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Letters to authors of SB69
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Coming below is the first email I sent, to which I got no response. Hopefully some people may get motivated to email them too. I sent it to the four authors and cc'd ever other member of the house and senate.

I speak to 2a friends all the time at work and elsewhere an not s single f'ing one of them has written the state or federal legislators. I'm so sick of people who bitch but don't take the time to write a single email.

So, I have emails with every house and senate member cc'd in it so I could email a copy to anyone so they could get the list, and all they'd have to do is reply all and send an email. I'll post the first letter below.


Re: Letters to authors of SB69
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SB69 1
To: Senators Nishihara; Keith-Agaran; Wakai;

Cc: All other Hawaii senators

Your SB36 will do nothing to reduce crime. We also already pay for the safety course required to get a long gun or pistol permit so there is no need to establish a fund via an annual registration fee. And how will one demonstrate mental fitness? Will gun owners need to get a yearly mental health evaluation from a clinician? And finally, demonstrating to the police department that a household member will not have access to firearms is meaningless since - if you're talking about a gun safe - there is no way for police to know whether or not the permit holder will actually lock up the guns; same goes for trigger locks and any other method.

The requirements of your bill are onerous to the law abiding citizen and pointless since they will not prevent crime.  We already follow some of the most rigid and restrictive gun laws in the nation here in Hawaii - why would you want to make things harder for us law abiding citizens, while leaving the lawless unencumbered?

Unless you are simply part of the anti second amendment movement, and unless you don't care that your Democrat constituents here in Hawaii want no part of that movement and other aspects of the mainland, DC politics, you will withdraw your SB36 - you will also oppose SB219, which is a similarly pointless piece of feel-good legislation.

Please hear your constituents and represent the will of those people; do what WE want, not what the anti constitutional, anti second amendment  movement says you must do.



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Ahh, fine gentlemen...as is typical of elected officials, not one of you had the courtesy to respond to any of the emails I sent. 

What must it be like to have the ability to incrementally erode away a constitutional right people have fought and died for, without having enough respect for your constituents - those who pay your salaries and all other benefits - to indicate you have genuinely absorbed their input?

Well, take the time to read a pithy article via the link below - one published by a source 'friendly' to Hawaii liberal politicians - so you can understand where your SB69 will lead.....you are aware New York State Police have now - via NY SAFE Act - violated patients HIPAA and 4th amendments rights by accessing their medical records and subsequently seizing their firearms, because of recently enacted legislation similar to SB69, aren't you?

Make no mistake - this absolutely WILL happen here in HI, because this is where aspects of SB69 will lead: if SB69 is enacted, Hawaii gun owners and their family members who may have otherwise sought help for psychological or behavioral issues, will now absolutely NOT, for fear of their or their family members' firearms being confiscated. And because of politicians like you, we will have that many more undiagnosed and untreated mentally ill people living among us, often preying upon us, and certainly increasing that particular demographic's contribution to Hawaii's ever rising violent crime rate - a nice potential gift of rape, murder, child abuse, assault, and innumerable other iniquities, from all of you to all of us! 

Quite an ironic consequence of your legislation, given the recent effluence of concern for 'doing something' about mental illness in Hawaii - especially as it pertains to gun violence - as evidenced by post-Sandy-Hook comments made by Hawaii politicians and public figures, and by mental health 'experts' on a recent PBS Hawaii special.

Just another reason to kill SB69!  But no....you won't do that, because you are politicians, and you don't care one bit about any part of the Bill of Rights that isn't expedient to the longevity of your political careers.


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just sent in emails as well.

One thing ive noticed about emailing our legislatures is they take forever to respond back.  I recently received emails from hanabusa, and dont even remember when i sent her the original emails.