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General Discussion / Re: Gov. Ige signed!
« on: June 24, 2016, 08:52:21 AM »
The article said the State Attorney General and other brilliant minds of the state of Hawaii's legal department  carefully reviewed this bill to make sure it was legal.  I am not paying a retroactive fee if there is one.  I will not buy another gun while this law is in existence.  I will have to try and get one of my friends to sell me an legally unregistered firearm purchased before 1994.  Time to start buying 80% receivers and jigs and the components to complete an AR15 before the state starts placing restrictions on those.
General Discussion / Re: The Importance of Having a Big Dog,
« on: June 24, 2016, 07:07:23 AM »
Yes, I thought that was stupid advice.  It will take me 45 min to get to the nearest police station and I have driven from Volcano to Hilo and on to Kona, a distance of 107 miles,  several times, without seeing a single police officer.
General Discussion / The Importance of Having a Big Dog,
« on: June 24, 2016, 06:05:00 AM »
This article in the Star Advertiser highlights the importance of having a big dog, hopefully one of the aggressive breeds and not a Lab which is friendly to everyone.  Because when seconds count, being able to call 911 in only hours away..  Need help, Call 911?  What a joke.  Better yet, get a big dog and a gun.


Technical problems caused intermittent communication problems with landlines and some cellphones serviced by Hawaiian Telcom on all islands. The problems occurred from 6 a.m. to 2 p.m., with residents unable to call into any county police departments.

Even after Nishida Fry said the problem had been fixed, the Honolulu Police Department asked the public to limit 911 emergency calls.

Sarah Yoro, HPD spokeswoman, said if a 911 call fails, cellular telephone users may send a text message to 911.

“The text message should include the type of emergency service needed (police, fire or ambulance), the location of the emergency, and a brief description. Callers who send texts must enable location services on their mobile devices,” Yoro added.

The problem started about 6 a.m., according to Nishida Fry, and was cleared up by 9 a.m.

Services were fully restored at 2:20 p.m.

HPD only received one text message during the outage and it appears to have been an accidental text, according to HPD spokeswoman Michelle Yu.

Nishida Fry added: “Hawaiian Telcom implemented a routing solution that reduced the volume of voice calls impacted.”

However, there is still some intermittent impact to voice calls statewide including the 911 system, she said.

At 11 a.m., the Honolulu Police Department said its 911 system still wasn’t fully operational, and not all emergency calls were connecting with police dispatchers.

“All voice calls were intermittently impacted,” said Nishida Fry of the three-hour outage. “Some calls could be made. Other callers got a busy signal or ‘all circuits are busy’ response.”

Internet and data services were not affected during the outage

Nishida Fry said: “Technical teams are engaged and monitoring the situation.”

Customers who continue to experience intermittent issues with voice calls can contact Hawaiian Telcom online at and select “Chat with Us” or “Submit Support Request” or call 643-6111, Nishida Fry said.

Technical problems caused intermittent communication problems with land lines, cell phone service and 911 operations on all islands serviced by Hawaiian Telcom.

Fry could not say how many Hawaiian Telcom customers were affected.

Maui County officials said any network issues with 911 calls were resolved before noon. “All 911 calls made to our Dispatch Center on both cellular and land lines are being received. This includes the islands of Molokai and Lanai. Any issues being experienced within the other counties has not affected Maui,” officials said.

During the outage, Hawaii County Police Department said persons in need of police assistance were advised that if they couldn’t reach the police department by phone, they should report to the nearest police station or flag down a police officer.

Kauai County officials said their 911 system was fully operational by 10:30 a.m.

