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this month, we will have a carbine skill builder class
space is limited so that we can maximize learning

no RSVP is necessary for the open shoot portion, which runs from 8-10
if you help set up from 7:15, you will receive a $5 discount  on open shoot (regular fee is $15)
you may shoot any HI legal rifle, shotgun, or pistol
10 rounds in mag limit, rapid fire allowed as long as it is AIMED
there will be targets set up at various distances, but you are welcome to bring your own (targets must be approved by range staff)
personal equipment (targets/tables) MUST be set up during setup time before line goes hot

covered shoes are REQUIRED for all who are present

we will be cleaning up and setting up for the class from 10-10:30
class begins promptly at 10:30 am, please arrive by 10 am to check in, help set up, and get geared up.
late arrivals may be charged a late fee or even be denied entry to the class.
If you are unable to attend, please let us know as soon as possible.  Failure to provide at least 72 hours notice may result in penalties for future classes.

required gear/ammo: carbine (any caliber, including .22lr semiauto allowed), at least 3 magazines, pouches (belt or chest rig) to hold spare mags and 125-150 rounds of ammo

please let us know if you cannot stay until he end of the session, because we usually have a small challenge at the end and we need to form teams

DO NOT RSVP on this thread.
email this address to sign up and you will be notified next week of your class status
---------> <----------
RSVPs begin at 8 am saturday 5/8/21
signups before 8 am will be dealt with accordingly
you will receive notification of your class status on monday,  via email
if you apply later than monday, you will receive a reply email with your status as we receive it.

please be courteous to your fellow shooters
do not take spots in the class if you are unable to attend
late cancellations and no-shows can lead to automatic waitlist status in the future
i already notified the hawaii not a real doctor association...

note- this would also apply to hard/soft tissue lasers, electrocautery/electrosurgery units, and regular defibrillators (non AED).
this bill affects most of the health care professions and some estheticians and tattoo artists...

HB891: RELATING TO ELECTRIC GUNS is on its way to the governor and had the intent of legalizing electronic weapons (such as tasers and stun guns). Now, this sounds like a great thing, BUT... Hawaii's anti-self-defense legislators did what they usually do and messed things up.
In their efforts to make tasers and stun guns as hard as possible for law-abiding people to own, they ended up banning the use of commonly used medical devices.
Legislators made a choice (in an effort to be as inclusive as possible), to define electric guns as "any portable device that is designed to discharge electric energy, charge, voltage, or current into the body" with the exception of "automatic external defibrillator used in emergency medical situations." (1)
Because they opted to include an exception in the law, this means that any other item not listed as an exception but meets the definition would legally be considered an electric gun. This is where things get bad, really bad.
There are many medical devices that are portable and designed to discharge energy into a body. Many of these are commonly used, often life-saving/changing pieces of medical equipment. These would include; Pacemakers, Cochlear implants, electrosurgery/electrocautery units, Electronic Pulp testers used by dentists during root canals, electrolysis hair removal devices used by beauticians, Non-automatic defibrillators and, Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation machines used in massage and physical therapy.
This is just a shortlist of easily recognized medical devices that are in common use in the state, and you might think that it's crazy that anyone would believe that these items could be classified as electric guns, and I would agree, but with the wording of this law, that's the reality.
Now would a doctor, dentist, or therapist be charged with a crime (a misdemeanor.") for using one of these items on a patient? Who knows? All it would take is for a patient to have a falling out with a doctor and to make a criminal complaint, and the police would have to investigate.
The bigger risk to medical professionals would be in the form of malpractice lawsuits. Should a patient face complication, injury, or death during a procedure that used a device that could be defined as an electric gun, lawyers would surely bring this up in court. A malpractice lawsuit using such a device could end up costing millions in legal and settlement fees.
Because the law has passed through the legislators and is on its way to the governor, it's too late to make changes to the wording. The only available avenue to stop this bill from becoming law would be for the governor to veto the bill.
If you are a medical professional or concerned citizen, We highly recommend that you contact the governor and ask him to veto this bill (HB891: RELATING TO ELECTRIC GUNS).
You can do so by calling 808 586-2211 OR visiting
We would also request that you contact any association you are part of to make them aware of this bill.
is a fox?
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