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General Discussion / Lesson, dont argue with a guy who has a gun.
« on: November 25, 2021, 08:44:12 PM »

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Deals and Sales / Wilson Combat 20% Off
« on: November 19, 2021, 01:40:51 PM »
Ordered 2 more 10rd 45ACP mags 1911.  Was $41, now $32.  But $10 Shipping. So saved $5.
General Discussion / Which Electric Gun Are You Going To Buy?
« on: November 17, 2021, 01:44:52 PM »
Of course 1 limitation will be what is sold here in HI, but if you could get any, which one?

I'm leaning toward Taser Pulse. Decent price, compact, and has a 30 second pulse with each trigger squeeze.
Political Discussion / Deedy is Done
« on: November 15, 2021, 02:02:06 PM »
Prosecutor will not pursue any further charges (assault).
 I know we were just talking about this, but can't remember in which thread.
Political Discussion / A City inMinnesota has all Muslim city counsel
« on: November 14, 2021, 07:35:31 PM »

Fix title to read Michigan, not Minnesota

Media headline is "diversity". Hard to be diverse if only 1 religion makes up the entire counsel.

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Political Discussion / Youtube making dislike private
« on: November 13, 2021, 09:27:45 PM »
So only the creator can see it.

Guess Biden speeches getting thousands of dislikes and only 300 likes is bad for business. Most popular president in history.

Nice an entire platform can change to fit the narrative. Bet they would bring it back if trump or like politician was in office.

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Off Topic / 13 Days Film
« on: November 11, 2021, 12:01:03 PM »
So I watched this the other night and it kind of put things into perspective.  Granted I wasn't around for this, and I have limited knowledge about it, maybe others can give their $0.02.

Film is about the Cuba Missile Crisis staring Kevin Cosner.

1) Kennedy seemed like he was being cornered into a military action by his generals.  IDK how much of this is true, but we could saw we saw the same concepts against Trump.  Which he nor Kennedy didn't fall for. Example: Nuke detonation still being done as testing and missile test launches, and bombers flying by accident into Russian air space, which all sends a message to Russia.  I mean no one at the time thought it would be a good idea to cancel all of the above?  Was the missile warning here an error by the button pusher.  I mean there are multiple steps that need to be done before pushing the "button". So an accident seems unlikely. Tin foil.

2) Bay of Pigs mentioned. I did a quick search and looks like a failed CIA led coup against Castro.  Basically CIA trained rebels and left them high and dry when they invaded. Which they were decimated by Castros army and air power.  Reminds me of when we left A-stan, but over a longer period. We trained the ANA and like forces, only to leave them high and dry recently.  Same thing done in Desert Storm. We left once we Sadaam surrendered, but didn't have him also surrender his air power. Which was used to decimate any uprising.  Which guarantees another war.

3) Stated in the film that Kennedy has no plans of invading Cuba anyways. So the profit from the war machine is now lost with no war to make money on.  Another POTUS wanted us out of A-Stan and to stay out of new wars.  So you wonder why both men were wanted to be out as POTUS. 1 was assassinated, the other cheated.  Which also leads to his brother Bobby, who may have a chance at rising in politics. He too was assassinated

4) Mentioned multiple times in the film the Kennedy family has money. So they don't need to profit off of the above.  Same like another POTUS we know of.  Has his own money prior to running.  But Kennedy did run after WW2 until he worked his way up to POTUS. So 1 could say he is a career politician.

5) What is a side note is MacNamarra's wiz team is there, but not officialy called that or referred to in the film.  Basically a think tank, but they later made a huge mistake when the M16 was released by changing the powder that is to be used in the ammo. This probably caused major jamming and lives lost.  Although no official record of how many was ever done.

So lots of tin foil here. Overall, the movie was very good. No boring points.
General Discussion / John Eisennman
« on: November 03, 2021, 01:54:42 PM »
Pretty much from the movie Taken.

Quote from another page:

"This is the GOAT of the year. John Eisennman lost his daughter to sexual trafficking at 19 years old. He did what a father should and researched HIMSELF  found out about her abduction and R E S C U E D her HIMSELF.. When he found out the person who sold her into the s3x trafficing was her 19 year old boyfriend. He met up with him and bludgeoned him and stabbed him to death in Nov. 2020. Well they found him[dead asf boyfriend] in Oct 2021 in the car he abandoned.  And now he sits here knowing his daughter is safe and growing up after he has already lived 60 years. Live your life to the fullest. Then make sure your spawn has the opportunity to do the same no matter what the sacrifice."
Reloading / Help a Noob Undertand
« on: October 27, 2021, 01:20:44 PM »
So I talk to a few people who reload. Seems like they wait months or even do it only twice a year.  Like they wait and do plenty at once. So:

1) Is it not beneficial to reload like 100 every week.  Like little at a time, but more often
2) How long would it take to reload from start (tumbling) to finish 100rds
3) How much do you do in 1 sitting and how long does it take from start to finish
4) Or in the end, is it just lazyness

I've never actually reloaded, but only watched a few vids on YT on the process. Which are like 5-30 min vids.  I was going to get into it, but with my limited square footage and an enclosed area, decided against it.
General Discussion / Alec Baldwin shoots and kills someone
« on: October 21, 2021, 08:53:52 PM »
And injures another on set.

