learn anything past that for the test. Unfortunately you will be lost if you ever need to use your equipment. From what I have been told by people who got their licenses in the 60's is that you use to have to know Morris, as well as an actual understanding of how the radios worked and the tests were written questions. You had to actually know what was going on.
Anyway you can take a look at this.
Its definitely dated but once upon a time radio was important.
<tongue n cheek> the film is incredibly racist, didnt see one POC
</tongue n cheek>
I'm an electronics engineer as well as a software engineer, and
an electronics tech that repaired everything from radios, to Radars, to navigation equipment,
to prototype computers.
I always viewed HAM radio guys  as a  club like playing  Polo
or The Masters golf club, only the anointed need apply.
Our electronics have dramatically improved.
RF is a lot of "black Magic" but it is just a radio.
diddy bop sucks. This is the twenty first century, I can rig you up with VoiCom and Internet
in the farthest points of the Earth.
Morse died a long time ago. This isn't an Independence day movie.
If it gets so bad you're back to Diddy Bop, I think you will starve first before your
equipment and skills will help much.

General Discussion / Re: Gov Green's ban on public places
« Last post by Gordyf on Today at 06:14:25 PM »
Is anyone really surprised?
General Discussion / Re: New Member? Introduce yourself here!
« Last post by dogman on Today at 06:07:14 PM »
Aloha AchieveUltra,
Welcome to the forum. What pistol did you purchase? See my last post to WJB. I hope you can join us too.
General Discussion / Re: New Member? Introduce yourself here!
« Last post by dogman on Today at 06:02:29 PM »
Aloha WJB... Joseph,
Welcome to the forum. Once the Koko Head Shooting Complex reopens  ::) post you want to try out some guns. Check out HRA and HDF websites. Small fee for joining and bring ammo and try out members guns and learn safe shooting pricatices at the action bays.
Firearms and Accessories / AK Rivet Tool
« Last post by jimboslice1239 on Today at 05:23:06 PM »
Hi  I'm Looking to get my New rear trunnion riveted on. Wondering if anyone might possibly have AK builder rivet tool I could use. Lmk Mahalo
General Discussion / Re: Gov Green's ban on public places
« Last post by mrgaf on Today at 04:43:46 PM »
Think Sylvia Luke went sat on his face to long… :-*
Off Topic / Re: NO MORE MAHALO
« Last post by hvybarrels on Today at 04:42:29 PM »
You have to take into account there’s massive cognitive dissonance going on. Life gets worse and worse while people are watching their friends and family drop dead with no explanation.

It’s not the usual kind of advice you find on these sort of forums, but try and lead by example. The world needs less assholes and that starts with you and me.
Events / Re: HIFICO Rally 2/2/23 @ the capitol
« Last post by hvybarrels on Today at 04:39:19 PM »
223. I like it.

Maybe we can have another one on July the 6th at 2:39pm just for the sake of diversity and inclusion.
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