General Discussion / Re: Vegas gun shops
« on: June 23, 2016, 04:02:03 PM »

I'm flying Hawaiian airlines.When you say original box you mean only cardboard ? How should I pack it? Can I just pack it with my clothes? Sorry kinda newbie

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You can pack it with your other items in the factory box, up to 11 lbs. 
General Discussion / Re: Gov. Ige signed!
« on: June 23, 2016, 03:59:07 PM »
The article says it is for the children.
I also remember one school suspending a 1st grader or kindergartener for biting his Poptart into,the shape of a gun.  Stupidity and silliness of what are supposed to be highly educated people.
I deeply regret selling the 7 guns I owned at age 17 (1967).  Those guns were sold after 1968 and prior to 1994.  Should have seen what was coming.  All unregistered because registration was not required.  They were not AR15 rifles because those were not in existence back then.  They were a Winchester semiauto 22, a pre 64 Model 70 in .270, a BDL 700 in 7mm Rem Mag,  pre64 Winchester lever action 30-30, a old military bolt action 30-06, a Lee Enfield 303 and a single shot break action in 20 gauge which brand I don't remember.  Now all the guys I grew up with on Molokai don't want to sell me any of the guns they acquired before mandatory gun registration.
General Discussion / Re: Front Sight Skill Builder Failure
« on: June 18, 2016, 11:25:09 AM »

Did you take the skill builder for a particular reason?  Have you already done the 2 or 4 day defensive handgun? Just curious, because most people tend to take the defensive course to try and get DG to qualify for the advanced.

You need to successfully have completed the defensive course in order to take the skill builder, otherwise they won't let you take it.  The defensive course was easy and relaxed compared to the skill builder.  The skill builder is considered an advanced course.  I know what I need to practice on now and will be much better prepared the next time.

The FS app is much superior to the free shot timer app.  If you get it, you will see what I mean.  I live on the Big Island and have a handgun range in my backyard, so don't have to go to any range.  Three things I have to work on.  Type 3 malfunctions, quicker presentation from concealment and see if using my left eye to get a clear focus on the front sight will improve my accuracy.  That will mean leaning my head over a bit more. 
General Discussion / Front Sight Skill Builder Failure
« on: June 18, 2016, 09:23:02 AM »
 Took the class this week and did not pass the skills test good enough to get a graduate certificate.  :(. I could not complete clearing a stage 3 malfunction in under 4.9 seconds.  I was ok on the 1 & 2 malfunctions but took about 6.5 seconds to clear a 3.  Also did not do that well in the time pressure test in getting two shots to the thoracic cavity.  Twice did not get off a second shot in the allowed time, which is very short, ranging from 1.6 to about 2.9 seconds depending on distance and you had to draw from concealment.  Distances were 3, 5, 7, 10 and 15 yards.  The handgun range at my home is 25 yards so I have enough room to practice.  Couple problems I had was I only took loose fitting T shirts to cc in Vegas and it got hung up a couple of times wearing it tucked in and a light jacket as my concealment garment.  Next time I will take a tight fitting shirt.  Couple guys there were wearing biking shirts under a vest or jacket.  I had lasik surgery a few years ago and although I have 20/15 vision in my dominant right eye, the front sight is slightly blurry held at arm's length.  It is crystal clear with my left eye which is for reading.  I did not want to change my shooting style without practice, but I am going to experiment over the next few months and see if shooting cross dominant will help me.  I will also work on my malfunction drills a lot.  I decided to buy the FS Dry Practice app for my phone.  It is pricey at a $100, but it is an excellent tool.  A guy at the class said he paid that much for a regular shot timer and was going to buy that app.

I hope to take that class again later this year or early next year and get a graduate or hopefully distinguished graduate certificate instead of the certificate of achievement which a little over 50% of the class, including myself, got for completing the class.  There were 3 who got a DG certificate.  One of them said this was the 5th time.  All in all I had a great time and it was nice to be able to legally cc for the pass week. 

On the trip home, it was the first time the ticket agent took out the ammo boxes and weighed it.  8 boxes of 124 grain 9 mm weighed 11.5 lbs, but told her the box itself weighs at least an oz each which would make it exactly 11 lbs.  She let it go.  Later my name is paged and they tell me TSA wants the key to my gun case to inspect it.  All was good so I am back home and am going to start my time pressure shooting and malfunction tests with the FS app today.
General Discussion / Re: Behind every blade of grass?
« on: June 14, 2016, 02:17:30 PM »
A friend and I were having a conversation along the lines of this quote the other day.  He said something like "there are more guns in the US than people".  When he said it, my thoughts were that I wouldn't be that surprised of that was the case, but I didn't think so.