Reminds me of Brandon Lee.

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General Discussion / Open Carry Debate 10/14/21 at 7:30pm on PBS
« on: October 14, 2021, 10:05:15 AM »
Doug Chin, MDA, Kainoa Kaku, Kevin O'Grady, Avi Soefer will be the debaters.

I wanna see who is awarded as the Master Debater.
General Discussion / No Safariland Shipments until 10/18/21
« on: October 13, 2021, 09:18:13 AM »
They're doing inventory until the 10/17 and won't be shipping any orders until after that.
Off Topic / Facebook, Instagram, What's Up Down 10/4/21
« on: October 04, 2021, 11:35:47 AM »
Not really a biggie, except that I have a few FB chat groups that I'm in.  Ranges from friends talking shit to prep type groups.
Legal and Activism / New Registration info
« on: September 29, 2021, 09:13:44 PM »
From HIFICO FB page. Join and show support so they can do more stuff like this.

Aloha Patriots,

As we informed you last week, Hawaii has seen the biggest change to its registration scheme since it was implemented.  A Hawaii Federal Judge declared that its requirement that a person registers in person and present their firearm for inspection was unconstitutional.

We reached out to the county police departments to seek information on how they plan to implement the changes and were informed by most that it would take a few days for them to put together a plan.

Today we heard back from Assistant Chief Darren Chun via e-mail and, here is the information that he provided to us.

 "We will not be mandating registrants to come in-person, either to register a firearm or bring the firearm in, and they do not have to bring the firearm in to be registered if they do come in-person.

What we are providing is an Option. In-person registration is an option, and they can bring in their firearm if they want, but doing so does not affect their registration at all, what we need is the necessary information to conduct the transfer, we are implementing procedures to provide registrants options that can help their registration process.

We are also constructing an online registration system for both rifles and handguns. You can come in-person now, or wait until we have our online system implemented, but that is being constructed with an unknown estimated time of completion but is being diligently worked on. We will notify the public when this system is initiated.

We are formulating an “Instruction Guide” to provide to buyers/registrants and sellers on the laws and options of obtaining the proper information in order to register their firearm.

We will update our website to reflect our protocols, options, and intended resolutions. We will use our website, social media, and media liaison to assist in enlightening the public on the laws regarding firearms prohibitions and the Permit to Acquire and Registration requirements and protocols."

--Please be aware that this is the protocol being out in place for HONOLULU ONLY. --

We are sure the other counties will be following in their footsteps and implementing a similar process. We will update you as we find out.

This policy, in combination with the previous settlement agreement with the City and County of Honolulu regarding the mailing of permits to gun stores or the applicants home (starting January 1st, 2022), will mean that a person can obtain a firearm on Oahu with a single trip the police station (to apply for a permit).

We would once again like to take this opportunity to thank HIFICO attorneys Alan Beck and Stephen Stamboulieh. The hard work and dedication of these two great men has allowed us to get to where we are today.

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Off Topic / My COVID Experience
« on: September 17, 2021, 10:32:48 AM »
So I caught CV a few weeks ago.  We are all good. But I thought I'd give my experience just in case people were wondering.

Day 0
I got my J&J vaxx at 9:30am.  By 9:30pm I felt cold.  This was not the chills and I wasn't sweating either.  I was just cold.  So I wore a sweater.  I am never cold, no this was out of the normal.  This was the only side effect that I experienced.  No fever and O2 reading normal.  No body ache either.  I have other friends who got the vaxx and their side effect was body ache, sweats, chills, fever, etc...And various vaxxes (Pfizer, Moderna, J&J).  And others who had no side effects.  So mine was very different.

Day 1
By 4:30am, that cold feeling was gone and I was back to normal.  Went to work.  By 10am, the cold feeling came back.  So I went  home.  The coldness lasted for about 6 hours then went away for another few hours, then came back.  This differs from the chills like when I got the flu.  When I get the chills, I'm cold for 5 mins, then hot for 5 mins, then cold again and so on. Then add in the sweating.  At no time was I sweating.  Still no body ache, fever, and O2 levels were normal.  I felt totally fine, besides being cold.

