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I'm thinking of buying a Krieger Barrel Blank, 28" straight HB SS barrel 1.250" diameter.

I need a gunsmith to cut a tight match chamber and crown the muzzle for a 2013 Anschutz action

The barrel has to be cut like this:

Thanks for your help.


Does anyone know of a machinist or a machining company to repair a shooting rest legs (leveling knobs) ?

Two sharp points broke off and I need a machinist to bore a new hole and place a sharp peg into it.

Any machining company you have used before?

Thank you.
From the Anschutz Custom Shop:

Bought a modified Anschutz 2013 action rifle in a Shehane laminated stock, no barrel included.
Got a Lilja 29" SS barrel from ACS before they shipped it to HNL.

This rifle and rest was used to test 22LR barrels by the Anschutz Custom Shop, but I will
use this setup to test different ammo in a particular barrel.

The 1-piece shooting rest is from Accu-Shot in Louisiana.
Has 3 different bubble levels and is really heavy.

Have to think of how to carry it up the Kokohead incline to the shooting benches........ :crazy:

Barrels can be changed without removing the action from the stock.
5018 trigger configured to single stage, 2oz.
I've been looking for a 2013 to complete my Anschutz BR rifle set.

Rifle and rest are not new, but the Custom Shop has assured me that the rifle will be "refreshed" and up to specs.

Shipping costs going to be skyhigh.

Firearms and Accessories / SIG P365 Any 2aHawaii owner opinions?
« on: April 01, 2020, 04:27:42 PM »
Just got this today.

Can't shoot it until Kokohead opens up....... maybe May 1st  :'(  ???

In the meantime, would appreciate any opinions of P365 owners who have shot their pistols...........

Going to send it to for action tuning and straight trigger... waiting for them to tell me to ship the pistol.


Firearms and Accessories / What is HPD's 9mm brand/weight?
« on: March 26, 2020, 05:32:46 PM »
Just curious to see what Honolulu's finest in blue uses............

Maybe the Golden Saber 124gr?
Firearms and Accessories / Rifle Stock Finish. Stock Maker Recommendations?
« on: February 23, 2020, 11:23:26 PM »
I have a rifle stock which had a nice satin clear finish.

I tried to "make it nicer" with  Birchwood Casey Tru-Oil, but it made a thick, sticky looking type of finish.

Anybody have suggestions?     Or possibly a stock maker who could refinish the stock for me?

Firearms and Accessories / Lapua X-Act 22LR ammo
« on: November 01, 2019, 02:03:10 PM »

Ammo arrived today.

Finally get to test the proverbial silver bullet.

Hope conditions are good at Kokohead this weekend.....
Reviews / Sichtkraft Wind Flags
« on: January 25, 2019, 02:52:53 PM »
I posted these wind flags in "Post Your Latest Purchase", but I thought to post them again here for more exposure.

Kokohead is pretty much windy all year round, and you'd be surprised that the wind shifts on the left-hand side of the rifle range something ferocious, because the on-shore wind bounces off the left-hand side hollow tile wall, making the wind go left and right. 

The right-hand side of the rifle range is pretty much stable, meaning that the wind doesn't shift as much as on the left-hand side.  When I used small survey flags, the 50-yard flag would blow to the left, and the 25-yard flag would blow to the right !   Hard to figure out.

Problem is, on the right-hand side, the shooter has a steeper angle shooting down towards the 50-yard targets.

I ordered these wind flags from Germany on December 14, 2018, and they arrived January 23, 2019.

They should give me wind direction and relative wind strength at Kokohead.

They are height-adjustable.


It is "Made in Germany", not "Made in China" so quality is top-notch.  Very well made, well thought-out, and the flags swivel (showing wind direction).

Sichtkraft has become a member of 2aHawaii as "sichtkraft" so you can PM the owner, Tilman Bremer, anytime from this site.
Just got this new tool.
I've been using the Wheeler Reticle Set to align the scope crosshairs to make sure it is straight, but this
is way better.

Got it from Brownells
Found this website that you can order any type of foam, for any type of case or box.

Case Club also carries all brands of carrying cases, shipping cases and equipment cases.
They have a "box size application" where you give them the Length x Width x Depth of the box you need, and it will tell you which brand and which case/box fits your criteria.
The above url allows you to choose the type of foam and get a price quote on the exact size you want.
This url explains the different choices in foam besides pick-n-pluck.

Whatever case or box you choose, you can have the foam inserts made by Case Club "Custom Foam".

You get to choose several types of foam from soft > hard, even convoluted foam for the top.

I ordered 3 pieces to fill my SKB box: bottom, middle custom-cut, and top made of convoluted foam.
Bottom and middle foam was polyethylene foam which is harder than polyurethane and does not absorb water.
Polyethylene foam is like the long foam noodles you use in the swimming pool.

They even cut the sides for the hinges and radiused the corners for a perfect fit.

Amy Hallenbeck of Custom Foam is helpful and ready to assist. She will even call you to clarify your order !

