Hawaii State Taxes Due Tomorrow, April 20th!! (Read 314 times)


Hawaii State Taxes Due Tomorrow, April 20th!!
« on: April 19, 2021, 05:16:59 PM »
My daughter just showed me a news site "reminder" to file state taxes by tomorrow, which took me by surprise.

The IRS has extended the federal filing deadline a month this year.

Since the State requires a copy of the Federal return when you file the State return, I "assumed" they would follow suit and delay our state filing deadline.


You can get an automatic 6 month extension to file if:

1) The properly estimated tax liability is paid on or before April 20;
2) The tax return is filed on or before October 20;
3) The tax return is accompanied by full payment of any tax not already paid; and
4) You are not bound by a court order to file a tax return on or before April 20.

So, if you are due a refund, don't owe any more taxes than you had withheld/already paid, and/or aren't already in debt to the state for previous taxes owed, you'll be able to file by October 20th.  No extension request forms to file, and no online requests to submit.  Just file your return by the extension deadline.


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Re: Hawaii State Taxes Due Tomorrow, April 20th!!
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Hurry up & pay the taxes you owe.

But people getting tax refunds still waiting.

People waiting for their un employment
People never got their stimulus checks

Sounds about right