At this point I decided to call Urgent care and they were open till 11pm.  So the gal who answered the phone said I might have COVID so come down.  We went down around 9pm.  When the doc saw me, I explained when I got vaxxed and he said it's probably a side effect from it, but I can test just to be sure.  Which I did and I was positive.  He asked if I have any other symptoms and I said no.  I was told basically if I do get any symptoms and it's from the neck up (fever, cough, sore throat, etc...) I'm OK. But if I get anything from the neck down (trouble breathing, chest pains, etc...) to call him.  I was told due to my age and health status that I should be fine.  He said my J&J should be about 67% effective from Delta, which is also more effective compared to Moderna and Pfizer.  But it takes 2 weeks to reach that level.  So since I got my vaxx the day before, don't count on it helping much.  While he was doing the swab, the swab was the one that went in both nostrils and deep to the base of the brain.  I sneezed.  I explained I was so sorry, but he said not to worry. He had Covid 9 weeks ago, so his immune system is a rock star right now.

I asked the doc how many days have I been positive, and he didn't know.  So for all I know, if the cold feeling was the vaxx side effect, I could have been positive for a week and been asymptomatic.  Or it could have just been coincidental timing that I got vaxxed and did have a Covid symptom (cold feeling).  No way of knowing.  But the doc was leaning more toward the cold feeling was a side effect.  Last year there was an outbreak at a construction site. The guy who they think started it had flu like symptoms, but came to work anyways because he got vaxxed the day before.  He thought it was a side effect, but turns out it was Covid too.

So after all of this I had to look up what the CDC says is the protocol.  I called work the next day and some coworkers got tested, and others called their doctors and was told no need unless they too show any symptoms because I was not in "close contact" with anyone.  No one at work was positive.  My work building did call in a professional cleaning service to do the entire office and common areas on our floor/garage.

We didn't got to any type of gathering either, so there was no need to notify friends/family.  Nor did we dine in at any restaurants recently.

So while being quarantined at home, first I ate all the left overs in the fridge.  But because I wasn't working out, my appetite went down.  This is common when we go on vacation. After being in Vegas for about 3 days, I don't eat as much. So we hit the buffets early on knowing this.  So nothing out of the normal.  Then once that food ran out, I ate my SHTF food which I've been wanting to try.  Mountain House Chicken Noodle Casserole was very good and so was the Chicken Fried Rice.  The Lasagna and Beef Strogonoff was good too.  Over all, all the entree's were very good.

Once we got tired of this, then came in Uber eats that leaves the food at the door. And my parents who dropped off food for us.

After testing positive on day 1, the only symptom that I had was a sore throat for 2 hours on day 2 morning.  My doctor said that probably wasn't Covid related because it would have lasted way longer than that.  For the rest of the 10 day quarantine, I had no symptoms and the cold feeling went away by day 2.  I checked my temp pretty much every hour and my O2 reading as well.  Both were normal the entire 10 days.  No fatigue, shortness of breath, chills, sweats, body ache, etc...Mentally I felt fine too.  When I got the flu, mentally I get tired.  Like when watching on TV BUDS/SEAL training, I would get tired just watching them train.  But this time I was fine.  I wanted to do push ups at home, but didn't want to exhaust my system just in case later I got worst.

During the time at home, I have other friends who caught COVID.  1 was fine until day 9.  Then he got hit with everything.  He had to go to the hospital and stayed there for a 2 weeks.  He is 300lbs.  Unvaxxed

Another friend was fine until day 7 and then got hit with everything. He is about 250lbs.  He too went to the hospital for a few weeks. Vaxxed

Then 1 more friend who is about 300lbs, but athletic (rugby/tight end type of body) got hit hard.  He was about to go to the hospital, but his cousin had some Ivermectin and gave it to him.  He felt way better within 24 hours and by 2 days later was back to 100%. Vaxxed.  His gf and kid (8 years old) also caught it and his gf had minor symptoms and the kid had none. Both unvaxxed.  The gf isn't fat, but more chubby.  His son is skinny.

I had a friend recommend Push Health who was issuing Ivermectin.  But found out from 2 people that CVS was not filling those RX's (internal memo).  1 even picked it up from CVS and got a call from them an hour later asking to bring it back.  So my friends are having family on the mainland get it and mailing it to them (illegal).

I asked my doc if I can take anything like that or HCQ stack as prevention and he said neither is approved for treatment by the FDA so no.  Luckily, I didn't need it. 

The only bad part about this experience was the not knowing factor.  I went to sleep every night wondering if I would wake up feeling like crap.  Like my friends above.  And the paranoia that any feeling out of the normal, you ask yourself is it a symptom.

