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I searched to see if this has ever been mentioned here and I found nothing. Forgive me if it is a duplicate.

My nephew and I have been discussing his getting an 07 FFL which entitles him to manufacture firearms (including getting his SOT for NFA firearms) and ammunition. One thing that has kept him from doing this is a fee called ITAR (International Traffic In Arms Regulations) fee and paperwork. It requires a lot of additional paperwork and the fee is prohibitive at $2,250. After researching this again, it turns out President Trump removed the ITAR fee in order to encourage small manufacturing business and other small cottage industries. He did this in 2020. Who knew? I just wanted to say THANK YOU PRESIDENT TRUMP for doing this.
Cabot Guns Damascus 1911’s

Beautiful! Gorgeous!  :love:
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Firearms and Accessories / Winchester 1911 - The Widow Maker
« on: March 31, 2021, 02:38:16 PM »
I have been extremely busy the last 3 days with taking my wife to various doctor appointments and PT and OT sessions. I have not had time to pick up one of my old firearms that needed some work done by my gunsmith. So she and I were free this afternoon and it is a very pleasant and scenic 30 minute drive to my gunsmith. I called him and told him I’m coming. When I got there he was visibly upset/distraught/shaken. I asked him what was wrong and he showed me this shotgun his customer brought him. It is the Winchester Model 1911 SL. It has the nickname of The Widow Maker. Read the article from the link I included here as to why it is called that. He was function firing it and cocked it the way you see it being done in the article and it fired out of battery. Scared the shit out of him. It happened right before I arrived.

Fortunately he was familiar with this model and made sure it was pointed in a bit of a safer direction than shown in the article. But having it go off unexpectedly and out of battery definitely shook him up. If you have one of these shotguns please be extra careful with it.
Reloading / What Did You Do in Your Reloading Room Today?
« on: March 28, 2021, 01:05:43 PM »
Thought it might be interesting to keep a single thread with our reloading adventures instead of starting a new one every time we want to write something. If it keeps going fine. If it dies, it dies.

I have two areas where I work on my guns, cases and reloading. I keep all of my case prep stuff out in my garage for dust reasons. I also clean my guns and cast lead boolits out in the garage for fume reasons. I do all my resizing, reloading and most of my gun repairs in my reloading room. I have two presses. I have a Lee 4 hole turret press and an RCBS Rockchucker single stage. I reload most of my pistol cartridges on the Lee and all my rifle cartridges on my Rockchucker. I reload for 8 different pistol cartridges and 10 different rifle cartridges. Most cartridges I reload for are common calibers but a few are specialty and obsolete cartridges. I also swage primer pockets and boolits on my Rockchucker. When it is warm outside I can work in the garage or the house. But when it is too cold out I leave all my case prep projects outside until it gets warm.

Today I sat down and cleaned primer pockets on 300 rounds of 9mm and 100 rounds of 7.62x25 Tokarev. I had previously sized and cleaned the cases and trimmed them if necessary. But we got a cold snap for 2-3 weeks so I left them in the garage until it warmed up today. I cleaned some dies that I had not touched for several years and were filthy. I emptied my ultrasonic cleaner of the dirty cleaning solution. That had been sitting since it got cold.

