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Legal and Activism / You got a Mossberg Cruiser?
« on: January 03, 2011, 11:12:10 AM »
Better put a stock on it. According to the BATFE, pistol grip shotguns are NFA regulated destructive devices, no matter the barrel length or overall length.
 ??? ::) >:(
Legal and Activism / Questions About The Personal Use Home-Build Process
« on: December 31, 2010, 07:04:05 PM »
Is anyone familiar with the procedures for building and registering a home built rifle?
such as by bending AK/G3/FAL flats into receivers and registering them? or milling out 80% AR lowers?

from looking around on calguns and THR, it appears many places don't even require you to register homemade guns. They fall subject to all other rules and definitions, such as place to keep, carry, etc. In these places, many times, the homebuilders really never intend on ever selling them and don't even engrave make, model, caliber, serial.

so far, the most i've found, is that in HI, all guns acquired after 1994 must be registered, so homebuilds must be registered, and i guess they would need a serial number to be registered. What i'm really looking for, that the California builders watch out for, is the definition of a "zip-gun" and the definition of "firearms business".

has anyone folded a flat here and registered it here? Is there a department (that supercedes HPD in this area) I should call to find out about this? Nobody answered when I called HPD firearms last week. I was going to ask today when i went to start a permit, but they were closed. I guess i will call again on monday.

And what about pistols? the permit process to buy a pistol is lengthy. I am assuming, if it is legal to home build a for personal use pistol, the paperwork for it is absurd. I'm imagining applying for a permit to acquire the pistol from yourself, then having 5 days to complete it and register it  ::)

OR do i have to jump through all the flaming hoops with the city and county, make retail space in the appropriate zoning, with the approval of the landlord under the heckling of the ATF, get an FFL type 07 -Manufacturer, open up for set hours and annual inspections, just so that i can fill my bound book with all the personal use interesting guns i would like to build....

This is the fun we are missing out on!
i'd love to build a damascus frame, stainless slide AMT Hardballer style 1911
I'd love to have a Hobby Fanuc 3-axis like this guy!

Some Legal Info
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