During this time and prior to this, I've taken immune boosting OTC vitamins.  Things like Vitamin C, D, Quercetine, ZInc, Fermented yeast, Elderberry.   The only thing I added in this time was NAC and a Zpack (prevention).

Here is the "ain't that a bitch" part.  Of all my friends, family, and coworkers, I am the cleanest one.  I have a proper N95 mask, always wash hands/sanitize hands, only dined in about 6 times since March 2020, don't eat food at BBQ's that I did attend and still wore my mask, even though it was outside.  Even when shopping, if I grab something I immediately use sanitizer.  I got a stick that I use to open doors and push elevator buttons (Strike Industries).  I've been eating lunch at my desk since March 2020 and don't eat in the lunchroom.  Don't buy drinks when not coming home because I don't want my straw being in the open while walking with my drink.  At the gym, I clorox wipe all the benches, bars,, dumbbells, etc...And when it gets too crowded, I cut the workout short and leave. Even at the freedom rallies, I wore my mask and didn't stand with the crowd, but more at the end away from people.  I'm the only one in the office who sprays disinfectant on all the common areas (door handles, mail boxes, type writer, fridge handle, sink handle, etc...).  I'm the only one that wears my mask in the office all the time too.  And except for 2 others, everyone else uses cloth mask.  The ones who do wear N95, don't wear them consistently, and go between that and cloth mask.  I do have 2 other coworkers who had COVID, but both got it from mainland travel.  3 coworkers bought Hydocholus acid machines, but they all stopped using them last year.

So after all of that, I still got Covid.  Then I got friends who are anti mask, dine in all the time, bbq, gather, etc... and are fine.  So really it's a crap shoot.  You can reduce the risk all you want, and still get it.  Basically shit out of luck.

Been going to the gym again and just like when coming back from Vegas, due to not eating as much, the strength went down.  Lungs felt good, as in not out of breath.  Probably gonna do more things now that I've had Covid.  Looking to go to Vegas. We were supposed to go this week and then to Kansas for a firearms training, but had to cancel due to having Covid, and we didn't know how bad it would have been.

And now that I'm vaxxed, I don't have to test before flying back. Cause if I did pop on the mainland, then I would have to spend thousands of $ quarantining up there.  And I got vaxxed due to coercion.  It was not a free choice.  And my Covid experience was very minor considering that I was unvaxxed at the time.  1 coworker who did have Covid, had symptoms before flying back home, but didn't test because she didn't want be stuck in Vegas.
General Discussion / BOLO
« on: September 12, 2021, 11:48:43 AM »
See pic.

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Political Discussion / Why was the Holocaust allowed to happen?
« on: August 27, 2021, 09:10:08 AM »
When taught about it in school, I've always asked this question. And why didn't the Jews who out number their Nazi guards rise up and overrun the camps?

Now I understand.  It's not just the Nazi's who committed the murders, torture, guarded, etc...It's also all the non Jews (German citizens) who went along with the program and bought into the propaganda that they were told.

And the key is it didn't just all start on day 1. It happened in stages (frog in boiling water analogy).  Watched Schindlers List a few months ago and he mentions the dates in the first 30 mins of the film when it came to registration of Jews, relocation, trains, etc...So to refer to my question about why the Jews never fought back, you take little by little, and you change the victims mentality. 

Now people often say that this is different and people are not going to be executed.  But we need to also remember, many German civilians were not aware what was being done to the Jews in the camps.  Out of sight, out of mind type of mentality.  Even the US GI's who stumbled on the camps were not aware this was going on.  And Germany wasn't some 3rd world country. But a well educated one.  They had doctors, lawyers, engineers, all buy into what Hitler was saying.  Scientist that stated Jews carry disease and are the problem, stuff like that.

So history may not repeat 100% the same way, but many of the concepts are there. And those who cannot recognize this, are the ones who would turn in their Jew neighbors to the Gestapo.
General Discussion / HPD October 18 "walk ins"
« on: August 24, 2021, 11:20:20 AM »
HPD IG page mentions the 10/18 for walk ins. I called them and the sgt there said it's still going to be the current 40 people in line at 7am and they get tickets.  So it won't be like preCovid walkins.

Instead of it being just T and TH "walk ins", it will be M-F.  So don't get your hopes up that 1 can walk in at 1pm and get  a ticket or spot either.

Also IG page changed the number from 50 to 40 eff Sept 7th.  Because some days they have 50 people and HPD staff stays there past 4pm.
Political Discussion / Not Election Fraud in CA Recall
« on: August 24, 2021, 09:26:28 AM »
Multiple times many ballots were found being possessed by unauthorized people.  Nothing to see here.  Guess it wasn't 40,000 worth, so not a big deal.
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