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NOE Expander Plugs
« on: April 12, 2018, 08:02:35 AM »
I just place an order for a set of NOE Expander Plugs for a couple of rifles that I shoot with lead cast bullets. My intention is to expand the case necks to match the diameter of the cast bullet after sizing instead of seating it after expanding the case necks using the standard Lee expander ball that comes with the FL resizing die. The NOE plugs I ordered are sized to give me .002 neck retention so there should be minimal crush or resizing of the cast bullet when the bullet is seated.  Has anyone used the NOE Plugs or something similar?

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Re: NOE Expander Plugs
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I haven’t used the NOE plugs but I use the Sinclair expander die and mandrels. makes for very uniformed and consistent neck tension and with that leads to consistent bullet seating


Re: NOE Expander Plugs
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Think you'll be happy using them.  I try to make it a habit to pull
a cast bullet after seating to mic.  Also, flat base jacketed
bullets seat easier.  Buying inserts is a cheaper/practical way
to get started, imho.

I use lyman m dies which are also 2 step expanders. Ended up
with seven of them.  Wasn't cheap at 20 bucks each but I use
them a lot.  It was a case of "cry once". 
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