It's probably difficult to determine with even ok accuracy how many guns are in circulation in the US, but it seems like data appears to indicate that there are more guns in the US than people. 
 For every gun that I have, I probably know at least 5 people that don't own guns.

I only own 6 guns, less than when I was only 17 years old, but that equates to 2 per person in my household.  My brother owns about 20 or 10 per person in his household.  My other brother owns 5, with only him.  A friend of mine has 70 with 1 in his household.  I know a lot of the guys here probably have at least a 5 to 1 ratio in their home.  I believe there are more guns than people in the US.

I was in the IKEA store in Vegas this morning and I saw an old guy walking around the store open carrying a Glock.  Nobody even seemed concerned or looked twice.  I love Nevada.
General Discussion / Re: Shooting the AR15 !!!!
« on: June 14, 2016, 01:55:52 PM »
The writer of that article is worse than a little kid.  AR15 bruised his shoulder???  I wonder what he would think if he shot a bolt action 300 Win Mag.
AllI know is that I would gladly give up and accept a ban on my AR15 in exchange for the right to CC my Glock 19 in all 50 states.  Right now, I am shopping for a full auto BB gun for my grandson. 
General Discussion / Re: Vegas gun shops
« on: June 13, 2016, 08:28:16 PM »
Pahrump obviously has the benefit of being the de facto community for Front Sight.

I agree, as Stockpile Defense, which is the first shop you see driving into Pahrump and has an ammo store at FS, claims to sell between 15-18 MILLION rds of ammo a year. :o
Big island residents need to vote him out.

Same thing with Oahu residents needing to vote Karl Rhoads and friends out.

Karl is vacating his present position to run for a state senate position, so at least he got rid of himself.  Hopefully he doesn't win a senate seat.
General Discussion / Re: Vegas gun shops
« on: June 13, 2016, 06:14:13 AM »
I am in Vegas right now and went to look at 3 gun shops and two sporting goods stores, Big 5 and Sportsman's Warehouse.  All are awesome, especially Sportsman's Warehouse.  They carry a large amount of guns, ammo and the only place I found that carry steel targets.  Lots of gun shops here.  Even Pahrump, with a population less than that of Kailua Oahu has at least 7 gun shops.  In one store a woman was shopping for a .243 Winchester for her 12 yr old daughter.
General Discussion / Re: Ammo stockpile...
« on: June 12, 2016, 10:10:12 AM »
I have about 12500 rds of 22LR, 2500 of .223 and about 4000 of 9mm.  Those are the only kinds of guns I have right now.  Sold my 270, 7mm mag, 30-30, 30-06,  44 mag,  & 357.  I hardly shoot my AR15, so I think I have enough for home defense or SHTF situations.  I shoot the 22 and 9mm a lot, so I am getting concerned that my supply is running a little low in those calibers..  I just bought 750 rds of 9mm at $11.14 for 50 at Front Sight.  I will be using approximately 500 rds in a 2 day class this week.
General Discussion / Re: sickening
« on: May 18, 2016, 02:14:13 PM »
How about we ask the good Major if a big dog would have prevented this attack/robbery.  Calling 911 certainly didn't.
General Discussion / Re: sickening
« on: May 17, 2016, 07:18:16 PM »
If I owned a liquor and convenience store, I would be carrying a firearm.  It is legal to carry at your place of business.  Problem is these store owners are probably afraid of guns or thinking I can call 911 and the police will save me.
Preparedness and Survival / Re: Big island preppers?
« on: May 16, 2016, 09:11:50 AM »
Awesome!   I want to get enough land to have a private shooting area. 

I have a private range on just 3 acres in Puna.  I have no close neighbors, the forest reserve in the back and a very gun friendly neighborhood.
I shipped my guns and nearly 20,000 rds of ammo in a YB container from OAHU to the Big Island.  I said nothing and they didn't ask.
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