My brother and his family came and visited me a couple of months ago. He brought me a one pound coffee can of my father’s 9mm mystery reloads. My father taught me how to reload but he was not one to keep copious records and be detailed and careful when reloading. The can is full to the brim. And there was a slip of paper that said “125gr” that’s it. No date, no powder, no charge info. I suspect these were reloaded sometime in the mid 1980’s. Knowing my father he used Sierra 125gr 9mm FMJ seconds he bought from the Sierra factory when it was still located in SoCal 25 miles from his house. Also I know all he ever bought were CCI small pistol primers. As far as powder is concerned the weights varied greatly from 5.2gr-6.5gr. I took apart 16 rounds to study them. First, the COL was waaaaay too long. About 0.15” too long according to my Sierra manual. And while it was tough, I could not tell if there was a crimp. Fifteen out of 16 fit my gauge. And a couple of rounds the primer was not inserted all the way in. After taking them apart I noticed the powder was round flakes and medium gray in color but there was about 10% were dark gray to black flakes. Knowing my father he used mostly Herco and Bullseye powders. I have the new formulated Bullseye and it didn’t look like it at all. And I don’t remember what Herco looks like. I used Unique back then and it is possible he may have used some of my Unique. But it didn’t look like it at all. I decided to disassemble all of them, resize the cases with the primer in place, reset the primer farther into the case where applicable and reload them using 3.9gr of Bullseye. I already did this to 100 rounds for a proof of concept and they worked fine for practice ammo. Though they were were not terribly accurate at 10 yards. I started on the first 50 today. Disassembled them, resized them, set the primers back and loaded them up with Bullseye and seated and crimped the bullets. They are running through my dry tumbler right now to shine them up and get rid of the tarnish and dirt. This is going to take quite a while to get through the entire coffee can.
I am starting this thread in order to document ONLY Main Stream Media (ie CNN, MSN, MSNBC, NYT, ABC, CBS, NBC etc) and Social Media (ie FB, Twitter, IG etc) lies, lies by omission, disinformation, misinformation, misdirection, censoring and any other issues with truthful and proper reporting. We seem to always start a new thread every time we find a gross negligent case of the lying media. We discuss it and it eventually disappears. So I thought if we have a thread like the COVID and Election Fraud threads where we can keep posting the lies it will continue to stay near the top for our reference and to keep things fresh in our minds.

Let’s also use this thread to document how the ratings of these media outlets are going. Good, bad or indifferent.

I’ll start with a few articles/videos that I think are applicable.
Rush Limbaugh's radio time slot to be taken over by Dan Bongino

Couldn’t happen to a better guy!  :thumbsup:
Reloading / Ammo Seek Dot Com
« on: March 18, 2021, 02:46:54 AM »
I use Ammo Seek for finding ammo, primers and bullets I am looking for. During normal times I set the alerts for low ball prices and occasionally I get an alert for something and I jump on the low prices. But now during this panic buying things are VERY different. I reset the prices for my alerts to a higher price. And now occasionally I get alerts letting me know that something I want becomes available. But when I go to the website the website is either unstable because thousands of others are trying to buy the same thing I am at the same time or they are out of stock when I add to my cart. Either way I am never successful in placing an order. Even if I hit the website within seconds of the alert.

Fast Forward to around 5:15am this morning. Received a notice from Ammo Seek that Brownells just put cases of Small Magnum Rifle Primers up for sale at 5 cents a piece. I don’t use Small Magnum Rifle Primers in any of my ammo. But I can use them in place of Regular Small Rifle Primers if necessary. Which will free up all of my Regular Small Rifle Primers which I can use in place of Small Pistol and Small Magnum Pistol Primers. I immediately stopped what I was doing and jumped onto the Brownells website. It took me almost 10 minutes to get my order placed. It was so slow and I kept receiving shopping cart error messages probably due to all the people trying to do the same thing at the same time. But I was able to successfully place an order.

Assuming my order does not get cancelled, which I have had happen before, I will be able to continue reloading for pistol and rifle for a good while longer until this panic buying eventually stops. YAY!!!
Yahoo News

'We're going to lose fast': U.S. Air Force held a war game that started with a Chinese biological attack

This doesn’t look good, folks.
Off Topic / Question About Bidding on eBay
« on: March 09, 2021, 01:55:58 PM »
I used to be a big time seller on eBay back when their cut was still reasonable. I had few if any competition since I was selling a lot of unique items. And of course I was a big time buyer as well. But that has been many years. Over 12 years to be exact. So today I started looking for magazines for a gun I own that is not common which means OEM magazines are not common either. So for the first time in a long time I placed a bid on some magazines in an eBay auction. There were 3 bids previous to my bid. After placing a large bid of $80.00 the auction went up to $78.03 with 4 bids. I just outbid the previous bidder. Then I upped my bid to over $100 because I really want these mags. I receive another email showing 5 bids and my max bid. I went back to look at the auction and now it says 3 bids and the bid price is down to $43.00.

Can someone explain to me what happened? I’m not complaining. Are bidders now allowed to pull out of an auction if they are not the highest bidder? Something weird happened and I am curious as to what it is?

I forgot to mention, there have only been two bidders total including me even though there were 5 bids previously and now there are only 3 bids.
Off Topic / This is for You Macsak
« on: March 07, 2021, 01:47:08 PM »
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