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Title: Newsletter 8/9/2010
Post by: 2aHawaii on August 09, 2010, 03:39:38 PM
In case you haven't heard, 2aHawaii will be having monthly rimfire matches starting this month (August). Some people refer to this type of competition as a "postal match" and normally you would send targets in through the mail. Ours is easier, no need send anything in, just take a picture and post it on the site.
This month's competition features separate 50 yard and 100 yard targets. Choose one or the other. Better yet, do both! There is only one prize given away this month; bragging rights :)
Everything is run on the honor system, so please don't cheat (your prize will be tainted). Most of all, have fun and get out to the range.
A big thanks to Heavies for organizing everything and coming up with the idea.
Check out the forums for more information and download the targets: http://2ahawaii.com/index.php?topic=594.0 (http://2ahawaii.com/index.php?topic=594.0)
http://2aHawaii.com/index.php (http://2aHawaii.com/index.php)