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Upcoming Mission Bravo Classes
« on: May 04, 2021, 09:14:29 AM »
The awesome folks at Mission Bravo are hosting a Defensive Carbine workshop this Saturday 5/8, sign up deadline is this Thursday.  See the attached Flyer for info how to contact them and inquire/enroll.  (I'm having trouble uploading the flyer at the moment, I'll try again later)

They do offer a discount to active duty HPD.

Check out their websites for more info.



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Re: Upcoming Mission Bravo Classes
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See flyer in link below,  FREE classroom session this Saturday the 15th on handgun fundamentals. This would be excellent for anyone new to handguns or interested in furthering their basics and proper fundamentals.

The following weekend, May 22nd, is the $150 intro to handgun course- sign up ASAP

email: smithtkdoffice@gmail.com