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Does anyone have any experience using the cheapy feeling surgical masks from China that are currently flooding the US market? I bought some off a lady on craigslist because its the only thing I could get my hands on that are supposed to be better than cloth/material masks. My father in law also bought a box of 50 from fisher hawaii for twice the price I paid and they seem identical to the masks I bought.  I would just like to know more about their effectiveness if anybody has info on them.  🤙🤙

Maybe im just a dickhead( yeah jump on that dickheads😂) but is it not common courtesy to reply to someone that has sent you a message/PM/reply to an ad?  I try my absolute best to reply to all messages but seems like not everyone does and it leaves buyers/sellers hanging dry.... thoughts?  and yes im ready for the onslaught😷😷😷😷😷😷
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