No, I don't work there and don't have any connection to Case Custom.

Reviews / Joe Chacon/ABRA Mechanical Rear Rest
« on: May 06, 2018, 02:16:21 PM »
Joe Chacon/ABRA mechanical rear rest tried for the first time yesterday at Kokohead.

It is amazingly stable and easy to consistently put the rifle back to battery.  The rear "dog bone" made of delrin plastic makes it stable

Has elevation and windage adjustments, although once leveled with a bubble level and centered, I usually only move the adjustments on
the front rest.

It is 7" x 8" made of aluminum - a lot smaller and lighter than I thought, but very very stable.

The rest had surface imperfections - nicks, scratches, and rough machining marks.  I took the rest apart, and took #220 wet sandpaper to the whole thing,
and now it looks "okay".  I might go through graduations of wet sandpaper to get a nicer finish when I have time.

The elevation wheel was off-center and was lop-sided.  It moves in an elliptical motion instead of a round motion.  However, when using the rest, it doesn't affect
usage or performance.

Having used this, I think my new Edgewood rear bag will be staying home from now........... auwe !

**Over the span of 2 evenings, I used #220 wet sandpaper and Flitz paste to give it a going over to clean up some of the dings.  Came out okay....see pic on right

*** Doesn't work well with narrow "V" sporter butt stocks.  The delrin dogbone where the stock rests doesn't hold a narrow V stock.  It wobbles and cants to make this rest ineffective.
     Butt stock has to be medium/thick so that it touches the 2-sides of the V and sit well in the dogbone.

Reviews / Front Rest by John Loh/JJ-Industries
« on: April 11, 2018, 05:46:11 PM »
For those of you thinking to upgrade your front rest or front rest sand bags, you might want to consider a JJ Industries front shooting rest made by John Loh.

Some may think of getting a coaxial rest (joystick), but this is a conventional elevation/windage rest with screws.  It comes with an Edgewood bag too.

It is precision-made machinery and so so smooth.  The screws glide and when it stops, it stays put.  Everything is stainless steel, aluminum base, and delrin top frame.

The windage adjustment runs on a long screw and the whole top (including the middle tower) moves, runnning on 2 S/S horizontal rods.  This is why the
windage stays true and straight on a horizontal plane.

The elevation adjustment is via a mariner's wheel for coarse adjustment and a rear solid-brass knob for fine elevation adjustment.

I got an extra top assembly so that I can put a narrow bag on to shoot rifles with sporter stocks which are less that 3" wide.

It even has a bubble level built into the rest, as well as a delrin bag block with another bubble level, to make sure the front bag itself is level (and not only the base).

A little pricey, but "buy once, cry once" was probably meant for this rest.
Deals and Sales / FREE Ruger 10/22 Special Edition from Nightforce Optics
« on: November 23, 2017, 08:26:39 PM »
•   “Nightforce 25th Anniversary” Engraved Red & Black Laminate Wood Stock
•   Receiver / Barrel - Satin Stainless, Threaded Barrel with Flash hider*
•   NFO-0000 Serialization
•   Ruger Combination Weaver Rail
•   Ruger Clear BX-1-CLR 10-Round Mag
•   Ruger BX-Trigger
•   Extended Mag Release


This complimentary, no additional charge rifle offer is good for new retail purchases of the following riflescope models only, from authorized Nightforce Optics dealers only:
Qualifying Nightforce Riflescopes:
•ATACR™ 7-35x56 F1 - Model Numbers: C569, C570, C571, C578
•ATACR™ 5-25x56 F2 - Model Numbers: C553, C554, C555
•NXS™ 8-32x56 F2 - Model Numbers: C350, C354, C437, C509, C530
•Competition™ 42x44 - Model Numbers: C558, C559
•Competition™ 15-55x52 - Model Numbers: C511, C512, C513, C514
Reviews / MTM Cleaning Rod Case REAL GOOD ! on sale 4.26.18
« on: July 18, 2017, 09:02:00 PM »
I just got 2 of these cleaning rod cases.
They looked so slim and neat that I was worried that it would not fit my 36" Tipton cleaning rods with the big, red tulip handles....
Make sure your cleaning rods are shorter than 47.5" overall length though.

They fit nicely and neatly !  Even with the brass bore brushes and jags still on...

I used to keep my cleaning rods in the cardboard or plastic tubes that it was shipped in, but they were getting ragged, so I took
a chance and bought these.

Amazon has them for $25.13, and if you have Prime, it's free shipping.
Otherwise, Optics Planet has them for $21.49.


Looking for recommendations for a gunsmith or stock maker to inlet a short Anschutz rail into my rifle forend.

I want to use an F1 bipod which is attached to the forend with a T-slot Anschutz rail.

Is there anyone on Oahu?

Anyone know of a good gunsmith for the following:

S&W Model 41 (22LR)  -  needs a trigger job and trigger spring lightening

Thanks for your help
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