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I'm thinking of buying a Krieger Barrel Blank, 28" straight HB SS barrel 1.250" diameter.

I need a gunsmith to cut a tight match chamber and crown the muzzle for a 2013 Anschutz action

The barrel has to be cut like this:

Thanks for your help.

Lilja drop-in barrel for 2013


Thanks to everyone for their suggestions and solutions.

Thanks Dogman and Hi-State for your assistance.

I found these shooting rest legs for the new Sinclair front rest, on the Brownells website.

I took a chance and ordered them.  They fit.  Only cost $35.00 for 3 legs......just what I needed.
Firearms and Accessories / Re: ***OFFICIAL 22 THREAD******
« on: August 19, 2020, 10:14:54 AM »
I've been checking KaleoArms, no scheduled shipments to Hawaii any time soon
I hope they have something, although I've been stockpiling a lot of stuff in the past several months.  and years


Why don't you email Jennifer at

She usually answers really quickly.

What are you looking for?

Firearms and Accessories / Re: ***OFFICIAL 22 THREAD******
« on: August 14, 2020, 01:58:37 PM »

Inspector and Teichi,

Me and my friends order our premium 22LR from Jennifer at Kaleoarms.  ( and email to:

We can get almost any Lapua Center-X, Midas+, X-Act; any Eley like Tenex (red); SV like purple flat nose; RWS R50, etc.

Send Jennifer an email to see what she can get for you (or what you want to order).

Minimum 1 brick.

She has shipments about every 2 months to HI.
If the threaded rod (steel) can be removed from the knob (aluminum???)

I tried and tried tonight to unscrew the knob from the steel stem.... man, it's jammed or wedged in really tight.

I think I even smashed some of the threads near the top (under the knob) with a vise-grip plier.......... no can do...........

Looking at the pics you posted again, I'm wondering if sharpening the existing bolts/levelers into a point isn't the best option.  It looks like there's more than ample length to do that and still have enough to level with.


You have the simplest need for ice picks, drilling holes, epoxy, etc.

I just want it done by a machine shop so that they all come out the same.
I don't trust myself to try it on a sander, or using a file would probably end in a disaster............

Hi Flapp,

This is the Accu-Shot company, which I think is different from your Accu-Shot company.

"My" Accu-Shot" is a guy named Randy Leger in Louisiana...................
Hi Flapp,

Thank you for your helpful information as always.

This one-piece shooting rest was bought many years ago, and no warranty. 

I was going to buy ice picks, cut off the tips, and have them inserted in the stem.... what do you think?

Thank you as always for your on-subject comments.

I was thinking of having a machinist drill a hole in the stem and soldering/gluing in a hardened point.

Maybe buy 3 ice picks, cut the tips off, and solder them into the stems?

(The leveling knobs came with the one-piece shooting rest by Accu-Shot, which I bought from Anschutz North America's Steve Boelter.  The rest was his for many years, so no warranty, etc.)

 He said he will be sending me something to replace the "feet" but I suspect it's the flat rount coin-shaped feet for concrete benches.  Really need the pointed feet for Kokohead though.........

Does anyone know of a machinist or a machining company to repair a shooting rest legs (leveling knobs) ?

Two sharp points broke off and I need a machinist to bore a new hole and place a sharp peg into it.

Any machining company you have used before?

Thank you.
Firearms and Accessories / Re: ***OFFICIAL 22 THREAD******
« on: August 07, 2020, 08:10:42 PM »
Anschutz 2013  22LR
29" Lilja barrel
Shehane laminated stock
Firearms and Accessories / New Lilja barrel
« on: July 24, 2020, 02:44:38 PM »
The rifle came with a Lilja SS 29", .960" diameter barrel, which shot well.

I bought a drop-in barrel from Lilja:  SS 27", .900" diameter barrel and shot it for the first time this past weekend, 10/3/2020.

A little too windy last weekend, so try again this weekend.
Finally got all the parts cleaned, polished, assembled last night.

Anschutz 2013 silver-nitride action, sits on thick aluminum bedding block & epoxy-bedded, so action is high in stock; also
facilitates changing of barrels without removing action from stock.  Action is free-floated (rear receiver & trigger area)
and the only contact points are the 4 action screws.

Shehane laminated stock has numerous coats of MBenz clear coat - very hard and glossy.

29" Lilja barrel - cone breech with Harrell tuner.

5018 trigger.

Rifle and stock by Accu-Shot, Louisiana.

NF 15-55x scope in Anschutz's Kelbly rings, Accuracy 1st bubble level.
Chose a Lilja barrel that Steve B. of Anschutz said shot very accurately.
Comes with a Fudd tuner.

He will give me barrel and tenon specs so that I can get a Benchmark 3G SS, straight, non-taper barrel made from Benchmark factory in Washington State.

Lee (Hi-Nv Shooter) said this Benchmark shoots really well for him.
How do the barrels lock in place?


It's clamped by 3 screws and one set screw.

Once you have the barrel and tenon measurements, a gunsmith can machine a barrel blank to fit the rifle.
The gunsmith can mail the barrel to you, and it would fit.....

Explanation and photo by Penage Guy in on discussing Anschutz 2013 barrels.


Talking to Steve Boelter of Anshutz NA Custom Shop, I finally figured out why he was selling the rifle and the 1-piece shooting rest as a pair.

The stock's forend has 2 rails running parallel to each other, and these 2 rails fit into delrin grooves in the front rest top

The two forend rails are slid onto the delrin grooves on the front rest top, almost the same way the rifle stock fits into the rear delrin spool rest.

This setup was used to test barrels at the Custom Shop, so the rifle should be capable of shooting really sub-MOA groups with the right ammo.

by the time you set that up, your 1 hour will be over :rofl:

 :(   I know...........

It already takes me 1 session to set up my front rest, back rest, align them, etc. etc......
From the Anschutz Custom Shop:

Bought a modified Anschutz 2013 action rifle in a Shehane laminated stock, no barrel included.
Got a Lilja 29" SS barrel from ACS before they shipped it to HNL.

This rifle and rest was used to test 22LR barrels by the Anschutz Custom Shop, but I will
use this setup to test different ammo in a particular barrel.

The 1-piece shooting rest is from Accu-Shot in Louisiana.
Has 3 different bubble levels and is really heavy.

Have to think of how to carry it up the Kokohead incline to the shooting benches........ :crazy:

Barrels can be changed without removing the action from the stock.
5018 trigger configured to single stage, 2oz.
I've been looking for a 2013 to complete my Anschutz BR rifle set.

Rifle and rest are not new, but the Custom Shop has assured me that the rifle will be "refreshed" and up to specs.

Shipping costs going to be skyhigh.

Firearms and Accessories / Re: SIG P365 Any 2aHawaii owner opinions?
« on: April 01, 2020, 10:14:22 PM »
Awesome compact! I have the Lipseys edition, and like it better than the Sig 938 ands Glock 42.  :shaka:

The tan cerakote looks really nice, but I wanted the P365 with the manual safety.
This pistol has no grip safety or "safety" trigger like the Glocks.... only the trigger.......
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